~Drown in Love~ pt-14

~Drown in Love~



Ridzy and anniee’s  eyes widen when they came to see them…. Actually they tried to eavesdrop and got a shock seeing maan is showing his finger to her……  “ye bhai geet ko bhi daant rahe hai…. Hum kya kam the,….. ” she thought in her mind……


Both were standing in front of each other….. geet was looking down while maan was feeling bad for shouting at her but she was the one who was continuously telling him sorry…… there is no fault of his…… he sighed deeply…took a deep breath……..


Please sit..” said maan to her in his deep yet soft voice which made her suddenly feel calm…….She nodded and sat down quietly….. she was still gazing in her lap and clutching her fingers……..  “sorry..” he said…… first time he is saying sorry to anyone, , but he thought his sorry is needed…… she looked at him at once hearing his sorry, , their eyes met and he parted his lips again for saying something……. “kisliye?” she asked innocently,……


He was about to say something but stopped hearing her question…… his lips curved in a little smile, , “for shouting on you.. sorry again…” he said to her…… “it’s okay…” she replied him back…….


Geet,, ” he whispered her name softly and she looked at him again…… “Geet, , I don’t know what I should say to you at this moment, , I mean I don’t what we should talk , about what? This is my first time…. And I think yours too…” hearing him, she looked at him again….. what made him think that it’s her first time or not……. He was looking at her like hoping for something…….


And like he read question in her eyes…… “I felt like because of your behavior…. Your nervousness and I think you also never face this type of situation before…..?” he asked and she nodded in no….. “Geet, , please don’t take me wrong okay….. I don’t know what kind of life partner I want, , I mean I never felt like to ponder my thought over this matter…. ” he paused for a while when he found her looking at him and now he doesn’t know what she is searching? Answer of her question or something else…..


I don’t know what type of quality I want in my wife……. Geet, if you want then you can ask anything…” maan told her and she looked at him…….  She wanted to ask so many question but now she felt tongue tied in front of him…… but one question she desperately wanted to ask……


why you didn’t introduce yourself when we both met at the road?” she asked and looked at him……  he froze hearing her question…. He knew she’ll ask surly when they’ll both meet with each other…….   “I won’t lie to you geet…… I was just tongue tied at that time…. And forgot to introduce myself…. I wanted to know you little before opening my identity to you…” he replied back…..


and, why you never think about your life partner?” asked geet curiously…… he felt little bit uncomfortable but if he wants to marry with her then he have to tell her……. Here both are sitting together because they can ask anything from each other, because they can know some things about each other…….  About Likes , dislikes , habits, they can talk later…… the top priority now, why they wants each other as their life partner? That’s the main question……


umm…. I never felt like..” he said and she gave him a confuse look…. “I mean….. I was so engrossed in my career , in business…….” He replied her and she felt calm , umm she can feel little proud at his sincere answer……. .


umm…. Geet, , I don’t know why I am telling this to you, but I just felt like tell to you mine little secret…. Actually my family also know but not any outsider….. ” he spoke looking at her and her curious eyes met with his….. 


everyone think that every person who is in police or in any other branch…. They drink…. But the truth is I have never tasted alcohol in my life…. ” her eyes popped because she also used to think like that….. because her father is habitual to have alcohol little bit sometimes, , whenever he is with his friends….. her little fear for marrying with a police officer was this one too but now knowing that she felt calm…. Her shoulders felt lighter , ,


He also felt calm telling her about his little secret, , he just felt like and he spoke,,,,, he didn’t gave second thought about this….. “thank you” she told him and he asked “for what?”  


bas aise hi…” she replied back….. and he smiled….. “if you want to ask anything then you can..” he told her but she denied, cause she knew her father will choose the best for her…..and she trusts him and now those things maan told her, she can make out that he’ll be sincere in this relationship……  before he could ask something more but their conversation interrupted by Sonia and simmi and Raj…..


Maan, , ho gai baat?”  asked Raj…. And maan nodded…. Where Sonia came and pulled geet and they walked ahead….. “so geet, puchh liya jo puchhna tha?” asked Sonia with a concern….  And geet nodded…….


so…?” asked Sonia…. “so???” asked Simmi….  Geet blushed hiding her face in her palm and hugged her bhabhi at once…… while Maan smiled a little and simmi jumped , , hugged him tight , , leaving him behind she ran inside leaving Maan and Raj behind…… both gave each other a manly hug, , “congrats saale sahib….” Raj spoke patted his back …… and maan smiled……


Tau ji…. Yes… yes… yes….” She told chirpily while entering in hall…. “dadi maa…. Maan said yes… ” she told to dadi and everyone jumped in excitement…….. “papa, , mummy… it’s yes…” replied Ridzy who overheard the convo between Geet and Sonia…..





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~Drown in Love~ pt-13

~Drown in Love~




geet, at least close your mouth” Sonia spoke and geet instantly closed her mouth ,, her eyes set in her lap but in between tried to take his glance now n then where maan was also like same…. Busy in vicky’s faltu talks but tried to take her glance now n then…..


while everyone was just engrossed in their talks….  Param with mohinder….. dadi, rano and rajni together but pulling geet in mid of their talks…….. Vicky n raj were eating maan’s head…… and simmi, annie, ridzy giggling …. Poor those cute little babies looking at all new faces curiously……


Maan’s mother was talking with her about her likes, dislikes……    “geet, beta…. Bahut pyaari lag rahi ho….” Rajni complimented her and geet said “thank u..” a small smile formed on her lips……. Just then all the head diverted when Vicky spoke with all his enthusiasm like he came here with this question only……


bhabhi….. ” but he stopped and flinched in pain at once , actually maan pinched him little when he directly addressed geet as bhabhi….  He wanted to say indirectly that she is not his bhabhi now…..  but Vicky gave a look “she is!”……..


Maan sat in his typical posture tried to engrossed himself, actually pretend that he is reading mails but his whole attention around himself, listening all the talks that is going on here n there…….


ji..??” geet spoke and Vicky again give a look smirking..….. “dekha..”  geet glanced at maan in between and when maan looked up, she at once diverted her gaze and set in her lap…..


bhabhi…. My first and last question..” all the elders looked at him… is he going to do any blunder? Please save this poor girl, dadi thought in her mind knowing the devil mind Vicky has…… geet looked at him again and there , their eyes met with each other for a brief second…….


Vicky, you can ask later..” dadi stopped him and he made  a face….. here everyone is asking but none letting him ask…..  dadi turned towards Rano and told her….. “Rano ji….  Hum sabko jo puchna tha, humne puchh liya…. ” hearing her sentence, maan and geet’s heartbeat raised….. knowing the next sentence that will come out from her…..  geet clutched her fingers tightly where maan clutched his cell in his fist……


Dadi glanced at Maan and then Geet, , she know that both are waiting for this moment….. there are so many question buzzing their head, perhaps…..  she don’t know Maan’ll ask any question from geet or not same with geet, , but they need some privacy so that they can know what they want from this alliance…..


She knows that one meeting is not enough and that is just for some minutes for recognizing their life partner with whom they are going to spend their life……  “ab Maan aur Geet bhi ek dusre se baat kar le toh bahut achha hoga..” finally those words come out from her mouth and geet lower her gaze at once , , suddenly red hue surfaced her cheeks, ,


She desperately wanted to ask from him that why he didn’t tell her about his identity? She was with him around half an hour ago….. . “haan ji, bilkul… ” rano spoke….. she turned toward ridzy and Sonia…. “beta, , take geet and maan ji in garden… ” , , ridzy stood up and Sonia too, where Vicky also made maan stand and annie also accompanied him…… 


Geet is walking ahead with het sister and bhabhi while Maan is behind her along with Vicky and annie….. “bhai, all the best..” Vicky told him…. “shut up… I am not going on world war” maan replied him back…..


bhai, this is not less than any world war… and pls don’t give her your famous glare.. we don’t want to lose her…. ” annie told him and warned also….. maan gared at her hearing her and then nodded……. Finally she sighed in relief that her bhai won’t glare at geet……


geet, , don’t be nervous…. Whatever you want to ask…. Just ask… don’t think too much..hmm” Sonia spoke…..  “di, , server him coffee..okay…. anwesha told me, he likes coffee only… ” saying so she winked at her and left her alone, ,


Maan and Geet stood beside of each other , , geet’s eyes were lower while his eyes gazing her……  after gathering courage…. She spoke….. “please have a sit….”….. “first you sit..” maan replied back…..


no…no.. you first sit… ”  geet replied again….. “but rule says, , Ladies First…”  Maan fought back….. “but we are not in any queue , , ” saying so  she sat down, , seeing her…he also sat down on another chair…..  she served him coffee, , “coffee..” she said giving him cup….. “thanks..” he murmured and took the cup from her hand……


While taking the cup from her hand, slightly his fingers touched with her , , a current ran in her spines, she shivered at once and the cup fell from her hand , it fall down on the ground making them jump at once,…. They don’t know what happened suddenly? How the cup fall down? “I am sorry…. Really sorry…. I don’t know….” Maan gaped her, she was saying sorry continuously tried to wipe some stains  that came on his pants…….



geet….. geet…’ he tried to stop her……. “please forgive me…” …. She spoke again….. “chup bilkul chup…” he spoke showing his index finger to her shutting her mouth at once…… like her voice stuck in her throat…… her eyes widen hearing those words and mouth closed at once…. And cheeks puffed a little….


Her sorry session stopped at once seeing his big-2 eyes and she was gaping while he was standing there with his stern face and his finger too…….


  Ridzy and anniee’s  eyes widen when they came to see them…. Actually they tried to eavesdrop and got a shock seeing maan is showing his finger to her……  “ye bhai geet ko bhi daant rahe hai…. Hum kya kam the,….. ” she thought in her mind


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~Drown in Love~ pt-12


~Drown in Love~




Really bhabhi!” asked geet…… and Sonia nodded…… “then how you managed all this?” asked geet…… “manage kya karna…. Bas ho gaya sab… darne ki koi baat nahi hai…. Jo wo log puchhey just answer that….. and rest about maan….. if you have some doubts I mean you want to ask something then feel free….. don’t think that what he’ll think about you….. it’s your right…ok…” told Sonia to geet and geet nodded nervously……..


but bhabhi…” geet tried to say something…… “geet….. trust me…. Everything will be fine…. You just relax….hmmm….” Sonia told her and made her stand on her feet setting her dupatta properly on her shoulder…… “chalein?” asked Sonia and geet nodded……


On the other hand , in the hall….. Vicky whispered in maan’s ear….. “bhai, u never had tea and here , see jiju…. Yaha toh he didn’t deny for tea…..” maan didn’t said something knowing his teasing nature…. He just shrugged off but his jija ji is also teasing along with Vicky……


saale sahib….. sasural ka to paani bhi meetha lagta hai…. Fir ye to chai hai….sasural ki to baat hi alag hoti hai…” Raj spoke in teasing manner enjoying his tea after all this tea belongs from Maan’s sasural….


jiju, abhi sasural hua nahi hai… ” maan defend himself…. “so , you want that this house will become your sasural…. Dekh Vicky how desperately he is waiting…”  maan really wanted to go away from there….. he just kept his cup on the table and stood up at once,…..


umm, actually, where is washroom?” asked maan hesitatingly…..  where Raj n Vicky smirked knowing he is trying to keep distance from them and their teasing……  “ridhi, puttar… zara bata de…” mohinder spoke, ridzy stoop up and led him showing him way to the washroom….. leaving him , she came back…..


 “arey maa ji, kuch lijiye na..” rano told to dadi…. “bas-bas…. Bahut ho gaya…. Aapne to bahut kuch kar diya…. ” dadi gave a warm response….. “ha ha… behen ji… iss sab ki kya jarurat thi….” Asked Rajni…. Maan’s mother….. where annie was busy in her cell…..  “arey behen ji, kaha itna sab… ” rano replied… just then all the heads present in the hall turned towards two persons who just entered through the gate….


A girl clad in red color dress and while another one with whom they had already met……  her eyes were at downcast, both hands clutched with each other, shaking a little bit….. shivering little bit with nervousness……  “yaha aayiye geet bête…” dadi spoke patted a vacant place beside of her…… geet fluttered her eyes and looked up, an old lady showing warm gestures and asking her to sit beside of her….


