A combination of Maaneet Gurti-SS complete

Maan and drashti are good friends’both studiedin same college and now both are doing MBA in mumbai’maan is the hottest hunk in the college, rude, arrogant while drashti is the hot girl amongst in all girls, very chirpy, fun loving girl’ today is the ragging day in the college I mean a day for freshers’ while both are in last year of MBA’ today freshers are going to join the college’ maan rested himself on the bonnet of his mercedeez benz’and drashti is beside him talking to him how they will rag the freshers’ then the girl entered in the gate of the college in white anaarkali suit , open hairs, her flicks covering the view of her face’ but the white skin of hers is glowing more in the shine of sun’ she scared that she heard about the ragging’ actually no one can rag her because she was the ragging queen in her college but now she changed her college and now she is scared a little bit’ slowly-2 she entered in the college ‘ she is too bubbly, topper of the college, record breaker, queen of the beauty but she is so nave.. sometimes so bold and sometimes so innocent’ her strands are ticking her her cheeks and her neck too’ Drashti-hey maan, see first fresher is coming’ Maan-yeah D, I am seeing that’ Drashti-so what say dude? Maan-D, just wait.. lets her enter in the college na’ Drashti-okay’!! Maan called drashti as D.. beside of maan, no one can dare to call her with this name.. maan has the special right’ slowly-2 she is removing her strands from her cheeks giving the full access of maan’s eyes for niharing her face’ he mesmerized after seeing her beautiful face.. maan went blank seeing her angelic face which is the symbol of cuteness, shyness and innocent gal’ he is staring her without blinking .. she gets scared after seeing the seniors and top of that with maan’s gaze’. She is so scared but a somekind of spark in her eyes’she is passing beside of them but suddenly drashti stopped her.. Drashti-hey you ‘! Girl-did you call me? Drashti-yeah babe’ you.. come here’ ow she gets more scared, she caught by seniors’ ab to ragging pakki.. she immediately shot a prayer to her babaji and went towards drashti.. maan came back to his sense when drashti called her’ drashti-what’s your name babes? Girl-geet.. she is praying continuously to her babaji.. bacha lena ha..!! geet name rang in maan’s mind.. wow what a name..!! geet means english me song.. drahsti thought soething now she got the task which will be performed by geet’ Drashti-so geet.. what are you doing here? Geet promptly replied, obviously for studies.. gana gaane to nahi aayi hu mai yaha.. then she bit her lip what she said just now’ omg babaji raksha karna ha’she shot a quick prayer’ maan was amazed by her reply.. no one in this college can dare to reply back to drashti like that’ geet is the first one’ interesting’ Maan-so geet, geet you are not here for sing the song’ right? She shook her head in yes then no then again yes’ looks like you are so confuse’ chalo I’ll clear your confusion.. maan said to geet’ hey babaji yeh kya karne wale hai.. now she is scared more from maan but she didn’t knew his name.. she checked him top to bottom.. hmm not bad .. hunk huh..! she thought in her mind’ she is too impressed by his physic’ he knew that she is checking him’ he chuckled by her expressions but didn’t show on his face’ Maan-so geet dear.. now ragging time’ geet thought what he is upto now? What he will give the task to me? Again shot a prayer to her babaji’ drashti got up from her place and checked her by roaming around her’ geet clutched her side bag tightly’ so maan kya socha hai? Drashti aksed’ Maan-wait D.. just wait and watch.. drashti went towards maan and rested her arm on his shoulder’ and geet is looking down’ so geet your name is geet means song so you have to sing a song for us’ she looked at him’ song..yeah she sings well but now her voice stucked in her throat’ she couldn’t thought that she will be rag by smeone else’ who always rag to another ones and todays she is ragged’ maan smirked at her conition.. he came down from the bonnet of his car and called osme students.. some students gathered there’ Drashti-geet baby, sing na.. kyu maan/ she laughed at her situation’ Maan-yeah.. we can’t resist hear your sweet voice.. just sing a song nothing more.. she is stil looking down but gathereing her strength’ Drashti-lokks like geet baby is shivering from fear.. she pass to her nasty smile’ maan move towards her and stood beside her’ just behind her back..his breath is fanning on the nape of her neck’ he said huskily geet sing na..just a song’ maan arrange a mike middle the hall of the college.. and she is standing middle there holding the mike in the hand’ all students is gazing her , waiting for her song’. all think that she will sing a typical hindi bollywood old song but when she opened her mouth and a sweet voice came out.. their mouth fell open when they heard her voice like a sweet honey.. her eyes are closed but her fingers are moving on her bag with the rythym’. Ohh wooaah (3x) You know you love me,I know you care Just shout whenever, And I’ll be there You want my love, You want my heart And we will never ever ever be apart Maan heard her voice and he all set with his guitar’ he is the rockstar of this college.. he is the star of the music band of this college’. Are we an item? Girl quit