Ehsaas OS(MG)


Kabhi-2 koi ehsaas itni jaldi ho jata hai

Ki ek hi pal duniya badal jaati hai

Aur kabhi-2 kisi ehsaas ka ehsaas hone me bahut waqt lag jata hai..

Ki kuch masoom sawal uthne lagte hai….

Aur jab who ehsaas hota hai to

Duniya khushiyo se bhar jati hai…


In the house of her in-laws…her mind was not calm..she can’t live without her daughter…for the sake of her husband and her in-laws she tried to be happy….in some days , she knew very well the thought of maan & after this she reached on a conclusion..that is he want to keep relationship with her happy present not with her saddy past…



After the death of geet’s husband, like geet has been worn out..she had finished her every relation after death of her husband dev…she was crying all the time on the fate of her last gift of her late husband dev and on her bad luck….rano , who was a very helpless mother  in law and living her life in a hell….she was sobbing in every moment of her young widow daughter  in law and her orphan grand daughter… and she was understanding this situation very well….at-last time fallen on them….and maan came in their life as a treatment on their wounds…but he was a widower and his first wife had been died….doobte tinkey ko sahara mila…rano thought this and she married her widow daughter in law geet with maan in a very simple way in temple….geet was crying with the tears of blood but she thought this and adjusted herself in her fate…because widow mother , hell life of a helpless mother and after this…due to the life of her innocent daughter devika…the time of bidaai was very heart snatching…..geet in a bride attire wedded with maan when she took out her feet from the boundary of her house,her daughter cried bitterly and she started arguing with maan who was dressed in the attire of groom….she was asking innocently…where are you taking my mama? My father went away leaving us behind and now would I have to live without my mama? Shoo…leave my mama….who are you? Devika was asking to maan holding his sherwaani….in the attire of bride geet was feeling the same pain as devika was feeling at that time….geet felt like hug her daughter tightly and cried bitterly till long time…but according to the environment geet tried to hide her motherhood in her chest….she told to her daughter…don’t cry my life…I can’t see your uneasiness..i’ll come soon and take you with me….for your life I have to become again bride and with whom I am going…he is not some one…he is your f.f..fa…father..she spoke slowly….no one heard this…she made her understand and calmed her…and then geet went with maan….in the house of her in-laws…her mind was not calm..she can’t live without her daughter…for the sake of her husband and her in-laws she tried to be happy….in some days , she knew very well the thought of maan & after this she reached on a conclusion..that is he want to keep relationship with her happy present not with her saddy past…after a ceremony geet came in her mother’s house for some days….devika asked the same question to many times to maan that who are you? And where you took my mama? You can’t be my father.bad very bad…don’t talk like this…he is your father..he lost somewhere and I found him very should be happy….geet tried to believe her little daughtermama..if he is my father then he kiss me..give me chocolates,,he take me in his lap and love me….the statement of little innocent girl devika was very strong….maan became worn out after hearing the cute talks of innocent devika like a doll…for some days maan accused himself….daily maan tried to hid the thought of not being her true father and take her in his lap , said to her…bte trust me..i am your father…I was lost somewhere in the crowd of this world…thank god I found you & you found me…..geet was standing little far from them and thought that now devika is no more orphan now after seeing this….ohh god I am thanking you lakh times…she murmured and cried & thank again to god with her tears….but the thought of like this ,was the happy misunderstanding of geet….she realize this when maan spoke his decision that he can’t take devika with them in their house…look geet..i understand devika is your daughter and the yours attachment with her..i salute this but you should take care of my emotions…at-last you are my wife…on her they every husband of this world think that his wife should be untouched ….and mans are mans….

Stop this your non-sense,,,,I understood your narrow mindedness.a very deep pain and anger was in her statement….after this she went to her house and came to her mother’s house after a long time…then she gave birth of cute baby….maan was very happy on the birth of his baby…at-last there was the relation of blood with this baby of maan….maan named his child ansh….maan started to ignore devika and all the time he was playing with ansh…. if there was a little bit sympathy towards devika in his heart that was gone after the birth of ansh…this ignorance was felt by geet and by another members in her house…one day devika asked to geet….mama..papa has been started to ignore me…why? And now he didn’t give me the money for buy chocolates , pencils etc etc…geet tried to made her understand…that how can your father miss you beta….he didn’t give you money because you are a little girl…and if he give you money then anyone can snatch money from you….your father is depositing your money in bank…when you grown up enough then he will give you money after withdraw the money from bankbut papa didn’t love me..he only loves ansh…whenever I see he love to ansh but not me…am I not his daughter? Devika asked….geet tried to distract her and said..actually beta ansh is younger than you that’s why…ansh needs us very much ..when he will grown up then your papa will love you like ansh.but papa is missing me at that time when ansh was not bought form the doctor uncle…I wanted that we brother & sister will play together so much but papa didn’t let me love to ansh and he didn’t talk to me…devika asked….