She tried to look at all the faces as much as she can……. Another lady in her mid age and in same way one man in mid age like her father….. she saw another lady holding one baby and another girl like ridzy…… another man holding a boy in his lap and one boy…….  “is he maan?” she thought in her mind…… fair in color, cool…..  Sonia made her sit beside of dadi and herself stand near her…… in case she needed something……


so, kaisi hai aap geet?” asked dadi…. “ji, I am fine..” geet replied…..  she tried to scan hall again, if she missed someone….. “yeh CBI officer to nahi lagtey” she thought again in her mind…. She knotted the edge of her duppata holding in her lap……


geet, , what is your qualifications?” asked maan’s father….. “ji, I have completed IIT….” (did I tell geet’s qualifications before????) …… replied geet…….


great….. from where?” Param asked again…. “from Roorkee….” Replied geet…..


geet, what are your favorites?” asked simmi cheerfully….. “di wants to ask, about your habits, aapko salmaan khan ki movies pasand hai?” asked annie jumping keeping her phone aside, , ansh found her phone and started playing with it……


Geet looked at them what should I reply now….? Mujhe toh salmaan khan pasand hi nahi… she said in her mind…..  “anwesha ji, di ko Rishi Kapoor and Manoj Kumar pasand hai…” ridzy exclaimed and annie looked at her shocked…… who likes RK and MK in this era…..


arey wah…. Yeh huyi na meri bahu wali baat….. ” paran exclaimed in joy…. He looked at all….. “tab to hamari khoob jaemgi….” Geet looked at him little confused…… “bhai…. No one let me watch RK’s movies…. Chalo ab ek se bhale do…. Hum dono sath baithkar RK ki movies dekhenge….” Param replied…… while Rajni tried to made him stop…. He made her embarrassed cause rano and mohinder were looking at them and dadi was smiling……..


bhai sahib…. We also watch Jitendra’s movies with my bahu…”  mohinder replied…….  Just then Maan entered in the hall hearing all the laughing and all….. he felt curious and saw geet is sitting there clad in red suit…… she is looking beautiful….. he was continuously staring at geet……  his staring session broke when he hear simmi’s voice…..


ahem… Maan we also here…. Notice us also..” and maan felt so embarrass…… and at once Geet’s lashes moved upwards in his direction and her mouth turned in O shape seeing him standing there, , shocked , , she hear saying that boy’s voice whom she is thinking as Maan….. “Maan, bhai..come here and have a sit please….” …… Vicky spoke….. “so, that boy is not maan….yeh maan hai…lekin yeh kaise? …  ” she thought in her mind, she felt some whisper in her ear…..


geet, at least close your mouth” Sonia spoke and geet instantly closed her mouth ,, her eyes set in her lap but in between tried to take his glance now n then where maan was also like same…. Busy in vicky’s faltu talks but tried to take her glance now n then…..


while everyone was just engrossed in their talks….  Param with mohinder….. dadi, rano and rajni together but pulling geet in mid of their talks…….. Vicky n raj were eating maan’s head…… and simmi, annie, ridzy giggling …. Poor those cute little babies looking at all new faces curiously…..



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~Drown in Love~ pt-11



~Drown in Love~




He sat at the behind seat and locked the car properly , thank God, his car is having black glasses…..  he changed his clothes on the back seat itself…. Though he got some difficulties but still he managed….. now his hairs,…..he found the water bottle which he brought from his house……..  he came out from the car, wash his face with his mineral water…….. after some minutes……  now he is looking proper Maan Singh Khurana…. He sighed……


All the eyes moved towards him when he get enter in the house looking dashing in his real avatar…. After all he is Maan Singh Khurana…..  his family got relieved seeing him there……..


All the faces turned towards him , Maan looked at all and suddenly realized that he had already entered inside Geet’s house…….  His father walked towards him and he saw all the members present in the hall stood up at once seeing him……. He clutched his cell in his hand in little nervousness……. 


mohinder ji… aap ghar ki jaan se mil chuke hai….. par yeh hai hamare ghar ki shaan…… Maan….  He is strict yet loving person of the house…. ” Param, maan’s father exclaimed happily and maan felt awkward hearing all the praised about him….. 


He is not used for all this……  “dad, enough..” he whispered slowly…… his father smiled….. mohinder came and stood next to him…… but he felt warm gesture from him when Maan bend and touched his feet for taking the  blessings…..  Mohinder patted his back and gave him blessings…….  


aur kaise ho beta?” asked mohinder …… “ji, fine…” replied maan with little smile…..  and maan took a seat beside Vicky because Vicky was continuously signaling him sit beside him only…….  And when he maan sat beside him, Vicky pounced on him whispering in his ear……


bhai, itni bhi kya jaldi thi aane ki,…… aur abhi dekho kitna late aaye….. aapki wajah se bhabhi se b nahi miley…’ he whined but got a slight slap from maan……


But she was with me…. He murmured …….. “what? Did you said something?” asked Vicky…… maan shook his head in no,,,,,,,  just then Ansh came running towards him screaming his name …bade mama…..  maan smiled warmly seeing his running towards him and at once maan took him in his lap kissing his cheek one by one on his each cheek and Ansh too reciprocate him back kissing him back……


While on the other hand in geet’s room , she was getting scold by her bhabhi…… who was shocked seeing her in messed state….  Mud on her saree, grease on her face aneven her saree was torn too….. and geet was sitting like a doll on the bed where ridzy was finding another dress which will suit her on this occasion…….


bhabhi, koi bhi suit de do…. ” geet spoke meekly….. “geet, sit silently…. Otherwise I’ll tell to papa ji that u climbed up that tree..” Sonia warned and geet put finger on her lips, sit silently…….  Ridzy came with a elegant red suit and matching jewels and handed to Sonia……


wear this fast….” Sonia spoke and geet ran inside the bathroom…… after 5 mins she came back wearing red chudidaar with designer frock style kurti…….   Sonia made her seat on the chair and start doing her make up and hairs while ridzy went down for helping her mother in arranging the snacks……


While in the hall……. Maan’s father spoke when rano n ridzy entered in the hall…  “you’ve already met with him….. geet’s father……she is geet’s mother….. and  ” before he complete himself, ridzy spoke introducing herself…… “aur main hu ridzy…. Waise toh mera pura  naam ridhima hai but sab mujhe ridzy hi bulate hai…. ” ……….. she finished and maan smiled a little…… he touched rano’s feet when his father introduced her…… “hello ridhima…” maan said…..


Rano and ridzy started serving them snacks and tea, sweets and all…… mohinder stood up for helping them but Param stopped him…… “arey bhai sahib…. You sit here…… behen ji, aap bhi baith jayiye…. Children are here…. They can do….. annie, simmi… help her…” he told them and both stood up happily, and started helping ridzy…… very soon trio mingled with each other……


when you came jiju?” asked maan passing a cup of tea to him….. “today morning only…. Ab tum log hamein yaad nahi karoge toh hamein hi karna padega…” Raj spoke….. “you know, nothing is like that….” Maan tried to save himself…… “that won’t work maan…. Now if this alliance will fix then I want a party from you….. men wali party…. ” , “okay jiju… ” maan spoke and he smacked vicky’s head who tried to hear their convo…..


Aur, batayiye, Raj ji…. Aap kya karte hai?” asked mohinder……  “nothing much,…. Bas clothing ka business hai… ” Raj replied……. …


Here is up in the room geet is fully read……she is looking pretty , that is only for Sonia , now she doesn’t know about Maan….. will he like her or not? Well she has full confidence that Maan’ll like Geet surely…..



 Sonia was about to go from there but stopped suddenly when she felt tug on her saree pallu, , she turned and found geet is holding the edge of her saree…… and geet was looking at Sonia with hopes and little scared too….. Sonia smiled knowing her state…..


yeah, she knew Arjun with before her marriage but still she also felt butterflies in her stomach when Rano n Mohinder along Arjun, Geet n Ridzy came at her home for her alliance…….  She was also nervous at that time…..


Geet…. Nervous?” asked Sonia pulling her holding her by her shoulders……  Geet nodded making baby and little scared face……  “it’s normal Geet…. We get fear what type of questions they’ll put up? What will be the first question he’ll ask from you? You know what, me too was so scared and hell nervous all came to see me…” told Sonia to geet…….


Really bhabhi!” asked geet…… and Sonia nodded…… “then how you managed all this?” asked geet…… “manage kya karna…. Bas ho gaya sab… darne ki koi baat nahi hai…. Jo wo log puchhey just answer that….. and rest about maan….. if you have some doubts I mean you want to ask something then feel free….. don’t think that what he’ll think about you….. it’s your right…ok…” told Sonia to geet and geet nodded nervously……..


but bhabhi…” geet tried to say something…… “geet….. trust me…. Everything will be fine…. You just relax….hmmm….” Sonia told her and made her stand on her feet setting her dupatta properly on her shoulder…… “chalein?” asked Sonia and geet nodded……



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~Drown in Love~ pt-10

 ~Drown in Love~



He took out his cell and called to someone….. “come at this XYZ road, here will be a car no. ******** ,  get it fix soon”, , saying so he hung up the call and she gaped at him with her open mouth…… how can anyone help this of stranger?  He felt nervous because of gaping at him like this……


he never feel like this ever in his life…… even not in his college life when girls used to gaped at him, , but here is a difference…… he knew that she is going to be his life partner……. He knew now what relation he’ll have with her…..


Still her body touch is lingering on his, , the every cell of her body radiating in him……. He can feel his skin is burning still because it was the first he felt any girl from so close……  he chuckled when she was gaping at him with her open mouth……. He wants to tell her that “pls closeur mouth otherwise some fly will go inside” …… he wanted to scream….. “i am the one who is coming at ur home…“but he refrained himself from telling her,……  


beside of this, he cleared his throat which brought her back to this world and she found herself standing in the mid of the road with this stranger with whom just now she asked for the lift……..


Before she could able to say something to him, her cell buzzed even Maan’s also….. both looked at each other…… what a coincidence……. They felt……. She found the call from her house and he found call from her mom…… oops, , both are getting calls from the same house and here they are standing like strangers…….


He wend aside and attend the call, same happened with geet……  


Both were sitting in the car right now and staring at the road……. He has his concentration on his driving while she tried to count the moving trees…. Well it is so impossible to count moving trees but sometimes we felt to count them……. The weather was so soothing, grey sky, cool breeze and over that her stomach having jittery feeling in her stomach, ,


What’ll happen when she’ll reach at home….. guests will be waiting for her…… and she is here…. How her parents are managing everything?  She  had a glanced of his face, , why she is having the feeling of sitting with stranger….? She had never seen him before here…… then why this damn thing happening with her?



When she turned her eyes towards the window, , he glanced at her face…… he felt himself drowning again in her…… like yesterday night…… she is so near him…. In this car……. What I’ll ask from her when I’ll meet her officially? Some more questions lingering in his mind while his stomach flipped flopped because of anxiety, nervousness, fear…….


“fear” did he really scared for meeting with someone…. No..no actually with this girl who is sitting beside him……  I don’t know who made this kind of rituals….. how can anyone approve any girl in one meeting only…… he asked to himself…….


yaha se left” his reverie broke when he heard her…… she is telling him the way of her house….. what a destiny….. he thought that he’ll ask her the route of her house from someone but see, she is herself sitting her for taking him at her home……  is this really happened?  He nodded and moved the car in left direction……


Again he heard her screaming……. “bas…. Bas…stop here” and at once he put the brakes…..  she told him to stop the car little away from her house….. if anyone saw her then coming out from the starnger’s car when the peoples of her would be sasuraal are sitting in her home….. what they will think?


Actually geet is not like that…… all these things she learnt from her mother….. her mother is like we should never do this, we should do this…. Blah..blah…blah…… that’s y this idea popped in her mind….. she turned towards him….. “thank u, thank u so much…..” she thanked him so many times and flew away from the car without listening his “Mention not!”…. after ,her disappearing her murmured mention not and sighed deeply preparing himself to face the reality and the questioning eyes of her family members….


His eyes popped when he saw her climbing on the tree that is beside of her house in saree and then she found her jumping in the window from the tree , , he was about to run cause suddenly some fear get inside in his heart for her safety….if anything happen to her…… but he felt relieved when he saw she reached inside the room safely,……


And then his lips curved in a smile,,,,, so Geet knows how to climb up on the tree and that is in saree…..  chalo kuch to milta hai hum dono mein ….. he thought in his mind…….. he headed towards the house but he came back at once and looked at his face in the side mirror of car…. Is he looking nice or not?


 He looked at himself from top to bottom and realized that he forgot to change the clothes…. Even he didn’t Check In in the hotel…… he found mud on his black pant….. oh damn……  iss musibat ko bhi abhi aana tha…. He cursed himself…. And murmured some profanities for himself only……


He sat at the behind seat and locked the car properly , thank God, his car is having black glasses…..  he changed his clothes on the back seat itself…. Though he got some difficulties but still he managed….. now his hairs,…..he found the water bottle which he brought from his house……..  he came out from the car, wash his face with his mineral water…….. after some minutes……  now he is looking proper Maan Singh Khurana…. He sighed……


All the eyes moved towards him when he get enter in the house looking dashing in his real avatar…. After all he is Maan Singh Khurana…..  his family got relieved seeing him there…….




