Adhoorapan-MG OS

Adhoorapan-filled by you

Maan singh khurana, the most handsome, eligible bachelor ‘..  who has rough and tough yet killing looks’ stone hearted man’. Or rather say he locked his emotions somewhere in the corner of his heart …  he locked his emotions at the place where no one can reach there.. no one can found that he has emotions’ because he doesn’t want to get hurt again in his life’the pain he has inside his heart no one knew about this’ somewhere maan has also forget that when he smiled last time but he knew that when he cried last time’ after that day neither he smiled nor he cried’ just curved himself as a stone hearted who doesn’t feel any emotion’ a great and powerful business man ‘. no one can compete him’ actually he doesn’t want to become businessman but his destiny made him business man’ he wants to become a singer but his inspiration lost somewhere’ 

He was in Mumbai , went there for some business work’ he was in his hotel room and sat in the balcony’ his room his facing the beach’ the hotel is situation near the beach in Mumbai’ he was sipping his coffee and looking at the beach’ some old memories become fresh in his mind ‘ which he never remembered’ when he regain those days some tears came out from his eyes.. ‘ sometimes smile crept on his lips thinking about the precious days of his life and tears came out from his eyes thinking about the day when he lost his inspiration.. he doesn’t where his inspiration’ no one knew about his inspiration’his geet’ some tears shed from his eyes’.and  he went in deep thinking about those days’..


Maan & geet were friends in school’ not the deep friendship the were sharing.. just hi hello and ask for the notes’ only’ maan admired her secretly but never voiced out because he was little shy types’ she was not his types’ she was little sharp’ broad minded’ jo dil me hota wahi zubaan par’ dimaag aur dil me jo aata bas keh deti.. never afraid from someone’ kabhi nahi sochti ki dusre log uske bare me kya sochte hai.. she is just being in herself.. never cared for others’ that’s why maan was afraid for confessing his feelings for her.. if she rejects then what happened’ so he became silent and admired her secretly.. somewhere she also likes maan but not that way like maan likes her.. she is just think him as her friend’ then the schools are going to be finished’ and at the farewell party.. everyone was doing some acts’ so maan and so geet did’ she is very good singer and dancer too’ she danced in farewell party and maan sang a song for her’  means he never told to her or anyone that the song belong to her.. only he sang a beautiful a song which is suited her’ every word of the song depicted the story of simplicity she has’.!! Maan was very sad because he feared that may be this was the last time he is seeing her but that was not the last time’

Both did very well in their schooling and went to college’ luckily both joined the same college’. Both again met at the first day of the college’ both smiled at each other and said hello and shook hands..  maan felt current ran down in his spines with her mere touch’ she gave her sweet smile to him and went to the class’. Next day the ragging session’ senior said him for sing a song’ he sang again a beautiful song because his inspiration is in front of him’ he was looking at her and sang a touchy song while admiring her and again the every word of the song depicted the story of his inspiration’.  The next turn on geet’ seniors said something to her which was very tough for her to do’ maan saved her from the ragging and both became the best friends after that day’ their life was going smoothly’ spending time with each other’ she started liking his company .. she found him different from other boys and started liking him in that way as he did’  when he was alone he went in garden area and wrote some touchy and beautiful song in his diary.. he never showed his diary to anyone’ sometimes she felt irritation with his diary but never said anything to him’ she just like him’  or may be started loving him’ it was the last year in the college’ both has feelings for each other but no one confessed their love’ both were afraid from the rejection so they just kept quiet and happy in their friendship’ atleast they are friends’ both thought’ both are studying in a top college’ their college tour went to Italy by the ship or cruse’.  Both booked the tickets’ both were from the rich families.. she has no one in her family.. her parents left a big property for her behind and went to god’s place..

Both booked the tickets for the tour and paid the rent’ the trip is around 4 months’ both were very happy that they will spend some time with each other’ both left delhi with everyone to Mumbai by the flight and from there both went in cruse with everyone’ all left Mumbai and headed towards Italy in the ship’

(I don’t know about the cruse or else I m writing here.. like cruse went Italy from Mumbai or not’ it’s just my imagination so just accept it in this way’ )

Both got the rooms ‘ she has the room 206 and he has 207′ many other peoples are also there’ it’s like a city’ both rest for some time.. after some hours both went and took a tour of cruse’ the weather was pleasant’ it’s been 20 days on the cruse’. Both were always with each other’ had breakfast with each other, lunch and dinner too.. walking and sitting with each other just holding the hands’  functions held in the ship and all enjoyed very much in it.. danced with their partners and maan & geet danced together’ it was the as usual day like others.. both were standing at the edge on the cruse and watching the waves of the ocean’ it was night’ the time was like just froze at that moment but this is not in our control to stop the time’ it was very pleasant weather outside’ and watching the waves was like a heaven.. no stars in the sky.. like rain will come in any moment’.