playing Were just friends, What are you saying Said there’s another, Look right in my eyes My first love broke my heart for the first time, And I was like Baby, baby, baby ohhh Like baby, baby, baby noo Like baby, baby, baby ohh I thought you’d always be mine mine Baby, baby, baby ohh Like baby, baby, baby noo Like baby, baby, baby ohh I thought you’d always be mine,mine (oh oh) For you, I would have done whatever And I just can’t believe, we ain’t together And I wanna play it cool, But I’m losin’ you I’ll buy you anything, I’ll buy you any ring And im in pieces, Baby fix me And just shake me til’ you wake me from this bad dream Im going down, down, down, dooown And I just cant believe my first love would be around. And I’m like Baby, baby, baby ohh Like baby, baby, baby noo Like baby, baby, baby ohh I thought youd always be mine, mine Baby, baby, baby ohh Like baby, baby, baby noo Like baby, baby, baby ohhh I thought youd always be mine, mine Luda When I was 13, I had my first love, There was nobody that compared to my baby, And nobody came between us or could ever come above She had me goin’ crazy, Oh I was starstruck, She woke me up daily, Don’t need no Starbucks. She made my heart pound, And skip a beat when I see her in the street and, At school on the playground, But I really wanna see her on the weekend, She know she got me gazin’, Cuz she was so amazin’, And now my heart is breakin’, But I just keep on sayin’… Baby, baby, baby ohh Like baby, baby, baby noo Like baby, baby, baby ohh I thought youd always be mine, mine Baby, baby, baby ohh Like baby, baby, baby noo Like baby, baby, baby ohh I thought youd always be mine, mine (I’m gone) Yeah, yeah, yeah (6x) (Now Im all gone, now im all gone, now im all gone) Gone, gone, gone,(gone) I’m gone. After the song, a;; are amazed with the song.. all clapped for her and now she is feeling like she is in heaven.. omg she cleared the ragging round’ she passed the ragging session.. she is dancing inwardly and todays she felt that how the person felt when he ragged’ she ragged so many people during the time of her BBA.. maan move towards her and raised his hand in-front of her’she looked at his hand blankly’ Maan-congrats, no one can pass our task,but you are the first one who passed our task’ she smiled weakly at him.. oh god her simple smile touched his heart’ hii , I am maan .. your’s senior’ she shook her hand with him, hello I am geet’ oh god her hand giving him burning sensation in his whole body’ suddenly, he felt ike this for the first time in his whole life till yet’ he had so many girl friends but his touch..this is something different’ drashti moves towards geet.. hey geet, I am drashti, drashti said to her’ geet smiled at her’ she shook her hand with her too’ Drashti-nice to meet you.. you sings very well’ Geet-thanks..! Maan-we thought, you will sing like a typical old bollywood song but you surprised us’ Drashti-yeah geet, we were shocked when we heard your voice’ Geet-thanks guys’ thanks a lot for the appreciation’ she smiled at both of them’ Maan-I think you are made for the appreciation’ she blushed a little hearing his compliment for her’maan chuckled at his statement what he said just now’ Maan singh khurana is appreciating someone’ and shock’ he never compliments to anyone but today he compliments to an unknown girl’ he knows nothing about except of her name.. but he felt nice’ everything is the first time in life so this is also’ he shook his head shooing away his thought.. he told to everyone that move to your classes’ geet thought seems like he is the DON of here, tewar to dekho but geet you forgot, tub hi aise hi rob jhadti thi college mein sab par aur aaj.. ek min geet, sochne eali baat yeh hai ki waha par bhi sab tere bare me aisa hi sochte honge jaisa tu aaj isss maan ke bare me soch rahi hai’ she was lost in her thoughts.. maan is observing her’ she snapped her thought when maan called her’ Maan-aah geet, from where you belongs? He want to know more about her but this is a casual question’ everyone wants to know about their friends’ is she leaving here alone or with her family? This question is ringing in his mind’ but drashti is also curious’ she liked geet and top of that her song and one more thing she observed that maan is interested in her.. maan never talked much with anyone and that too with fresher.. he always ragged them and left from there’ Geet-seems like someone is very curious to know about me.. she smirks at him’she knew these type of guys’but gave him her innocent smile.. maan also smiled back at her answer’ he thought hmm she is like a sherni wrapped in human beings’ drashti doesn’t like this’ no one answer maan back like this.. how dare y.. maan cut her.. he knows how short tempered she is.. she can’t hear anything about maan but as a best friend’ Maan-cam down D.. she is new here.. it is our duty to made her feel comfortable in our environment’ drashti agreed and geet sighed’ she thought he would answer her back’ Maan-aah geet.. yeah I am curious.. any problem.. we are friends na.. so you can tell us’ geet smied and felt embarrassed at her blunt reply’ she is the one who is observing him top to bottom and now she is blaming him in her mind’ this is not right’ Geet-umm maan, I am from Mumbai but my native pace is Punjab’ Maan-so you are Punjabi’ she nodded.. he thought tabhi to sherni hai’ Punjab ki sherni’