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Fanaa Hum Mohobbat Mein Teri-pt 16-19

Part – 16


Mai aisa kaise kar sakta h uske sath… how? How can i? shit… why I drunk? But I drunk because I don’t want to face the situation but all messed up… now how can I face to her? Kahi maine kuch bol to nahi diya usey? What she was thinking about me? First night ko hi maine usey… chi.. chi sharm aati hai mujhe bolne me par maine to ye sab kiya hai uske sath… I want to apologize her….  Haan isse pehle bahut der ho jaye I have to talk to her…

He rushed towards the washroom and get ready in 15 mins… he came down and asked about the new girl…. But before he ask dadi stopped him….

Dadi-stop right there mr. maan singh khurana….. dadi said to him in her angry tone…  maan stop right there hearing his dadi in this tone… he knew that this would be coming but right now he has to apologize that new girl means his wife with whom he married yesterday…..

Maan-dadi maa, not now… I have some important work now….

Dadi-no maan…. I have to talk to you right now….

Maan-please dadi maa…. Try to understand….

Dadi-no maan… I am not going to listen your any excuse….. how can you do this with her? I am feeling so shame calling my grandson…. You did a very shameful act…. How can you do this maan with your wife….? Maan lowered his gaze in shame… he knew he did very shameful act, he knew he did very wrong with her…. He snatched her virginity last night in his drunken state….

Maan- I knew dadi maa….. I did very wrong… and please believe me dadi maa…. I won’t give any excuses of my this act but…. Dadi cut him off in mid….

Dadi-what but maan? Abhi bhi but… are you trying to justify your act maan? No, I won’t listen anything of your lame excuses…. Chi…. Koi aise kaise kisi ladki ke sath shraab pee kar , hamein to bolne me bhi sharm aati hai aur aapne , why? Why did you do this with her?

Maan-please dadi listen me for once… I knew that but believe me dadi maa… mera aisa koi intention nahi tha… mai hosh mein nahi tha dadi maa…..

Dadi-hosh me aap kab hote hai maan…. Jab dekho aap par sameera ka bhoot sawaar rehta hai… hosh mein aap kab hote hai…. Jab dekho aap uss sameera ki fikr karte rehte hai… kabhi aapne hamari ya apni behen annie ki fikr ki hai?

Maan-dadi maa… what are you saying? You and annie is my family… aap aise kaise bol sakti hai… I love you both so much… I care for you both….

Dadi-no maan.. stop this non-sense maan… agar aap hamari aur annie ki fikr karte to kal raat wo sab nahi karte… aaj apki wajah se hum apne aapko kitna chhota mehsoos kar rahe hai aur annie, uska to ro kar bura haal ho gaya hai jab usey aapki sharmnaak harkat ka pata chala… aapne hamein hamari hi nazro mein gira diya maan…. Dadi has tears in her eyes but still maintaining the stern look on her face while maan has a regretting look on his face… pleading to dadi maan for stop accusing herself….

Maan-dadi maa… please aisa mat boliye… dadi maa stop him showing her hand to him….

Dadi-nahi maan….. hamari parwarish mein kya kami reh gayi thi jo aapne hamain, annie ko aur hamari bahu ko itni badi saza di….

Maan-dadi maa please… aisa mat kahiye…. Aapki parwarish mein koi galti nahi hai…. He tried to hold dadi’s hand but dadi jerked him and took two steps behind from him… he looked at dadi unbelievingly …. His dadi treating him like this….

Dadi-nahi maan… sab hamari hi galti hai… hamein aapko force nahi karna chahiye tha iss shaadi ke liye…. Humne aapke liye uss bechari masoom ladki ki zindagi barbaad kardi….

Maan-dadi maa…. Mujhe use maafi maangni hai… where is she? I have to apologize my act… where is she?

Dadi-no maan…. Aap unse nahi mil sakte…. She said looking away from him… she doesn’t want to see his face anymore…. She felt disgust from him… after his disgusting act…

Maan-why dadi maa…. Only once… I want to beg sorry from her.. … I knew  my mistake is not acceptable but please for once… I want to apologize her… I knew she is not any fault but still please ek chance… he was pleading from dadi only for one chance….

Dadi-no maan…. I can’t give you permission…. You better stay away from her… hum nahi chahte aap unhe aur dukh de… kal raat jo kiya wo kaafi nahi hai jo ab aap unhe aur dukh dena chahte hai…  kal raat aapne job hi kiya, job hi kaha unse, hum sab jaante hai…. Achha hoga ab aap unhe pareshaan na kare… ab hum uss masoom ladki ki aankho mein aur aansu nahi dekh sakte….

Maan-par dadi maa….  Dadi shout on him…..

Dadi-MAAN…! Ek baar ki baat aapki samajh mein nahi aati…. Hamari hi galti thi jo humne unki shaadi aapse karwayi…. I am warning you maan…. Agar aapne fir kuch aisa kiya to humse bura koi nahi hoga… samjhe aap….  Aanie came there and saw her maan bhai and dadi…. She couldn’t control on herself and shout his name….. “maan bhai..!


Maan turned immediately hearing annie’s voice…. Her name escaped from his mouth…. Annie….



Annie-ohh please bhai…. Mera naam aapke muh se achha nahi lagta… so please aap mera naam lena to bhul hi jayiye….

Maan-annie…. He shout on her… what are you saying? Yahi tareeka hai apne bhai se baat karne ka….

Annie-aur jo aapne bhabhi ke sath kiya… wo kya sahi tha…. Uske baad to mujhe aapko apna bhia kehne mein bhi sharm aa rahi hai… chi…. Disgusting….

Maan-annie… don’t cross your limits…. Otherwise….

Annie-otherwise kya? Haan otherwise kya bhai? Mere sath bhi waise hi karenge jaisa aapne bhabhi ke sath kiya…..

Maan-annie…. He shout on her again giving his angry glare to her but today annie is not that small girl who can afraid from these angry glares…. Do you forget that with whom you are talking like this?


Annie-I knew with whom I am talking right now….  I am talking to a person who forced his own wife on his wedding night after drinking… who raped his wife last night….  how can you stoop so low bhai…..?  before she can say anymore maan raise his hand to slap because of her words but dadi held his hand in mid…


Annie-bas yahi dekhna tha bhai… aaj aapne mujhe chup karane ke liye mujh par hath uthaya….  She left a shocking maan behind…..


Dadi-maan…. She shout at him again jerking his hand…. Bas yahi din dekhna reh gaya tha, aaj who bhi dekh liya…. Aur ye sab sirf sameera ki wajah se…. aaj usne humse aapko chhen liya… hum aapko aur uss sameera ko kabhi maaf nahi karenge…. Kabhi nahi…. Samjhe aap….  Dadi went away also after annie in her room consoling her…. While maan stood at there shocked….





Annie’s words ringing in his ears and mind continuously…. He murmured I reaped her… I forced her…. How can I do this…? He doesn’t know what to do? He is angry on himself… he wanted to punish himself badly for his shameful act….



Maan taking out his anger and geet taking care of his….







Dadi-maan…. She shout at him again jerking his hand…. Bas yahi din dekhna reh gaya tha, aaj who bhi dekh liya…. Aur ye sab sirf sameera ki wajah se…. aaj usne humse aapko chhen liya… hum aapko aur uss sameera ko kabhi maaf nahi karenge…. Kabhi nahi…. Samjhe aap….  Dadi went away also after annie in her room consoling her…. While maan stood at there shocked….



Annie’s words ringing in his ears and mind continuously…. He murmured I reaped her… I forced her…. How can I do this…? He doesn’t know what to do? He is angry on himself… he wanted to punish himself badly for his shameful act….


He was fuming in anger while geet was watching him from so far away from him without making her presence, without realizing him she is also exist here… … he made his fist and his fingers were digging deep in to his palm very deeply making it bleed but fortunately he had not long nails….  She knew what happened that was not right…. He didn’t rape her, he didn’t forced her… she gave herself to him by her won will…..


she wants him then how can anyone blame him for this act…. He was not in his sense, he didn’t know that time what he was doing then he came to force her….. this is making her heart weep….  She knew , she has to talk to dadi maa and annie also…. How can she called him a rapist but now it’s too late…. Her words effected him a lot….. his eyes were red like hot burning lava which is spitting fire, which can made anyone burn with its fire…… he was shivering in anger….. anger for feeling like a rapist, anger for forcing a girl…. He couldn’t imagine in his life that he can force any girl….


He couldn’t imagine like this in his dreams but this is reality….. he is feeling disgust from himself….. he knew that he doesn’t want this marriage but he doesn’t has nay right to snatch her sanity…. He has not nay right to tear her soul apart….. he has not any right to give her pain…..  but now he is fuming in anger,  in guilt….. geet left from there without making her presence to annie’s room….. annie was crying because her brother raise his hand on her but her words were also harsh like him….. rude like him…. and no one can tolerate if anyone call him a rapist….


Dadi was sitting on bed while annie had her head in her lap and crying….. geet knocked the door before coming inside….. she knew the manners….  Annie straighten herself and open the door and found geet stood right there in front of her…..  annie immediately hugged geet and cried….. annie doesn’t know why suddenly in 1 day she felt a great bound between them…. She found a mother, a friend, a sister in her…. She wants to share her all pain with her, with her bhabhi….. she doesn’t herself, how can any person came so close in a day? She was searching the answer in her mind…. Geet wiped her tears and made her look at her…. Annie looked at her……  geet made her sit on the bed and said to her that, there is no fault of maan…. He is not a rapist…. Annie looked at her….


Geet again explain her everything that he doesn’t forced her….. he was drunk… he didn’t know by himself that what he was doing? Now he is guilty for his act… he knew he did a mistake but don’t call him a rapist…. He is not a rapist…. He wants to say sorry to me…… but annie interrupt her and said, will everything be fine saying only sorry? She asked looking straight in her eyes…. Geet knew it can’t be happen….. everything can’t be fine saying only sorry but we can give a chance to him for repenting….  He is truly sorry and he felt sorry by his heart… if this is not happen then why he wants to say sorry? Why he wants to beg sorry? Why he listened everything calmly…..? I knew he is short tempered….. you know your brother more than me then how can you call him a rapist….? Annie felt sorry for calling him a rapist but stil she couldn’t forgive him what he did to her bhabhi…..


she made her mind that her brother has to pay for his deeds and she knew the way for making him realize his mistake…. But she doesn’t know that he has realized his mistake….  She knew, if she will not talk to him then he will regret surely…..  both girls are whimpering in pain but dadi wiped their tears and made them calm down…. Geet left from there for her room…. Now she has her separate room…. She will live in a separate room from maan….. her room in a corner and very far away from maan and opposite side too….. maan won’t be able to saw her there…. Because he never went anywhere except his room and study…. And his study is near to his room…


maan was sitting on a bar stool in his private bar…. Gulping the hard drinks one by one, in guilt he is gulping hard whisky….


His eyes red due to anger…. He clenched his fist…. He made tighten his grip on the whisky glass….. annie’s words ringing in his ears…. He is a rapist…. He murmured to himself….. I am a rapist…. His blood boiled and he broke the glass in his fist flinching in pain but this pain is nothing infront of guilt addressing a rapist from his own sister….  He greeted his teeth and his cheeks were like a hard rock shivering in anger…..his muscles tensed in anger…, he greeted his teeth…..  he looked at his palm which is covered with his blood but he is not feeling any pain….  He took a piece of broken glass and held it in his palm….. he made his fist taking the piece in his hand, griping around the piece, making his palm more bleed in guilt or rather say in anger….


But there is one person he forget totally and that is sameera….. he didn’t even mentioned her name from the morning….. from the morning he is burning in his guilt, he forgot to check her…. What she is doing? How is she? Only he is repenting…..  he made a wound in his palm with broken glass….. the piece of glass went inside his palm, diging inside his flesh of his palm…. He removed the glass piece from his hand and stood from the bar stool….. he ripped his shirt in a quick move and headed towards his gym with his shaky legs which are not enough for taking his weight but still he is moving towards the gym for taking his anger and guilt……  his legs are shivering due to lots alcohol he had just now……. He is not in his sense again but still guilt and anger eating him to the core……. He want to finish this guilt , finish this anger…… he ripped his vest too and threw it somewhere on the floor……


He took out his exercise chain from the cupboard and started removing his anger vigorously , moving the chain in air back and forth ,


he had a great concentration on this chain still in his alcoholic sense……  still he doesn’t loose his concentration from his chain with he is doing his exercise , he moved the iron chain in air upward direction then take it down , moving it left and right around his body but the iron chain is not touching his back….. the chain has a iron ball at the edge of it and it is moving along with chain….. it is so heavy but still maan is doing his exercise ………… before the chain hit his back, his leg twist and he fell down on the ground……… he was panting furiously but still guilt is eating him a lot……..

He again stood up on his feet and grabbed the cloth in his hand…… he tied the cloth on his palm , along with the fingers, and tied the cloth on his both hand…….