Suddenly her foot slipped  and she jerked behind but maan held her by her arms and pulled her towards him.. she landed on his broad chest and her hands went around his neck for the support’  both were very close to each other’they could hear each other heart beats’ unknowingly his hand went towards her face and he cupped her face in his palms’ she raised her face matching his level un knowingly and he pressed his lips on hers.. her grip tighten around his neck and he again pressed his lips more on her soft lips’ his hand went on her waist from her face’ she starts responding him and giving herself into him’ she went on tip toe and presses herself more into him.. pressing her softness in his firm chest’ he could feel her softness’ she starts pulling him more close to her pulling him from his head.. her hairs massaging in his hair while his hands roaming on her back pulling her more close to him’. There is no between them’ not even the air can passed between their bodies’ he was nibbling her upper lip while she was nibbling his lower lip’ she opened her mouth and her went his tongue inside her mouth for exploring her mouth with his tongue’.. taking the sweetness from her mouth in his,,, their tongues entangled and it dancing in their mouth’ that was the full mouth kiss’  she was like jelly in his grip’.

After some minutes both stopped kissing and panted furiously’ her cheeks flushed and went in dark cheery color’ he was not less than’ the same color he had on his cheeks’ both doesn’t know what to tell or what not.. both silently went to their rooms and slept’. It’s been more than a month now’. Both are getting to know each other in deeply’ their college mates get to know about them’ it was like when they both seen with each other their mates clicked their snaps’ all were having great fun each other’ both got to know about their feelings which they had for each other’ they wanted to confess but not in a ship’  maan sang songs for her sometimes and she knew that the songs for her specially’he gifted her 1 payal (anklets ) to her.. she asked to him why 1 payal why not the pair? He smied at her question because he knew she will asked this question surely’ he replied her that he will give the another payal to her on a very special occasion’ don’t think me kanjoos and all’ it’s my way’ when you’ll wear the another payal you will complete’ she agreed and he made her wear the 1 payal and another payal he kept in his pocket’. It’s the last day on cruse’ both said to each other that after 2 days come to the INDIA GATE at the specific time’ both said to each other they have to confess something’both knew what is the confession they are talking about and both promised to each other if one person won’t come then the another person won’t ask anything’.

Both agreed with each other and then they landed to Mumbai and then some people including maan & geet went to delhi by the flight’. After two days maan went to INDIA GATE and the correct time with the flowers and the payal in his pocket which he was going to gift her’ that was his plan’. He was waiting for her’ 2 hours passed but she didn’t came.. he was watching time minute by minute but it’s like time has been froze’ some hours more passed but she didn’t came’ he was standing still near the INDIA GATE where both decided’. It’s been more than 10 hours he was waiting fro her but she didn’t came’. The whole night he stood there drenching in rain but she didn’t came’. It’s 6 am of morning and the time was 6pm in the evening when both was supposed to meet’ 12 hours he stood there at one place hoping that she will come.. yes may be now she will come.. but she didn’t come’ his tears mingled with rain’ sky was also cried with him’

finally he broke down from inside.. the flowers he was holding loosened from his hand and fell down on the land’ he became a lifeless body and walked towards his house’ he was worn out totally’ he didn’t went college for some days ..after some days he went to college may be he will meet with her there but she was not there.. he searched her everywhere’ he promised to himself that he will never question her why she didn’t came but at least meet with him for once’ for god sake but she never meet’ he asked to principal if he had any information about her but no one knew about her’ she had not any close friend beside him but she never told her house address’ he came to know her address from the college records.. he went there but the house was locked’ she was not there’ he cried a lot for loosing her’ after that day he leaned himself in studies’ completed his college and joined his father’s business’ suddenly he became very rude towards all’ no one realized what happened in his life except his dadi who knew everything about him because he was very close to her.. he told her everything’she consoled him but that was not enough.. he wanted geet but she was not there’ he doesn’t know why she didn’t came.. he knew she loves him but what is the reason behind her not coming’?

flashback ends

He came out from his trance when his cell rang’ he wiped his tears , he fished his pocket and remove that payal from his pocket which he carried with him everywhere wherever he went’ he caressed the payal and kissed it’. and got ready for another meeting’ next day he went back to delhi and engrossed in his office work.. again became the rude maan singh khurana’ no one knew that why he is like that.. so rude’one day he called from some NGO..  it was very big orphan age’ there was some function and they called maan as a chief guest.. maan couldn’t refuse them.. he thought may be after going there he got some peace’ he agreed and everyone became very happy’ there was a girl who doesn’t know who is the chief guest as she is very busy in all preparation’ she was teaching her fav song to small children’ she told them when the chief guest will come and  you all will sing this song when you all will go to the stage’ actually it was a drama with a song’ maan came there and all greeted him with all respect’ that girl didn’t came in front of anyone.. she was in her room and listening only’  maan sat on the chief guest’s chair and children started their drama’ first drama went well’ another drama started’

There was a boy and a girl who are doing the drama’ that boy gifted 1 payal to girl and that girl asked why 1 payal’ he replied her that he will give the another payal to her on a very special occasion’ don’t think me kanjoos and all’ it’s my way’ when you’ll wear the another payal you will complete’ she agreed and he made her wear the 1 payal and another payal he kept in his pocket’.. this scene made his memories fresh again’ his eyes went bigger in shock.. no one knew about this except his and geet.. he looked here and there may be geet is here but she is no where to be seen’ drama is going well’ next the boy said to the girl for meeting with him at INDIA GATE and she agreed’. Both girl and boy promised to each other if one person didn’t come then another one didn’t ask the reason’ both agreed and made promise’ that boy went INDIA GATE as they portrayed it on the stage and he waited for her but she doesn’t come’  some alone tears shed from his eyes’  hours passed but she didn’t came’ then the song started in the drama’ the boy sang the song

Chaha hai tujhko, chahunga har pal

Marke bhi tujhse ye pyaar n ahoga kam,

Teri yaad staati hai, dil pal-pal kehta hai

Kya ye zindagani hai, kya yai kahani hai’

The boy cried and went on his knees’. Then the girl sang’.