Maan-aah geet.. yeah I am curious.. any problem.. we are friends na.. so you can tell us’  geet smied and felt embarrassed at her blunt reply’ she is the one who is observing him top to bottom and now she is blaming him in her mind’ this is not right’ .

Geet-umm maan, I am from Mumbai but my native pace is Punjab’

Maan-so you are Punjabi’  she nodded.. he thought tabhi to sherni hai’ Punjab ki sherni’

Geet-and you guys?

Maan-like you’ I belongs to delhi but lives here’.

Drashti-I am from mumbai’ trio became friends’.

Maan-so geet’ we are now friends na?

Geet-yeah, ofcourse’.

Maan-so let’s have a coffee’ (maan babu koi mauka nahi chhodte time spend karne ka’)

Geet-okay.. let’s go’. Trio left to the canteen and had their coffee’

Later in the day she got to know about the schedule and about the faculty, 3 days classes and 3 days projects & seminars in a week’ there is no class today only for get together.. geet found it nice.. actually he is liking the environment moreover she likes seniors(wink)’ net day principal called maan, as principal likes him so much.. he is so much intelligent and has a different status in this college.. all the faculty like him and some lady faculty drooled over him,,,, but he started drool over geet’ principal told him that introduce all the students to the seniors and made them understand about the rules of this college’ principal trust him so much.. he is a star of this college.. best in everything..you know all about him like he is rude and arrogant but sometimes he is very polite towards others’  maan said ok to principal and went out.. he arranged everything.. the introduction session went well’.  A week passed like this’  maan & geet drooled over to each other secretly from far away, never say much about the things which is avoidable for them’  but when she saw him, her breath got stuck in her throat’. She borrowed notes from him knowingly’  she can borrow notes from drashti but no.. she only went to maan so that she can talk to him’ but maan is maan’ he gave her wrong notes sometimes so that she came again to him and she did the same’  she made a new friend aditya (adi). He is so sweet just like a brother for her.. she has no brother and adi has not any sister so both of them found a brother & sister to each other’  next day geet is in library making some notes.. college is going to be close’. Everyone is leaving slowly-2 but the library is open till 6pm.. on the other hand maan & drashti are in music hall’ maan is playing violin and drashti is busy in her cell chewing her gum’ this college is not only for management, several streams are there'(I don’t know is such kinda college exist or not which has several streams, this is only my imagination’.) then drashti got a call and went out.. after talking , she came inside and hug maan happily’ maan opened his eyes and looked at her happy face’

Maan-why are you so happy D?