He looked straight at the hard punching sand bag which is swinging in air……the punching bag is about to hit his face but he stopped it with his one hand and tilted his head looking towards it….. he has fire in his eyes and they red due to anger……  his mind, his concentration was on full on the sand hard punching bag…….. he started punching the sand bag vigorously ,



furiously  with his all force, removing his all anger, his all guilt, his all frustration on this bag, hurting himself….. but he doesn’t know if he hurt himself then she will also hurt, she will also feel his pain…. She will also in pain seeing him in pain…. he grabbed the bag in his both hands and settled it mid in the gym……. Now the bag is stir on it’s place…… he moved back taking his steps back…… he is about 10-12 feet away from the punching bag….. his determination is to hit the bag…… he raised his face and looked straight to the bag pointing his concentration…….



He greeted his teeth and his cheeks shivered in anger , he bend down little and started moving towards the bag along with his pace, he increased his pace and starts running towards it…… he jumped up in the air and hit the punching bag with his feet screaming loudly in pain……..”aaahhhaahhahaahhh….”,



he fell down on the ground , she jerked suddenly hearing a scream….. it tore her heart apart….. she doesn’t who is screaming? Why she felt something is going to be happen? She stood up from the bed and starts running from the room outside in the corridor…… curtains were blowing high in air, the pressure of air is very heavy on the poor chiffon curtains….. she looked here and there but there is no sign of anyone…… she sighed and she is about to turn but again she heard another scream….. she can feel it has the pain……



Maan stood up and start hitting the punching bag vigorously , removing his anger, furiously hurting himself……  geet reached there following the screaming sounds……  she felt numb seeing maan doing his exercise so vigorously, hurting himself so badly…



she starts sweating in fear………maan moved towards the wood plunks and broke them in one go making his hand bleed….. his hand is already bleeding due to glass and now the punching bag and wood plunks…….. geet couldn’t take it anymore…. Her eyes filled with tears…… filled with fear……she immediately nakul there……

maan was about to fall down on the ground………… he lost his sense and going in deep sleep due to pain and due to alcohol but before he fell down on the land, nakul went to grabbed him by his waist, he lost his balance but nakul is trying so hard….. poor nakul, not able to take his weight….. geet knew he is not in his sense…… she went there and helped nakul ……


they lay him down on his bed and nakul went to the kitchen…… maan was laying on his bed by his stomach facing his back to her, went in his deep sleep…



geet taking care of maan…






maan was about to fall down on the ground………… he lost his sense and going in deep sleep due to pain and due to alcohol but before he fell down on the land, nakul went to grabbed him by his waist, he lost his balance but nakul is trying so hard….. poor nakul, not able to take his weight….. geet knew he is not in his sense…… she went there and helped nakul …





they lay him down on his bed and nakul went to the kitchen…… maan was laying on his bed by his stomach facing his back to her, went in his deep sleep…


he was not in his sense, he was sleeping but still he is mumbling something…… which is little bit audible for her……… nakul came back in his room with a bowl of warm water and with a cloth….. he has some ointment and bandage to…….. nakul left all the stuff on the and went back for doing his work…… geet to clothe and dipped in warm water and then squeeze it……….. she went near maan and sat beside him looking at his scars which were on his back, brutally stabbed his back by him…… the red and blue deep marks were there……





she slowly-2 move her hand towards his back and tried to sooth his pain…… she slightly touched his scars with the cloth for clearing his wounds….. suddenly he flinch in pain with the contraction of the cloth which touch his scars….. she moved back her hand immediately hearing his scream but then sighed off feeling he is sleeping……





she again touched his wounds and clean them with the warm water……. He again mumbled in his sleep making her stiff from her position….. “I am sorry….. ” she looked at him for a moment blinking her lashes couple of times digesting what he is saying to her……  “I am sorry….. I know what I did was wrong….” He again mumbled…… which brought tears in her eyes….. she wiped those tears and touched his blue marks on his back….. “I didn’t raped you….. I didn’t force you….” He is mumbling, saying like he is talking to her….. she felt a lump in her throat hearing his talks filled with guilt…… she knew he didn’t raped her, he didn’t forced her, she gave herself to him then where his fault…… if she wants then she can stop him but she was to numb for reacting anything…….  “please forgive me….” He is asking sorry to her, begging from her in his deep sleep…… her voice choked, she wants to stop him but her voice is not coming out from her mouth,,,,……….


She took the ointment and applied on his scars,,,…….and bandaged his wounds……  he was mumbling again and again that I didn’t rape you, I didn’t force you, I am sorry, please forgive me, please forgive me….somewhere he knew she is here, near him…… she felt her heart will come out in any moment….. she felt her whole world shattered in this moment…… like her world spinning round and round, making her collapse on the ground….. she felt choked in over flow of emotions…… she was at the verge of bursting her heart out…… she wiped her tears and took a deep breath….. she took the pen and paper from his study table and wrote something and keep that letter in his hand……. Left from there,,,,,,,,


He woke up next morning, blinking his lashes couple of times, registering where is he then sighed he is in his room…… his whole body is aching in pain, he closed his eyes in pain the he felt something in his hand and he gazed at it….. found a letter and immediately opened it….

Dear MAAN, sorry only MAAN!

He felt pain in this line………

Sorry to bother you but I had to do this…… I know you love someone else….. don’t feel bad for me, I am happy in my destiny……. I knew when we are in love then we are not able to think further……. You are not at any fault…… no need to beg sorry from me…… you are not at any mistake……. Don’ be guilty for that sin which you have never committed…… you didn’t raped me, you didn’t forced me….!!! You never said you love  me, I was the one, I gave myself to you, then where is your fault…..no where, I was at the fault…… because of me, everyone is accusing you……. Please not feel bad for me, don’t show any mercy on me, please move in your life with your love, don’t look back at me….. I’ll be happy if you will be….. I’ll be in peace is you will be…… don’t think much about me, just forget me like a nightmare and open your eyes for welcoming a new fresh morning, a fresh life with your love…… JUST MOVE ON…!

He closed his eyes , crushed the letter in pain but there is something left in the letter which he didn’t read till yet….. last lines…….

I’ll be waiting for you till my last breath, till eternity of this life, till my 7 birth….. I’ll be waiting for you like MEERA who waited for her KRISHNA till her life long……. If fate has wrote something for us then who am i? how can i erase it?, nothing is in my hand…… only wait is in my hand…… I have waited for you, I am waiting for you, I’ll be waiting for you till my last breath……….if we didn’t meet in this birth then I am sure we will meet in the shelter of god…….. 

An alone tear escaped from the corner of his eyes…… he knew what is the pain of losing the love, he knew what she was feeling when she was writing these lines…… these are not mere lines, this is her heart…….. which is pricking with every word she was writing………….. he again opened the letter and read some more words…….

YOURS!, no… no ,not YOURS,



And the letter ended…………..

1 month passed……. Geet forgot everything which happened that night and maan also…… but somewhere a guilt is deep inside his heart for crushing someone’s life under his feet….. he started taking care of sameera and sameera is going well, with little bit improvements……. Geet totally mingled with dadi and annie, geet is like a sister for annie…… Tanya used to call her and asking about her, geet used to tell her she is doing good, she made some fake stories about maan…… geet knew what she is doing……

Still geet doesn’t know about sameera, about her state of mind, she knew only that maan loves a girl named sam…… nothing else…… maan never saw her in the hose like she is not existing in this house….. she never made him feel her presence….. she used to take her breakfast late or early….. used to take her dinner early before maan came home….. but one thing she daily used to do….. she daily cook for him…. she love to cook for him, he never bother who is cooking or who  is not…. He just eat but first day when she cook, she made breakfast, he felt something different in the taste of breakfast but he didn’t mention because he never said the food is good or bad, he never gave compliment to anyone…… she warned nakul not to tell maan anything about who cook food….. in Sundays , geet used to be in her room whole day because maan was always at home in Sundays…….

As usual dadi and annie behaved with like he is stranger for them….. yet they talked  to him but very less…. Maan was a very less talkative person but now-a –days seems he forgot to talk, like he doesn’t know how to talk…… he talked with them when it’s needed and same as with dadi & annie, they talked with him when it’s needed, otherwise they prefer to be quiet….. but still maan is a terror in his office, KHURANA TEXTILES….. his main office is KT, but he has so many companies, in different fields, but his every company name starts with KHURANA TAG…….

It was the usual day, maan stopped his car in front of khurana masion….. a baby ran out from the car and ran inside the mansion………….with his baby feet…… maan smiled at him and he went for parking the car….. that baby entered in mansion and bumped with someone…. He was about to fall on land but two soft arms held him and save him from falling down…..he closed his eyes in fear and trembled….. suddenly a word escaped from his mouth “mama”….. she felt blessed hearing mama word from this little cute baby boy’s mouth….. she hugged him immediately feeling an unknown bond with him….. he was trembling in fear but felt nice when he hugged this lady…… he again called her mama and she kissed on his cheek…..

He came out from the hug and looked at her, he has a 1000 watt smile on his face, he felt he found his mama, for whom he craved, he cried for a mother, the first word came out from his mouth and that was mama, when he never knew the meaning of mom… he was only 1 year old when he said his word and that too mama but never found mama’s warmth….. mama’s love…..  she kissed his cheek and he smiled again at her….. she heard maan’s voice calling him again and again…. She feared and put the bay down on his feet and told him that someone is calling him, go now she will meet with him later…. He nodded cutely and went outside….. maan found him and took him in his arms…..

vedanta, where were you? I was searching you here and there….” Maan asked in worry…. Vedanta pointed towards the mansion and said in his babyish voice….. “i….i was inside……” and gave him his cute innocent smile….. maan smiled at him back and patted his cheek lovingly….. he called his nany, both entered in khurana mansion…..

VEDANTA SINGH KHURANA, legally adopted by MAAN SINGH KHURANA,  3 and years old cute , sweet yet innocent boy…. Who’s father dies when he was 6 months old only…. He craved for his parent’s love but never got….. he is very unlucky child who lost his parent’s love at the age of 1 year…..  maan adopted him when he came to know about sameera’s mental condition….. Vedanta lived with nany in other house….. every one knew about this in khurana mansion except geet….  Dadi and annie has not any problem with Vedanta because there is no fault of this innocent child…. Who lost his parents in a very early age…..


new entry..!!




VEDANTA SINGH KHURANA, legally adopted by MAAN SINGH KHURANA,  3 and years old cute , sweet yet innocent boy…. Who’s father dies when he was 6 months old only…. He craved for his parent’s love but never got….. he is very unlucky child who lost his parent’s love at the age of 1 year…..  maan adopted him when he came to know about sameera’s mental condition….. Vedanta lived with nany in other house….. every one knew about this in khurana mansion except geet….  Dadi and annie has not any problem with Vedanta because there is no fault of this innocent child…. Who lost his parents in a very early age…..

Geet went away from there and hid behind a pillar… maan entered in khurana mansion with Vedanta and nany also with him…. geet watched him from far away entering in the mansion, and Vedanta in his lap….. she was watching the most shocking yet lovable sight MAAN SINGH KHURANA has a little smile on his face and playing with this baby….her eyes got moistened a little bit and a sweet smile formed on her lips….maan went inside along with Vedanta, just then dadi came and saw maan with this cute little boy, she became bit surprised seeing Vedanta here but she knew this would be come one day….and today it happened…..

Maan went near dadi maa told her that “dadi maa, now Vedanta will stay with us in KM….” dadi become surprised at his decision…. This is true that dadi has not any problem with Vedanta but live in KM , though she has not any problem to live with Vedanta but she couldn’t tolerate sameera’s entry in KM… she have to make it clear with maan….

Dadi- maan …. I have not any problem with Vedanta but make sure I don’t want sameera here…  if I got a single glimpse of sameera here, in this mansion then Vedanta won’t live here….. and one more thing I want to clear before you move further….. maan was listening quietly because he knew he has to be quiet right now….

Maan-kya dadi maa?

Dadi-hum nahi chahte ki ye bacha sameera se miley….. maan looked at dadi surprisingly…. He couldn’t digest the fact that why dadi maa doesn’t want this….? Why she is taking vedatnta away from sameera? He brought Vedanta here because of sameera……

Maan-but dadi maa sam needed her child… she was craving for a single glimpse of her child….  He tried to convince dadi but she was also ziddi like maan…. After all she is also KHURANA….

Dadi-maan… enough is enough…. Hamari baat ki koi value hai ya nahi? Jab dekho aap apni manmaani karte rehte hai…. Hum nahi chahte ki ye bacha apni maa ko iss haalat me dekhe… hum nahi chahte ki ye bacha apni maa ki tarah bane…. Aapko jo sochna hai soch lijiye… jo karna hai kar lijiye… agar aap chchte hai ki Vedanta iss mansion me rahe to aapki hamari yeh baat manni padegi…. Samjhe aap…. Dadi was strict today… because she doesn’t has any more strength to bare all this… she couldn’t stand with the sight of sameera…. If today dadi melted  in front of maan then next he try to bring sameera in this mansion and dadi can’t tolerate this……

Maan-but dadi maa….  Try to understand for once…. She needed her child….. 

geet was a mute specter who was listening all their convo secretly….., she got a shock after knowing that this cute boy is sameera’s child…  sam’s full name is sameera, this cute boy is Vedanta….. but she was not able to digest the fact that why dadi maa is not  allowing maan to take Vedanta fro meeting his mother…? He has the right to meet his mother…..  it was like a puzzle for her.. she was listening their argument between them….