Chaha hai tujhko, chahungi har pal

Marke bhi tujhse ye pyaar n ahoga kam,

Teri yaad staati hai, dil pal-pal kehta hai

Kya ye zindagani hai, kya yai kahani hai’

Then the girl cried ‘ everyone is crying in the hall including maan who was rough and tough but from deep inside he was like a candle which melt easily’meanwhile the girl sitting in her room was also crying feeling very low’ remembering about those days’ she was very helpless couldn’t go at the stage that’s why she was in her room’   the drama went well’ maan asked one of the NGO’s member that who taught this drama to the kids and this song also’ they replied him and said that the girl is inside the room’ maan made his way towards the room.. his heart starts  beating rapidly’ he has mixed emotions after so many years’ anger, happiness, pain, worry, confusion and all’ finally he reached there and he knocked the door.. she said come in’ his heart filled with happiness knowing her voice.. yes that’s her..!! his heart jumping in joy’ he went in and he froze on his track’ she raised her face and looked  towards the person who is but she is also froze when she saw him in front of her after so many years.. she was sitting on the couch covering herself with the white sheet’ tears came out from her eyes after seeing him’.

His eyes also shed tears’ he reached towards her and said I am sorry’ she looked at him why he is saying sorry to her’ she shook her head in no’ he said again sorry to her’. I am really sorry for not coming that day’ she froze she was the one who didn’t went there’but she thought for a moment and said it’s okay’ he looked at her’ he asked to her tumne kafi wait kiya hoga na mera waha par? She nodded her head in yes..!! he aksed kab tak? She didn’t said anything to him.. just keep quiet’ he said raat ke 12 baje tak’? She nodded in yes’ he said jhuth’ subah ke 6 baje tak’ she looked at him with so much pain in her eyes but how can she tell him the reason that why she didn’t came there? He said I’ll not ask why you didn’t came there.. I came here for taking that payal back which I gave you’ he unknowingly went towards her and tried to remove the sheet from her feet but she stiff and he stopped’ he thought may be she doesn’t like my touch’ but then he thought why she will wear that payal till now? But that was wrong.. she was wearing the payal but not in her feet..she is wearing it in her wrist as a bracelet’.

 No one knew about this because she always wears full sleeves suits’ she doesn’t said anything to him’ he stood and was about to leave but his sight stuck at one thing’ she was hoping that he won’t see that but he saw that’ tears rolled down from his eyes when he saw it.. there was a wheel chair then he remind when he was about to touch her feet she stiff and feared with his touch.. he turned and scooped her in his arms’ both cried their heart out and she murmured mai aapke layak nahi rahi maan’ she was crying with hiccups as maan’. He murmured tumne mujhe kyo nahi bataya? While hugging her’ mai adhhoori hu maan.. I am not complete for you’ mai nahi chahti thi ki aap mujhe mere adhhoepan ke sath accept karein’ mai apne aap ko aap par thopna nahi chahti’ I don’t want to be a burden on you’ he quit from the hug and placed his finger on her lips’. Shhh’. Tum mere liye adhhori nahi ho geet’ mujhe tumse shikayat hai ki tumne mujhe kyo nahi bataya? Kya tumhe itna hi yakeen tha mere pyaar par? Bolo geet’ she cried while shaking her head in no.. she hugged him again’ he broke the hug and asked again to her ye kab hua? While cupping her face’ she replied when I was coming to you while running with my full speed’ I was very excited’ I was very happy because I was going to confess my love to you but next day when I opened my eyes I found myself on the bed of the hospital’ tears came out from his eyes as hers’!! I found that I had lost my legs’  I am not complete maan for you’ ye adhhorapan’ mai iss adhhorepan ke sath aapke samne nahi aana chahti thi’ she removed the payal from her wrist and gave it to him’  he looked at it and he gave her another payal to her’ both hugged to each other at once confessing their love to each other’ both said I LOVE YOU together’ he cut his thumb and filled her maang with his blood’  she looked at him with utter disbelief’ he scooped her in his arms and went towards his car’ he called the best doctor which was in Mumbai’ he took her Mumbai in his private jet and doc checked her’ the treatment of some moths her legs starts working slowly-2′ now she walked by herself’. Maan is very happy now a days after getting geet in his life’ thanks maan mere adhoorepan ko bharne ke liye’. He placed his finger on her lips and shook his head in no’ soon his finger replaced by his lips and both kissed to each other with passion’

THE END..!!!


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