Geet has not any answer of this question of devika….so geet meet her eyes with the eyes of devika…and seeing in her eyes for a long time…and accusing her fate…between this ansh was sleeping beside her and he woke up & started to cry….at that time maan came and said..ohh the great mother…baby is crying for milk and you are finding your ex husband in the eyes of this bone…geet cried instead to reply him back…after this incident..maan lived two days in the house of his in-laws….he said we are going back to our house…but geet said very warmly…from yesterday ansh is not well…before going from here can we go to doctor’s clinic for the check up of ansh?

Okay..maan replied…then they went to doctor and came to know that ansh caught with pneumonia ….doctor said that we have to admit ansh in emergency ward…otherwise anything would be happen….geet became hopeless and maan sat on the bench like a lifeless structure…tears came in his eyes of helplessness….maan was not enough rich..he was a poor man….he didn’t understand what to do or  what not?

Devika became worried after seeing the tears in maan’s eyes…she said cutely…papa you never cried but today why are you crying…see I also has started cry after seeing your tears…devika looked at him with her teary eyes and wiped his tears with her tiny palms…on this maan’s heart filled with so much love for devika…and he came to know that devika is his own child…tell me na papa why are you crying? And what happened to baby? Why he is not taking milk? Devika asked innocently….first maan take devika in his lap and then started kissing her innocent face and said….beta your younger brother is very serious…doctor demanded so much for the treatment of your younger brother….from where I get so much money? While saying this maan stopped to kissing her…don’t worry papa…you have deposit the money for my chocolates and pencils…you withdraw those money and gave to doctor uncle..then doctor uncle can treat my little brother devika’s statement was filled with innocence and love..and maan’s heart filled with this statement…but maan didn’t understand the concept of chocolates & pencils and money in bank…he want to knew about this so maan tried to find geet..but geet was no where…actually without telling anything to maan she has gone for withdraw the money of her late ex-husband who had been deposited the money on the name of devika….maan,,geet gone for some very important work..she will come at any don’t you admit ansh in emergency ward…god will help us….after hearing rano’s word…like maan regain his life…he took ansh from rano and admitted him…after some days ansh became they took him in their home…

Why did you do this geet? Dev had deposited this money for the safe future of devika and I don’t know how many hurdles would come in his way for deposit this money in bank…maan told this to geet…there was so much honour  towards geet in the statement of maan…then geet replied..before devika..there is ansh..his life…

Really you married me for collect you shattered life not for your sake….really if anyone want to learn the talent to collect the shattered life from any woman then learn from you.maan told to geet….now maan very well knew the importance of devika….beta if your money was not in bank then it was very hard to save the life of your younger brother….i owned you my child…I owned you.maan told to devika….

Why are you saying like this papa? You deposited the money in bank…mama told me everything….papa never owned of his daughter and for the baby..never….devika said innocently….

Wah..!! meri beti to achhi hai hi aura b achhi-2 baatein bhi karna bhi seekh gayi…..maan said to devika…

Agar mai achhi hoti to aap mujhe.devika became sad and ….a deep pain was in her voice…her voice cracked and didn’t complete her sentence…

Maan took ansh & devika in his lap and said… bte ,, I was lost in the crowd of world in one incident….and I caught with short term memory  loss….mai baatein bhulne laga tha….but now thanks to god…he has fallen on us…we met with each other and I regained my memory….you know when you was a little baby like ansh..i called you devu ,i know you didn’t remember this….but geet you know na? maan looked at geet with hope….geet nodded and yes.after tell this to devika…geet kissed her..and said….beta..i told you before that he is your father who has lost somewhere….now he will never leave us…and never angry from us….

Your mama is saying correct devu….maan said to devika….all got tears in their eyes….maan took devika,geet and ansh with him in his house and started to live happily…… he loved devika like ansh…daily give her chocolates , pencils etc etc and told her stories………play with her & ansh…his family became a happy family like others with geet , devika , and ansh….


Kuch rishtey khoon se bhi badhkar hote hai


jiska ehsaas hone me bahut der lag jaati hai…..


jab iska ehsaas hota hai to

duniya khubsurat lagne lagti hai…..


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