Dadi-maan… ye hamara aakhiri faisla hai, ab aapko faisla karna hai…. Aap kya chahte hai…? Saying so dadi took a seat on couch while maan stood there in the hall along with Vedanta….. after lots of thinking maan gave up in front of dadi and he agreed….but he told to dadi that sameera has the right to meet her son, at least once….. after lots of argument maan sighed in relief as dadi agreed… now Vedanta can meet sameera only once….. after that he won’t meet with her in his life ever….  Maan took Vedanta upstairs in his room and nany will live with him but in separate room which will be downstairs….

They entered in the room.. it was all over painted with blue & white color…. Just like boys have their room… maan told to nakul for doing the room like this and he had done it…. Maan told to nany for getting Vedanta ready and after then they will went for meet with sameera….  Dadi retired to her room while geet followed dadi to her room… as soon as dadi entered in the room and geet also joined her… dadi smiled at her and told her to come inside…. Dadi maa sat on bed while geet took a place on the floor and kept her head in the lap of dadi…. She ruffled geet’s hair and asked to her what happened…? Geet raised her face and looked at dadi maa…. Who has worry on her face and in her eyes….after lots of thinking geet sighed and finally opened her mouth for questioning dadi about sameera and Vedanta….

Geet-dadi maa, why were you not letting maan for meeting Vedanta from sameera? I mean Vedanta has the right to meet with his mom…. Dadi smiled at her innocence but she doesn’t know the truth that’s why she is asking these questions… once she get to know whole thing, she won’t question….

Dadi-I want to tell you something geet…..

Geet-ji dadi maa… kahiye na…..

Dadi-vedanta is sameera and rahul’s son…. Rahul, sameera’s husband but now he is no more….

Geet got shock knowing that sameera is married and a child too…. But now her husband is no more in this world…..

Geet-but dadi maa…. Maan aur sameera?

Dadi-I know bte what you are trying to ask from me….  Maan loves sameera from the time of college days but sameera loved rahul and rahul too love sameera…. I am happy that maan didn’t married with sameera because she is such a spoil brat…. Right now sameera is mad… she was in shock after losing her husband and she reached in mental hospital… we were very happy when maan forgot everything about sameera and moved on in his life but after a year or more, rahul died and sameera was in mental hospital and Vedanta was alone in hospital… maan came to know about this and he took Vedanta with him….  and then maan started again feeling for sameera…. His emotions for her awaked again…. Maan took sameera with him and now she is staying in out house …. Bte hamein Vedanta se koi  problem nahi hai because hum jaante hai, iss sab mein uss chhote se bache ka kya kasoor hai….. usey to apne parents ka pyaar bhi nahi mila…. Isliye hum nahi chahte ki wo apni maa ko iss haalat mein dekhe…. 

Geet was listening everything patiently and went in deep thoughts…. Thinking about rahul, sameera, maan and Vedanta…..  dadi continues with her talks…..

aur waise bhi uss bache ke sath  KHURANA’s ka naam jud chukka hai to hum usey akela nahi chhod sakte….

Geet looked at dadi for a moment trying to register something then  suddenly asked to dadi….

Geet-dadi maa…. Can I treat Vedanta like my own child? I mean I want to give him a motherly love…. Will you give me permission? She looked at dadi with great hope…. Dadi smiled at her sweet gestures and patted her cheeks lovingly…..

Dadi-why not bte….. hum aapko nahi rokenge….aaj se aap Vedanta ki maa hai…. Hum maan se iss bare mein baat karenge…..  geet gave her sweet smile to dadi

While at the same time…..

Maan took Vedanta with him in out house …. He entered in the room and approached sameera who was in her thought… in her land….  Maan sat beside her along with Vedanta and maan broke her trance jerking her by her shoulders…. She jerked and came out from her trance, looked at maan then she followed who is with him….  Vedanta who is stood beside maan on the floor  was continuously blabbering calling maan and addressing him as dada…..  sameera took Vedanta in her arms and kept looking at him…. she doesn’t know who is this small child, after a lots of gaping at the child finally she jerked the baby away from her and starts fearing her….

Vedanta fell down on the floor and starts crying with the top of his lungs… maan got a shock seeing the sight…. Sameera who was craving for her child and now when her child is right her, in front of her, she jerked him…. he immediately called the nurses and nany…. Nany took Vedanta with her in KM while maan trying to calm sameera  she is out of control…. Nurse prepare the injection… maan doesn’t want to inject her but he has not any other option of calming her….. nany reached at KM along with Vedanta and he was crying very loudly….  Geet heard the sound of crying and both, dadi & geet came out from the room… they saw Vedanta is crying badly in nany’s arms…

Geet ran to him and took Vedanta in her arms… he clutched geet’s neck in his arms and sobbing hiding his face in her neck… geet patted his back and took him in his room…. Dadi smiled seeing geet like a mother….. geet was herself behaved like a child before her marriage and now she is consoling a child like a mother….  Vedanta calling her as mama…. Nany also looked at geet and sighed finally he got someone in his life whom he can address his mama…. She knew about maan…. He is a nice man and loved Vedanta too the core but right now she met with this lady…. She became his mother in some time…

Vedanta who was sobbing like anything who fell asleep in her arms…. She mad her way to vedanta’s room and lay him down on his bed… she herself too the place beside him patted his chest , after a while he was taking his normal breath and he was sleeping calmly… she stood up and nany thanked her….  Geet smiled in return and told her not to tell about this whole scene to maan… she became confuse and then gave up, told her that she won’t tell anything to maan.. after all what it takes matter to her…. She is only care taker of this child….

~Drown in Love~ pt-9





“excuse me…. ! can I help you…. ?” he asked politely…… “yeah…..tyre became flat and  this jack is not working and am not able to put the car on this jack….  ” she spoke still struggling with the jack…..


he sighed and went back….. took out his own jack from his car and came back…….  She realized that she asked help to some stranger without looking at the person…. But now she needs help at the top most…..


here is mine jack…. Let me help you…” he told her……  she looked at him with her hazels and his breath stuck in his lungs , he gasped seeing her , , the same eyes in whom he drowned yesterday night….. the same face, after looking at, beautiful word slipped from his mouth…….


She looked more cute with Grease on her cheeks…… she wiped her face again with her dirty hands because some strands of hairs troubling her…..


But her cheeks became more glossy with grease……. She was looking at him confusingly , thinking like why he is staring at her? She waved her hand in front of him and he snapped from his thought…… his face flushed at once being so caught like this…….


He thought what she will think about him? But still his beats were moving so faster than before, , cause he found her more….. no..no….. much more beautiful than her snap…….


excuse me, Mr…. if you want to help me then do otherwise go from here…… waise bhi I didn’t ask you for your help..” she told him and he amused with her……  Did she recognized me or not? Why she is behaving like this? I think she doesn’t know who am i? the chain of his thoughts broke when a loud shriek of her cell fell in his ear…… anxiously she picked up her call……


He started his work, , trying to adjust the jack below the car but his ears are shot open,,,,,, try to hear her talks though he knew eavesdropping are bad manner but when the talks itself fell down in ear then what can we do?


haan mummy…..” she replied back to her mom…….. “what? They have reached..” she felt suddenly nervous knowing that guests has been reached at her home…… that means soon she’ll be infront of him…… him means maan,,,,,,, “ohh….. toh my family reached there….. ” maan murmured to himself after hearing her……


ji mummy……bas…. Half hour mein….” She replied back when Rano asked to her when she’ll reach at home…… “maan….in half hour, your life will be change…. Are you ready?” he told to himself……  he made a normal face when she took out the tyre from the car and now she is trying to move the tyre by rolling it on the road…….


But to her bad luck or his heavenly stars….. she tripped in between her saree and sandals….. and ofcourse the tyre she was rolling down……  before she could do something or he got alarmed, straight she fall down on him , a loud scream escaped from her mouth in fear and now she was on him but maan was half sitting & half lying on the other with geet in his arms , she fall flat on him……


Their eyes were closed , both don’t know what happened suddenly ,,,, she opened her eyes coming back in her world checking herself, did she get any injury or not? Is he hurt or not because of her? She looked in his dark brown chocolate eyes , , those eyes are staring her…..  she found too hard stare on her like his stare give a hole in her……


Their eye-lock session broke when they heard some sound……. Both slanted their neck towards the car and found the car is not on the jack…… one side of the car fall down on the car and little bit edges of car’s body broken due the fall….. …


She stood up at once but again her bad luck, she again tripped in her saree, and not able to stand properly….. that’s y she hate sarees……  knowing the reason maan helped her in standing and quickly she murmured “thanks” to him…… he pressed his lips and nodded little, , he tried to put the car on jack again…… but stopped hearing her……


umm….. if you don’t mind…. Actually uhh….erm….can….” she was fumbling with her words and knotting the edge of her saree pallu….. he noticed her very closely, ,  “yes, you can tell me…” he tried to boost up her confidence so that she can tell him her problems……


I am getting late, aur…. Mujhe ghar jaldi pahunchna hai….. ” saying so she stopped……   he nodded…… “why he is nodding? Did he get what I am trying to say?” she asked to herself….. “but your car?” he asked from her……. “I’ll lock it and later I’ll take it at home…” she replied proudly……


but it won’t be right….. someone can steal your car…” he told her……. “but I’ll lock it na” she replied him back…… “yeah but still, , thiefs are very intelligent….. they can steal your locked cars too…” he told her the fact…. She don’t know what to do now?  She looked at him with hopes…..


she doesn’t know she is expecting something more from him? He is totally stranger for her….. she had never seen him before here in Dehradun….. seems any tourist or any new one here……


He took out his cell and called to someone….. “come at this XYZ road, here will be a car no. ******** ,  get it fix soon”, , saying so he hung up the call and she gaped at him with her open mouth…… how can anyone help this of stranger?  He felt nervous because of gaping at him like this…… he never feel like this ever in his life……


even not in his college life when girls used to gaped at him, , but here is a difference…… he knew that she is going to be his life partner……. He knew now what relation he’ll have with her…


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Fanaa Hum Mohobbat Mein teri~ pt 11-15



Only one cloth was there… his hands move towards it and slid down on her thighs… he slid his boxers too and he set himself between her legs and entered inside her without any delay,,, he captured her lips .. she was crying and moaning in his mouth while she is scratching his back with her nails and fingers… he was rocking gently while his hand roaming on her bare body…

She jerked her thoughts when she felt someone presence near her.. she engrossed in her thoughts so much that she didn’t realize maan entered in the room.. that was unexpected for her…  her heart beats starts beating rapidly… she bit her lips feeling maan’s presence near her….  She curled her toes and clutched her fingers tightly feeling anticipated… she wants to do so many talks with him but she is not able to utter any word like someone snatched her voice from her…. Maan stood beside the bed, he was barely stand on his feet….  His feet were not giving him strength… not able to bear his body weight…  his legs were shaky not falling on a proper place…. first 3 buttons were opened of his sherwaani…. his was barely see a girl in front of him sitting on his bed in mid…  he blinked his lashes couple of times…  he rubbed his eyes addressing the girl who was sitting in the mid of bed,  he sat beside her on the bed….

Her heart beats rapidly as she felt his close proximity… she was feeling goose bumps in her stomach as he was approaching her…. Butterflies ran upside down in her whole body as soon as he caress her uncovered part her toes…. He was tipsy and his eyes were drowsy… he smiled when he touched her milky white skin of her toes… she felt tickled in her whole body when she felt his warm touch of his fingers on her shivering body… her lips shivering under the veil…  she curled her toes and positioned her feet slowly, the sound of ankle tickled his sense… the whole room filled with the seductive sound of ankles… he felt shivers ran down in his body with the romantic yet seductive sound of ankles….  He caressed her feet more lifting her lehanga little above her feet… she was feeling so much shyness…. He didn’t utter any word nor her….  Slowly-2 his hand approaching her veil which was covering her angelic face… he doesn’t know what he is doing now? He doesn’t know with whom he is getting close? He felt his love only… he uncovered her veil and mesmerized seeing the angelic white beauty in front of his eyes.. he was drinking her beauty with his naked eyes…. He saw her those almond big eyes.. he immediately lost in her eyes… lost his control seeing those eyes which haunted him….  Neither he knew what his next step nor she…. Both were feeling to each other only… she was feeling her husband’s touch and he was feeling his love in this girl who is sitting beside him….