Drashti-maan, my photographer called me, the date has been fixed of my next photo shoot’

Maan-ohh wow.. congrats.. you must be waiting for this’

Drashti-yeah.. now I am so happy’

Maan-which magazine?

Drashti-zing magazine

Maan-ohh wow’

Drashti-now, I have to go.. tomorrow is my photo shoot .. so have to prepare so many things’ both bid bye together’ it’s 5:45 pm now’. Man came out from music hall and went towards the library..  he want to clear some doubts on one topic.. so he has to pick ****** book for clearing his doubts’ he went inside and that time geet got up and went in one corner of library for find one book which she needed in her notes’ there are some latest editions and maan went in another corner for find his book’ the library seems empty like no one is there.. the librarian came there and found it empty.. he closed the lights and closed the library’. Geet afraid suddenly because the sudden lights off’ she jumped back in fear’ and maan looked her and there why this lights went off? He came out from there and heard some noise of anklets’ he thought who is here? Geet is searching the way slowly-2′  on the other hand’..

Ruk jao”peoples turn and followed the voice’..  all looked at gurmeet’.  Dulhan’s father stood and all the guests also stood’ Ye shaadi nahi ho sakti’. gurmeet said with his determinant voice’.

Dulhan’s brother came.. who the hell are you to stop this marriage?

I am her love’ she loves me a lot’. Dulhan’s father came’ oye bakwaas na kar’ chal dafa ho yaha se’

Aap log soniya ki shaadi jabardasti nahi kar sakte.. she is adult and she has full right to take her decision’ gurmeet said’.

Oye hum nahi maante aisa kuch’ aur ye shaadi soniya ki marzi se hi ho rahi hai’ dulhan’s brother said’  soniya is crying.. she loves him a lot’ but she is in pressure of her family’ gurmeet is taking his steps towards soniya’ soniya sirf meri hai’ aur meri hi rahegi’ bolo soniya tumhara kya faisla hai’? gurmeet asked’.  I love you gurmeet.. I can’t live without you’. Please mujhe yaha se le jao.. she is begging from him’ he smiled and nodded’. .he is taking further steps but soniya’s bother came with some another mans’  one man kicked him on his back’ gurmeet fell down on the land ‘. Gurmeet’. Soniya shouts’ she is about ran towards gurmeet but her father caught her’ pandit ji aap mantra padhna shuru kijiye’ her father said’.

Nahi papa.. don’t do this to me.. papa I love him.. please papa’ soniya is begging’. Chup kar’ tujhe sidhanta ke sath shaadi karni hi padegi’ her father said.. while another man kicked gurmeet again’

Papa’ mai shaadi ke liye ready hu par please gurmeet ko chhod  do’ usey mat maaro’  soniya said’ she is worried for him’

Nahi soniya.. tum aisa kuch nahi karogi’. Don’t do this’ you are only mine.. only mine’  said gurmeet’  her father said’ mat maro usey par chhodna mat.. pakad kar rakho’ her father said’. The marriage has been started’. Pandit ji start chanting mantras’.  Nooo’ don’t do this soniya’ gurmeet shout’. Dulha and dulhan stood for pheras’. An idea came in gurmeet’s mind’  he is palying like he is feeling dizzy’ another men loosen ther hold on his arms and he fell down on land like he became faint’  all looked at him’ he laid there’. Slowly-2 he removed his belt from his jeans’. People’s attention went to the marriage and in a fraction of second gurmeet stood removed his belt and start beating them furiously’  one man attacked on his from behind but he is too fast for him.. he dig his elbow in his chest and he fell down on the ground holding his chest’ he is beating another man with his belt then 3rd man came ther but gurmeet kicked him on his private place.. he thumped on the ground holding himself’.  He almost beated all the mans of her brother then her brother came and punched gurmeet on his face.. blood oozed out from the corner of his lip’. But he didn’t care and gurmeet held her bother’s collar’ 5th phera is going on’  he saw the gun in his pant.. in a fraction of sec , he removed the gun from his pant and point on her bother’s head’ all horrified seeing this scene’ he move towards the mandap taking her bother with him’ all moved from his way’ he said to her father that open the knot of their clthes’ her father did the same’ gurmeet take that cloth and tied the knot with the soniya’s dupatta’. He said to pandit..