He brought his face near her, very close to her face… his warm breath was fanning on her creamy white soft skin sending burning sensation in her whole body…  she smelled something weird smell which was coming from his mouth….  she almost jolted with the thought of his next step….  He cupped her face in his palms bending his face a little and gave  a slight peck on her lips feeling her supple soft lips in real…. He looked in her eyes but her eyes were closed , he couldn’t able to saw in her eyes…. He again captured her lips in his rough ones feeling again those petal like lips… unknowingly geet’s hands went on his shoulders getting close to him circling her arms around his neck bringing him closer… she felt weird taste of his mouth like he was drunk, but he was drunk in real…. Like he had drank whisky or beer she doesn’t know it was whisky or beer or something else… she doesn’t know the taste.. he knows only champion taste…. Once she tasted champion but that day she was scolded so much by arjun and her brother tej… after that day she never look at the drinks…. He doesn’t why he was drunk, what is the need of drink but she left her thought in mid and enjoying the moments with maan………. first time she was feeling something like this.. the feeling itself making her blush…. His hands went on her waist going more close to her feeling her body in him… he doesn’t know what he is doing but job hi hai feeling good…. He was nibbling her lips while she was only giving herself to him… after  a while she starts nibbling his lips he felt heaven when she reciprocate to him giving the same pleasure which he was giving her nibbling lips… she was moaning in the kiss…he bit her lips she gasped and he found the chance to enter in her mouth.. he travelled his tongue in her mouth.. their tongue entangled with each other and danced in each other mouth….  Both were feeling like they are in heaven feeling each other…  the feeling itself sending shivers in their spines making their body jolted in pleasure…

He left her lips and his tongue travelled to her jaw line … he tilted her head giving him more access to explore her body…. He was giving wet kisses to her jaw line to her neck to her collarbone but her jewelry stopping him….  He removed her necklace in a jerk giving a slight mark on her neck… she flinched in pain but didn’t said anything to him…. He removed her dupatta from her body threw away on the bed… he felt shy, he left herself from his grip and laid on the bed by her stomach hiding her face in the pillow… he bend down over her and kissed on her exposed skin over the blouse and opened the dori from his teeth… he removed his sherwaani from his body left his pants and vest only his body.. his well build  biceps giving him more hotty look…  he caress her exposed skin with his two fingers planting kissing along with his fingers.. she moaned his name and  clutched pillow tightly in her hands not able to bear his slow sexual assault… her curves going upside down when her heart beats rapidly… slowly-2 he opened the hooks of her blouse making her bare from the back only the strap …  her eyes jerked open and she snapped back feeling her bare back in front of his naked eyes which were drinking her naked beauty…. She felt so much timid In front of him not able to do anything.. just feeling his touch…

he caressed her bare back with his fingers again and planted wet kisses but doesn’t able to get a clear view of her skin… his eyes were giving up but still he didn’t gave up… He jerked her and made her turned facing him…. She covered her face with her palms but maan removed her palms from her face and again planted  a kiss on her lips… he removed the sleeves of her blouse from her shoulders showering his wet and lustful kisses… she was feeling drowning in the pool of his assault… not able to bear it… he removed her blouse from her upper body and start showering kisses on her bra holding her both hands on her head in his one hand…  in a jerk he tore her bra from her body and grabbed her b***** in his hands and travelling his tongue her n****** feeling them.. kissing them biting them…  she again moaned his name in immense pleasure which was giving him the strength to move further and explore her beauty more and more….. kneading them in his fingers…  she bit her lip in pain but pleasure Is more than this pain… he moved further….he travelled down on her body kissing on her stomach to her navel and finally he opened the strings of her lehanga… she opened her eyes at-once feeling his next move…. He slid the lehanga from her thighs while caressing them… he sat on the bed removed his vest and bottoms kissing her thighs… he was feeling wet with his continuous wet kisses.. she did nothing only he is making love… is this love or something else… still he doesn’t know is this right or not? Who is this girl with whom he is getting close… but felt good being with her… she was flushed totally.. crimson red lying half naked in front of him but her body is not showing fully to his eyes because lights were dim and only candles were there… not giving the full view of her angelic sexy body… but her beauty was enchanting more in moon light which was giving more glow on her white skin making her skin beautiful in the dim light of candles and moon…  before he approached his next step he felt dizzy , his eyes were giving up finally…  he was not fully naked nor she….he loosened his grip from her body, he felt the room is moving in round and all things are moving in front of his eyes.. he felt darkness all over in the room… he was sitting by his knees, held his head between his hands….  He fell down  on her murmuring something  which was quite audible for her, after hearing those words , her eyes beamed with tears, she felt a lump in her heart… like someone stabbed her heart with the knife… tears welled down from her eyes to her soft cheeks….








before he approached his next step he felt dizzy , his eyes were giving up finally…  he was not fully naked nor she….he loosened his grip from her body, he felt the room is moving in round and all things are moving in front of his eyes.. he felt darkness all over in the room… he was sitting by his knees, held his head between his hands….  He fell down  on her murmuring something  which was quite audible for her, after hearing those words , her eyes beamed with tears, she felt a lump in her heart… like someone stabbed her heart with the knife… tears welled down from her eyes to her soft cheeks….

He was lying on her half nude body with his bare upper chest…. Those words were like a needle for her innocent heart… those words pierced her heart bitterly… shattered into many small-2 pieces…  but he was not sleeping in a deep sleep…  drinks made him like this… he didn’t want to had the drink but was not able to confront a girl with whom he married… first time maan singh khurana afraid to confront someone… he knew she will shattered hearing his words that’s why he drunk but he doesn’t know when,why and how he came close to her…? He doesn’t know himself what he si doing just now…. She was crying mutely hearing his words though those words were mere his whisper but he told the truth to her in his drunken state…

She doesn’t know what to do now? She is in dilemma , she is not responding anything only whimpering while crying.. those slow whimpers made him jerk from his sleep.. he stiff in his sleep because he was not in his deep sleep…  he lift his head a little and looked at geet with his drowsy & droopy eyes not able to registered who is this girl but he is with this girl and that too in nude state… he thought for a minute may be she is sam, his love… now he had concern in his eyes for this girl…. He asked to her “why are you crying?” she doesn’t know what to reply him… he gave pain to her himself and asking himself why are you crying? She said in her meek painful voice “it’s paining..“… “lot” she again said “a lot“.. hearing her words he sat up on the bed looked at her for a moment registering it’s paining, may be bodyache…

He checked her body top to bottom then he gained something ohh we were making love, that’ why it’s paining….then he remembered he slept in mid.. he has to complete the love making session but is there any love for this girl in his heart… but there is love in her heart for him which never die, never… she loved him, she loves him and will always love him…. ALWAYS… the lights were dim and the night on it’s way.. candles were already died in mid of their session… he was not in his sense totally but not in sleep properly…. He started again his love session with her, again kissing her on her bare parts but she was not responding anything.. how can she respond because her heart has been stabbed already..


she was in a shock , how can she respond when he snatched the reason of alive… she is alive here but her body here… not her soul… he snatched her soul already with his words….  He again kissed her on her lips and that was a soul searing kiss but is there any soul left? Again there body met with each other but is there any life in the body?  Their breaths mingled with each other but now her breath was not the same breath which she was breathing for his name… is still she is breathing for him? They are going to become one but where is she in this one? Her physical body is there in these two bodies who are going to be one..but her life, her soul went away from her or rather say he snatched her life, her soul from her….

he remove his bottoms and opened the string of her lehanga… she was not feeling anything only his words were echoing in her ears and in her mind…. She doesn’t know what is going in her surroundings only knew his words which were like sword, like a poison for her… he poisoned her with his bare hands but neither he knew nor she…  he snatch her life from her but neither he knew nor she… he slid her lehanga from her waist down to her thighs…. But not fully.. he slid her lehanga till her knees same as his bottom pants slid till his knees… he doesn’t know what is going to do but only knew one thing and that is he is going to make her his… unknowingly they are going to be 1 but still where is she? Her lifeless body is there…. He was kissing her , biting her on her sensitive areas but she was not feeling pain.. the pain of his words was more than this physical pain…

he set himself between her legs by stretching her legs out… after a while he entered his private parts in her with a gentleness but still she was not feeling any pain.. as soon as he entered in her body tears welled from her ears and she shut her eyes…. Still the pain of his words is more than this physical pain.. normally if she was in her sense then she screamed badly when he entered in her but there is nothing… pain is there by physically but she was not feeling it rather say she doesn’t want to feel it…  after some thrust he gave up fully and laid beside her after making this girl his… he is not any Casanova but still he felt like make her his… she doesn’t why he did this to her? Why she?  It’s like she crying with the tears of blood…  he snatch her virginity also from her along with her breath… but she is geet… now geet maan singh khurana… how can she gave up so easily… she loved him and will always love him.. only him…

he was sleeping normally beside her and she was crying… she gathered her strength and collect her shattered pieces … she sat on the bed in her nude state… the sheet was in a mess , blood stains were all over there… because she was virgin and his strokes were gentle but fast also…  she pulled her lehanga up on her waist and tied it… she took the dupatta which as lying near by her… she covered her upper part with the dupatta and made her way to the bathroom… she entered there with her shaky legs… she was weak by physical and mentally too…

she entered in washroom and felt maan’s presence there… his aroma… he used this washroom and everywhere his fragrance is there… she touched the stuffs there which maan used everyday… she felt his touch in those stuffs… her body again felt his touch on her body…making her alive again… his mere touch is enough for making her alive…


she turned on the shower and let the dupatta down on the floor… she stood there in the shower, the water touched his marks which he gave on her body… her whole body shiver in the cold water which was running on her marks, those bites which maan gave on her body… all were red on her neck, ears, collarbone, chest and stomach… she is becoming weak , her legs were not giving her strength….. she fell down on the floor at last… she was sitting in the shower, tears were flowing continuously from her eyes but they were mingled with water… she covered her mouth her palm and cried her heart out…  still her heart beats for him after giving lots of pain…


LIFE is for living and I live mine for YOU,

LOVE is for giving and I give mine to YOU,

DREAMS for dreaming and mine for YOU,

HEARTS are for beating and mine beats for YOU…!!!

She gave up her everything to him and now she doesn’t want anything in return

kyonki mohobbat dene ka naam hai lene ka nahi…

mohobbat to fanaa hone ka naam hai,

mohobbat to lut jane ka naam hai…

mohobbat to khusiyaan dene ka naam hai khusiyan lene ka nahi…  

aur geet bhi fanaa hona chahti hai maan ki mohobbat mein,, ……. sirf maan ki…!!!


IF you are in love with someone then you are willing to gave your everything, your life, your breath and you don’t want anything in return….

Why you saved my life maan? Yeh din dekhne ke liye mai zinda kyu bach gayi? Kyo bachaya aapne mujhe? Isse to achha mai usi din mar jaati…. Kam se kam aaj aap apni zindagi me khush to rehte…..and she cried with hiccups covering her mouth with her palm…. .

Kash aapne mujhe nahi bachaya hota uss din…. Kash mai wahi mar jaati to aapse mohobbat to nahi karti…. Kash mujhe who jungle jaanwar kha jate to shayad aaj aap iss kashmakash to nahi hote…. Kyu maan…? Kyu? Kyu bachaya aapne….?

After talking to herself she went in her past….!!!


Little bit past and first day in khurana mansion…!!






Kash aapne mujhe nahi bachaya hota uss din…. Kash mai wahi mar jaati to aapse mohobbat to nahi karti…. Kash mujhe who jungle jaanwar kha jate to shayad aaj aap iss kashmakash to nahi hote…. Kyu maan…? Kyu? Kyu bachaya aapne….?


After talking to herself she went in her past….!!!





All were having fun on the cruise party… and dancing like maniac on the English songs, arjun, Vicky , alka and geet…. Arjun was elder in all of them.. he was sitting on aside having his drink while geet, Vicky and alka were dancing holding their soft drink glasses…. Both girls dresses in their shorts and revealing tank tops…. Both were looking damn sexy at that night as usual that was cruise party in Spain …   actually geet and alka passed their 12th and all were happy… both girls wants their gifts so geet’s dad decided that they will send them Spain as holiday trip for 10 days.. he talked the parents of alka, arjun and Vicky.. all were ready and planned a holiday trip for spain and it was their gift for them…

they surprised to their 4 children and all became very happy.. they thanked their parents a lot and went to Spain for their holiday.. they send arjun with them because he is elder from them enough capable to take their responsibility…. They trusted him a lot… before going there they learned a little bit Spanish language so that they can talk with Spanish peoples…. They went their and had lots of fun with each other… they learned diving in ocean and had a great time under ocean….