Gurmeet-pandit ji, fir se mantra shuru kijiye’  poor pandit’ he did the same’ gurmeet held her hand and in his other hand he is holding the gun’  they both start taking phere around the fire’ 7 pheras are complete’ he filled her maang with his blood and tied his chain around her neck’. Now they are married’ gurmeet took her with him showing the gun to other.. they can’t do much things except shouting to him’.  Now they are married’. Both went to their secret place’  soniya cleaned his wound and he held her hand in pain’ after some time gurmeet played a song in his mobile’

Mere Bina

Rehne laga hun

Teri hawaon me

Behne laga hun

jaane main kaise

tera hua hu

mujhe to lagta hai main shayad tere dil ki dua hu


Tujhko jo paaya ahan

To jeena aaya

Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum Dono ke darmiyaaan

He bend on his knees and asking her for a dance’ both love each other to the core’ she gave her hand in his hand’ gurmeet held soniya’s hand and stood up’ he put her both hands on his shoulders and he held her from her waist’. They start moving slowly-2 according to the beat of the song’..

Pehle se zyada

Main jee raha hu

Now i am very happy before after marrried with you’

Jabse main tere dil se juda hu

Rahon pe teri main to chala hu

Tu meri manzil hai tere kadmon pe bas rukne laga hu

Tujhko jo paaya ahan

To jeena aaya

Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum Dono ke darmiyaaan’


I don’t know when my heart is attached with your heart but it looks so perfect being with you’. I am walking with you on your way’


Tujhko jo paaya ahan

To jeena aaya

Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum Dono ke darmiyaaan

Teri nazar me nayi si adaa hai

Naya sa nasha bhhi ghula hai

He looked in he reyes’ and lost.. her deep sky blue eyes’. He found something new feeling in her eyes.. a new excitement’.

Kayi dino se bandha tha baadal jo

Tere hi baalon me khula hai

His hand slowly-2 went in her hairs and set her strands behind her ear’..

Teri hadon me meri basar hai

Ab tujhe bhi

Janu kidhar hai

Jahan rahe tu main wo jahan hu

Jise jiye tu main wo sama hun

Teri waja se naya naya hu

You are my world and i am yours’. Today broke the limits between us’

Pehle kaha na maine ab ye tumse kehne laga Hun..aaa



Tujhko jo paaya ahan

To jeena aaya

Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum Dono ke darmiyaaan

I didn’t said you before how I was feeling when I saw you first time but today I’ll tell you’


Tujhko jo paaya ahan

To jeena aaya

Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum Dono ke darmiyaaan.

On the other hand drashti reached to her home and suhaasi & drashti both entered in their house together’ suhaasi, drashti’s bhabhi’.

Drashti-hey bhabhi, you came early today? (guys I don’t know  that from which name dd called suhaasi coz dono ko sath kabhi dekha nahi hai.. niether in any party nor in any nterview’ so this is my imagination’ if you guys are not confortable to it then pls take it in your way’ you can think from which name dd called suhaasi’)

Suhaasi-hii drashti’ haa actually aaj director ne jaldi pack up kar diya’

Drashti-ohh thank god.. you came early.. I have some work with you’. Waise hows your show going on?

Suhaasi-it’s going nice..as usual’

Drashti-yeah.. I have seen that’ Iqbal khan entered in your show na?

Suhaasi-yeah’. He is too good in his work’

Drashti-wo to dekhne se hi pate chalta hai’

Suhaasi-okay’  have you got any new assignment?

Drashti-yeah.. some photo shoots are lined up for some magazines and 1 calender photo shoot also’

Suhaasi-ohh.. great’ hows maan? He didn’t came here from a long time..

Drashti-he is fine’ yeah he is little busy.. business and studies n all’ poor baby’ busy rehta hai full day’.

Suhaasi-ohh.. chalo lets get freshn up’

Drahsti-okay.. you go’ I have some work’.


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