They were on the cruise as they left only 1 day there… they went to cruise for the party as they made some friends there.. they incited them for the party and cruise was landed on the bank of the ocean…. It was huge and loud music was on.. party was going on with a full swing…  there was a damn darkness except the cruise…  but moon light was making it beautiful… geet was stood at the corner of the cruise alone and having her drink.. she was gazing the beautiful serene beauty of the sea and beach.. it was worth watching in moonlight.. she can see the stars in the sea.. it was so beautiful for her… she never felt like in mumbai’s beaches… it was so different for her… she lost in the beauty but suddenly she saw someone was going in the sea for the diving.. or may be just like that only for swimming…

she somewhere recognize him but not sure it was he or not? Arjun and Vicky dragged her from there as they wanted to do fun and dance…. Alka, Vicky dragged her on the dance floor and danced with her while arjun was watching them.. he was not interested in all that… he was here only for them, only for their safety… he was very happy in sight seeing , or sea diving , all actions types stuffs…. He is not the man with romantic songs.. his life starts with his friends and end on them…

Suddenly geet sneaked out from there went towards ocean….  They were very engrossed in dance and then arjun didn’t saw geet anywhere.. he searched her on whole cruise but then his sight fell on her.. she entered inside the sea and starts her diving without any preparations… he called Vicky and alka went after her but she was already inside the sea.. she knows well how to do diving… she knew if she went to arjun fro seeking the permission for diving at this hour then he never allowed to her.. he was very possessive for her but as a brother or as a friend… then she thought for while and sneaked from the cruise… she knew his answer.. if she asked him then he denied her immediately and she wanted to confirm the person that’s why she went there…. Arjun and Vicky and alka went behind her but she was already inside the sea…  arjun told to Vicky and alka that stay here, he went inside and he was searching her… and geet was searching him… she didn’t had even her oxygen mask…  geet was searching him and he was swimming and arjun was searching geet… arjun saw geet but suddenly lost track rather say geet went behind him…

Arjun came out after lots of searching her, he thought may be she is outside the sea but she was still inside the sea… he asked to Vicky and geet came here, they denied… that man also came outside from the sea but he was very far from them…. But he saw a girl inside, he doesn’t know who is that girl, he thought may be she is also swimming in the sea… he came out but  then suddenly don’t know from where a big fish just like a shark came… he saw that fish at the surface of the sea… he panicked immediately seeing that huge fish…. Arjun, Vicky didn’t saw that fish… suddenly they heard the sound of splash and a man went inside the sea… geet saw that fish which was coming behind her.. she panicked starts fearing…

she starts crying but her salty tears mingled with the salty water of sea… she was swimming ahead with her full speed but she was not that perfect in swimming… suddenly she felt a tug around her waist and she closed her eyes thinking that she caught by the fish but then she realized it was not any fish, it was someone’s arm around her waist… both were not able to saw each other face it was completely dark inside and outside the sea… he has the tight grip around her waist and swimming ahead for saving their life from that fish… fish is very close to geet…

Fish opened her mouth for a bite of her leg but he increase the speed and turned her from her place… but fish’s teeth griped on her top but he increased the speed more and her top torn from her body and it was in fish’s mouth..  she was in her sky blue bra and her shorts.. he came out from the sea and she was in his arms unconscious… she was unable to take breath because of her fear and continuous crying…. Water went inside her stomach and she stopped breath… he made her lay down on the sand and pressed her stomach.. water came out from her mouth and she starts coughing… but that was not enough for her.. still she is not breathing properly… he bend down and gave his breath to her…

after doing this prescription to her she opened her eyes and now she was breathing properly.. he could see only her magical big dark almond eyes… because he was covering her face with his shadow and it was dark that time only moon light was there so he can see only her eyes in moon light…  he thought he has these eyes before somewhere but doesn’t know where? She knew it was him.. yes it was him… he asked to her how’s she feeling now? She barely speak fine in her meek voice…  he stood up walked towards his destination.. she also stood up and looked at his retreating figure just then arjun saw here and they ran towards her… as soon as he saw her in half naked position, he covered her with his shirt immediately and then starts inquiring her…  because he thought that someone did bad with her.. he starts questioning to her but first he scold her badly for going inside with informing him.. if anything happened to her then what did they do? Or what did they told to her father? He was very angry on her… she somehow managed to narrate him whole story and after hearing he became more angry on her… she told him that her again her life savior is maan but their didn’t believe her  because everywhere she saw maan.. they ignored her but then she swear that he was maan… he was maan in real.. he came Spain for his some business and came here for diving as he fond of diving.. whenever he visited foreign countries and if there is sea he surely diving there… he is master in it… but that day he saved a girl’s life and that was great work…. She really admired him… he already saved her life and now that twice time he saved her life.. now her life belongs to him she thought in her mind… saving her life he went away.. he doesn’t want to take any credit or doesn’t want any appreciation of saving her life… he did this as citizen nothing more than this… she really liked him….

Flashback ends..!!


She came out of her trance suddenly when she felt pain on her neck where his love bites… is those love bites in real or something else…. Well love bites for her because this is her maan’s touch on her body and already her life belongs to him.. he can do anything with her life.  It’s all his…

Geet-maan, if you didn’t save my life that day then today you will be happy in your life with your love… I am sorry maan.. mai aapki zindagi me aayi… aapko pareshaan kiya.. par jaisa aap chahte hia mai waisa hi karungi….


Maan’s words ringing in her mind and her ears like bells rang in temple continuously like a heavy storm came and bells starts ringing same as happening with geet… his words rang in her mind which he was murmured continuously 5-6 mins in his drunken state… he doesn’t know what he was saying but it is saying that person speaks truth when he was in drunk state… he tell the whole world his heart out.. he expresses himself when he was in his drunken state so as maan did to her….

believe me sam, I love you… mai uss ladki se pyaar nahi karta… I don’t want her in my life wo to bas dadi maa ki wajah se.. mai to uski shakal(face) bhi nahi dekhna chahta… mai uske sath nahi rehna chahta sam, nafrat karta hu mai use… wo to bas dadi ne insist kiya to maine shaadi kar li otherwise she is nothing to me… I can’t give any place to her in m…… ”


his words faded and saying so he slept but her eyes became cloudy again remembering his words which he spoke to her on their wedding night but she didn’t complaint  to him… her life is his…. He can don anything with this life and now he doesn’t want to see her face and it’s okay for her.. she decided that she can’t show her face to him as he wanted from her…. He doesn’t her in his life then she will do according to his wish,,,, she wiped her tears and made a promise to maan and herself..


lonliness is tearing me apart,

how can i find a way to your heart?

i want your body close to mine,

now, tomorrow and till the end of time,

let me surround you with all my love,

it’s all i have been thinking of.

i want you in my life.

but if i lose you, it will cut me like a knife,

i don’t want to play a role

i just want to give you my soul.


Geet-maan, you don’t want to see my face na it will be ok for me… mai kabhi aapko apna chehra nahi dikhaungi aur ye mera wada hai aapse… mai kabhi aapko pareshaan nahi karungi… bas iss ghar me ek kone me aapki aptni banker rahungi.. shayad bhagwaan ko yahi manzoor tha.. tabhi to bhagwaan ne meri kismet me aapko likha par pyaar likhna bhul gaye… mai khush hu maan … aap fikr mat kijiyega….



First day in KM





Geet-maan, you don’t want to see my face na it will be ok for me… mai kabhi aapko apna chehra nahi dikhaungi aur ye mera wada hai aapse… mai kabhi aapko pareshaan nahi karungi… bas iss ghar me ek kone me aapki aptni banker rahungi.. shayad bhagwaan ko yahi manzoor tha.. tabhi to bhagwaan ne meri kismet me aapko likha par pyaar likhna bhul gaye… mai khush hu maan … aap fikr mat kijiyega….

She sat there under the shower for some time crying on her fate which brings her at this way, they way of loneliness, the way of sadness, the way of darkness where sunshine will be there but sunshine can’t make her life bright with love,  the way of hell where life is like a hell , where she will live like a lifeless body which has not any breath but she will live for maan… yes for maan, who gave her so much pain but she wants to take all the pain which was given by him….

she sat there for some time thinking about the night which she shared with him… she can feel his touch on her body…  the touch which was lingered on her body by his fingers, by his lips, the feel of his lips on her body making her body alive, making her body shiver , sending burning sensation in her whole body still.. still her body is jolting thinking about the sharing of bed, sharing their orgasm….

After lots of thinking, she reached on her decision that she will never show her face to maan.. she left him alone… she never come in front of him, she will never cross his path… he wants distance from her then it will be ok for her.. she will be happy in this also at least she can feel maan’s presence in this house…. She can know about him… she will never bother him for anything…. She will live in this house but not with maan….

She married to maan but she will live alone, what an irony situation is that.. she has a husband for only name sake… even no one knows outside maan & geet are married…. She was thinking why he married with her when he love someone else because dadi forced him….

she thought that she will never complaint to him about anything which happened and which is about to happen… she came here as a daughter-in-law but she will live here like a lifeless person who has not any existence, who doesn’t belong to this house, to maan’s life… she is so helpless today…. She needed her mom here, she is missing her mom badly who left her behind before so many years… she is feeling very lonely today, she wants her mom right now….

Who can sooth her pain, her sadness, her loneliness, her sorrows, everything she wants to share with her mom today but her mom is there for her… she cried a lot remembering her mom today so badly…

she wants her bhabhi right now who took the place of her mom, everytime when she needed her mom, her bhabhi was there for her, in her worst time, her bhabhi hold her hand,,, she was stood by her side a strong pillar… who supported her so much in her life…  she closed her eyes and her tears mingled with the water which is running from her head to her body… drenching her whole body but her whole body drenched with maan’s claim on her which he did before some time unknowingly… she was his and today maan marked on her with his name….

she can’t forget this time ever in her life… it was the most important night in her life… today she felt so many emotions, she became happy when maan touched her, she became shy when maan showered kisses on her body, she became complete when maan marked her as his but she became sad when maan uttered those words…. She cried when maan said he doesn’t her in his life, she felt herself as a burden on him and she doesn’t want to be a burden on anyone in her life…


she stood up from the shower and tied that wet dupatta on her body and came out from the washroom…. She looked at maan who was laying on the bed, how innocent he was looking in his sleep… her eyes became moist again when she regained his words.. his words echoing in her mind again and again… she went towards her luggage and found her mom’s photo..


her tears fell on the photo and she cried covering her mouth with her palms…


she cried with hiccups holding her mom’s photo near her heart.. feeling her mom’s warmth… like her mom is consoling her… making her understand , life is known as ups and downs , these are needed in life… but why me? Why mom? Why me? She was asking these questions to her mom who was with the god… she can do anything for her.. she can answer of her every question….

Pain is the greatest, yet worst, thing that scar’s my life,


All those suffer and hate, I can’t stand it anymore…


Miseries. People dying. People get hurt…


Is this what God mend with life?


And still, there is one question spinning in my head..




Why me?


Why can’t I be happy?


It seems that this question will drown in my river of pain,


Deep inside my head,


A question that will never be answered…


she sat there on the floor near her luggage for some time… then her sight fell on the knife which was in the fruit basket… she was staring at the knife for some unknown reasons…  she doesn’t know herself that why she is staring at the knife..? then she looked at her wrist and then looked at the knife, again looked at her wrist and again looked at the knife…

geet’s monologue….

“nahi.. nahi what I am thinking… I can’t do this, I don’t want to do this, I will never do this… no… no… no ways.. this life belongs to maan… then how can I finish this life without asking of him… at-last he saved my life twice.. it’s his life not my.. yes.. it’s his… geet don’t think like this… it’s his… how can you think like this? But… but the life is waiting for me is much more painful than the death… right now I can die within some minutes but the life is waiting for me, it will make my life like a hell where I’ll die in every second… no… no geet.. don’t think like this… you can’t think like this… you can’t do anything with this life.. this is not your life… this is maan’s life…. Haan maan’s life..  ” she was screaming in her mind… fighting with herself…..


she consoled herself now no more cry but what to do.. it’s her fate, her destiny… her life… she searched a dress which can cover her neck and arms fully which can hide the marks on her body…she found a deep read full neck, full sleeves anaarkali suit…


she took it but she find something other… she glanced it and took it in her hand… it was pills…. Which Tanya kept in her bag secretly, she knew that geet will need them so she kept in her bag and now geet needed them… she looked at maan for a moment and then  took one pill from it and gulped it…

she did this because she doesn’t want be a burden on maan… she took the dress and headed towards the washroom, get ready and came out… she glanced last time to maan.. she wants to capture him in her eyes… she stood beside of the bed and looking at him with her pure love….. remembering those words but happy because maan will be happy in his life without her.. she never bother him…

I really love you, But you love someone else…


When I see you, I can’t close my eyes…


Just want to say how much I care about you…


But you love someone else…


I just want to hear that I love you out of your mouth,


I hear it in my mind,


It’s just like a sound,


But it’s just a dream..


Because you love someone else…

She went out from the room with her luggage and doesn’t know where to go? She took her luggage and headed towards the mandir which is in the mansion…. She sat there on the steps of mandir and looking at the god… she lit the diya in mandir and kept looking at the god…


it was 4 am in the morning.. it was the long sleepless night for her… sleep is like enemy of her this time… but continuously looking at the god she fell in sleep don’t know when… she was sleeping, cuddling on the floor near the god… like god will heal her sorrows…  sun rises with anew morning, with a new start of the day, with a new start of a new life but today is the end of geet’s life… it was the worst morning of her life… she never thought she will see this day in her life.. she was living her dreamland where she was dreaming about maan but today he broke her all dreams… her all fantasies…

The sudden knock on the door panicked dadi.. she rushed to the door and opened the door.. no one knocked her room at this time.. it’s only 6 am in the morning and at this hour no one wakes up except nakul and other servants… dadi opened the door and found nakul there….

Dadi-what happened nakul? You are here at this time?

Nakul-dadi maa… woh…. He doesn’t know how to tell dadi maa…

Dadi-nakul.. tell me clearly what’s the matter? Why are looking so tensed.?

Nakul-dadi maa, actually woh geet mam is sleeping on the stairs of mandir….

Dadi-what? Dadi got a shock…  she immediately rushed t the mandir and found geet is sleeping like a child on the mandir steps cuddling on the floor…  tear marks on her face… she was very worried for geet… dadi signaled to nakul for go from here.. he went and dadi tapped geet’s shoulder.. geet stiff a bit and found dadi in front of her… dadi sat beside her and geet straighten herself… dadi was very worried for her thinking that kahi maan ne to kuch bol nahi diya geet ko?  Geet lowered her gaze not able to meet dadi’s eyes…. She was knotting the edge of her dupatta doesn’t know what to tell dadi?

Dadi-geet bte, why are you sleeping here?

Geet-aapne aisa kyo kiya dadi maa? She asked the question in the return of a question.. dadi doesn’t know she is talking about which topic..?

Dadi-kya baat hai bte? Humse koi galti ho gai?

Geet-aapne maan ko force kyo kiya dadi maa? She was asking another question in the return of a question…

Dadi-maan ne aapse kuch kaha kya?

Geet-nahi dadi maa, woh kyo mujhe kuch kahenge jab wo mujhe apna life partner hi nahi maante… dadi felt a lump in her heart, it mean maan told everything to geet.. dadi was worried for this day and it came.. now she is worried for geet.. poor soul…  dadi stretch her arms and called geet in her embrace.. geet bend and hide herself in dadi’s embrace..  she was needed a mother’s love at this time… and now she found… geet starts crying her heart out and dadi was caressing her head lovingly consoling her… dadi was patted her back and crying also with her…  nakul who stood far away, he has also tears in his eyes.. he was feeling bad for this new girl, she was suffering now.. he knew everything about maan and sameera.. he doesn’t like sameera at all but what can he do.. at last he is a mere servant…. He went from there in the kitchen and start preparations of breakfast and today geet is going to make some sweet first time in the mansion….




Dadi-ssshhh geet…. Shaant ho jayiye… please don’t cry…. She knew that it will be come but she doesn’t know it will come so soon… she noticed a mark on her neck which revealed a little bit because geet is in her lap… she couldn’t believe at the sight which she is seeing at this momonet… did maan do anything with her? What maan did say to her? Did maan beat her or something else..? she was very worried now.. so many questions in her mind that she want to ask geet but this is not the right time for the questions…

geet is already in this state.. dadi doesn’t know what to do? She somehow made her calm and stopped her cry… dadi told to geet that she will talk to her later on this topic… dadi told her to be freshen up and show her guest room for some time… dadi called the servants and kept her luggage in the guest room… then dadi told her get ready, she will wait for her here in the room.. geet nodded and went in the room while ddai’s eyes moistened with the sight of geet… she is feeling very bad for geet but there is her fault also… now she is repenting for her mistake….

After some time both headed towards kitchen and dadi told her everything… meanwhile maan was sleeping alone on the bed…  dadi went out from the kitchen and headed towards annie’s room for waking her up… geet made a lime water and gave it to nakul and told him that not to tell anything to maan.. he nodded and went there… he knocked the door but no answer.. he slowly peeped inside the room and placed the glass beside the bed’s stool…  geet made some sweet halwa according to their taste and placed it one the table…

nakul prepared other stuff os breakfast and arranged the table…. Dadi and annie came… annie ran and hugged geet and wished her morning…  geet gave her meek smile to annie but annie understood that something happened… trio ate the halwa including geet which is made by geet.. dadi and annie praised it so much… annie kissed on geet’s cheek while dadi is about to gave her some jewelry but geet stopped dadi… dadi knotted her brows and looks at her questioningly ….

Geet-sorry dadi maa but there is no place of these jewelries in my life…  she said with her sad face…

Annie-what are you saying bhabhi? Ye to shagun hia na…. she said while relishing her halwa…

Geet-annie, when I lost all colors of my life then how can these jewelries fill the colors in my life?

Dadi-aisa nahi kehte beta… sab theek ho jayega… aap ye rakh lijiye…

Geet-nahi dadi maa…. Kuch theek nahi hoga…

Annie-bhabhi pls rakh lijiye na.. geet was looking down continuously … she looked at them

Geet-if you want to give me something then can you give me another thing except these jewelries?

Dadi-haa bte, kahiye na aapko kya chahiye?

Geet-kya hum aapke room me jakar baat kar sakte hai? Dadi nodded and headed towards her room along with geet and annie… they entered in the room and closed the door…

Dadi-kahiye beta, baat kya hai? Geet sat on floor by her knees in front of dadi holding her hands?

Geet- dadi maa, can you help me without questioning anything? She looked in dadi’s eyes with some hopes while annie who is biting her nails in tension…  geet explained everything to dadi.. she told everything to dadi which happened last night between maan and her… she didn’t hide anything from her… she sat there , but no tear in her eyes… she cried a lot whole night now, her tears dried… she made one decision that she never cry after this day… she will start a new life without maan but she will live here as maan’s wife but she will never bother to maan.. she will never cross his path.. she will never made him feel her presence…

dadi became angry after hearing everything from geet… she is very angry maan.. how can he do this with geet and that too in his drunken state… he was drunk last night… how can he be? And all over that he spend a night with her… if maan doesn’t geet in his life then there was no need to spend a night with her but he did… that was very shameful act for dadi… dadi feeling very low in front of geet because her grand son did like this with geet… she was not able to her gaze with this innocent girl… there is no mistake of hers but she went through so much.. she had tolerated so much last night and here she is not able to heal her wounds…

annie was crying and she was very much angry on maan.. how can her brother did like this with her bhabhi… she loved her brother so much but now geet is much important for her now…  she found a friend, her bhabhi, like a mother in geet…. And she doesn’t want to lose geet because of maan and that idiot sameera.. she was cursing sameera in her mind and murmuring something which was not audible for anyone…  geet sat there, rest her head in dadi’s lap… ddai was caressing her hairs with so much love & care…

dadi-hamein maaf kar dijiye geet bte….  Geet raised her head towards dadi…

geet-nahi dadi maa…. Aisa mat kahiye…

dadi-nahi bte.. hamari wajah se yeh sab aapke sath hua… na hum aapki shaadi maan se karate aur na hi yeh sab hota… hamein maaf kar dijiye…. She bound her hands and cried…. Geet immediately held her hands and shook head in no…

geet- nahi dadi ma…. Bado ke hath aashirwaad ke liye uthne chahiye maafi ke liye nahi… ye achha nahi lagta…. (no grand mother… elder’s hand should rise for the blessings not for begging sorry…) dadi stood up… geet and annie looked at her why she stood up suddenly….

Geet-dadi maa, what happen? Kya baat hai? Dadi told her that maan did very shameful act with her.. and now she is feeling very shame to call him her grand son.. she couldn’t address him khurana but unfortunately he is khurana… the blood of khurana… but she made decision that now onwards maan won’t live in mansion and dadi told her decision to annie and geet… both shocked…. Dadi was about to go from the room but geet stopped her….

Geet-no dadi maa… you can’t do this to him….

Dadi-par bte, unhone aapke sath jo kiya…. Hum unhe kabhi maaf nahi kar sakte…

Geet-dadi maa… please listen to me…  she made her sit on the bed and herself sat on the floor in front of dadi… she looked in dadi’s eyes….

Geet-dadi, I am here, in this mansion because of maan… if I won’t marry with him to mai yaha nahi hoti aapke samne… I know job hi hua sab galat tha but dadi he is not wrong at his place…  dadi looked at her in amusement like she has seen some kind of alien… she is still defending maan… why? Maan did so wrong with her… he snatch her sanity from her…. He doesn’t want to live with her but still she is defending him.. why? She is thinking in her mind… geet move forward and trying to understand dadi…

Geet-dadi maa… I know you are thinking that. Maan did very wrong with me but he is in love… aur pyaar me hamara bas kaha chalta hai… aap jaanti hai dadi maa, I love maan but I can’t snatch someone’s love… dadi maa, kya hua agar mai yaha maan ki wife banker nahi rahungi lekin mai aapke beti banker to reh sakti hu na… batayiye na?

Dadi wiped her tears and hers also… she nodded…. Haan bte aap hamari beti hai aaj se.. jaise annie waise hi aap….

Geet-thank u so much dadi maa…. Aur dadi maa maine maan se promise kiya hai mai unke saamne nahi aaungi… please aap unhe kuch mat kahiyega….

Dadi-nahi bte… humne aapki saari baatein maanli hai… aap chahti hai ki aap isi ghar me rahe lekin dusre room me, theek hai…. Aap bei banker rehna chahti hai par aap hamesha maan ki patni ki rahengi…. Aapne faisla kiya hai ki aap kabhi bhi maan par unki wife hone ka claim nhi karengi.. wo bhi theek hai… aapne faisla kiya aap apna chahra unke nahi dikhayengi , humne wo bhi maan liya… aapne manga ki maan isi ghar me rahe… aap unhe pareshaan nahi dekh sakti par ab aur nahi… hame maan se baat karni hi hogi…

Geet-par dadi maa…..

Dadi-nahi geet… bas yeh hamara aakhiri faisla hai…. Annie was crying badly… she is feeling very bad for geet just because of her big brother…. She also made a decision that she never talked to maan…. Never means never… mai bhi unki tarah ziddi hu.. aakhir hu to khurana hi… she thought in her mind….

Maan’s room….

Maan turned on the bed while sleeping… after some minutes he opened his eyes, immediately his hand reached to his head… he scratched his hairs in pain… he did some courage and finally sat on the bed… he felt his room is moving round… he blinked his eyes couple of times… shook his head numerous times for concentrating on the things…  he hold his head with his hands and presses a little by giving pressure by his hands… massaging a little…

god… what happened to me? Why my head is so paining? ” he jerked again his head in pain… he looked here and there then found the glass of lime water… he took it and gulped in a go…..

why my head is so paining? What happened with me last night? Damn…. Mujhe kuch yaad kyo nahi aa raha… ” he felt so helpless this time… not able to gained anything about the last night… he looked at himself…

where is my clothes? I never slept bare chest.. I always wear my vest at night… ” he looked inside the spread and looked at himself and got a shock of his life… he immediately covered himself… “why I am naked? I never sleep naked… damn what happened last night?” then his gaze fell on the blood stains which were on the bed sheet and on duvet also… he touched the stains , they are fresh still… he rubbed blood drops between his fingers… “blood… ??” he looked at himself…. “but mujhe to kahi chot nahi lagi.. no… it can’t be possible…. No ways… “

He hit on the bed in frustration… “ohh shit…! What I did last night…. I.. I snatch her…. God… how can I do this….” He hide his face between the palms in worry, feeling sorry, doesn’t know what to do.. reality hit him hard… he was very angry on himself…

Maan’s monologue

Mai aisa kaise kar sakta h uske sath… how? How can i? shit… why I drunk? But I drunk because I don’t want to face the situation but all messed up… now how can I face to her? Kahi maine kuch bol to nahi diya usey? What she was thinking about me? First night ko hi maine usey… chi.. chi sharm aati hai mujhe bolne me par maine to ye sab kiya hai uske sath… I want to apologize her….  Haan isse pehle bahut der ho jaye I have to talk to her…

He rushed towards the washroom and get ready in 15 mins… he came down and asked about the new girl…. But before he ask dadi stopped him…

Fanaa Hum Mohobbat mein Teri~part 6-10




oops geet is hell scared now’ she made a baby face hearing his talks about maan the both alka and arjun starts laughing at her’ this made her angry’ .. she took her pillow starts fighting with them running’. around her beshe screamed where is my savior’ please come and save me from these 2 devils’. She called him and one voice came form the entrance of her room.. at your service ma’m’ she ran and hugged him’.

Thank you thank you so much for coming’.geet said while hugging him’ she is jumping while hugging him’.  He too hugged her back’. He smiled at her antics’.at her childish acts’. Both broke out the hug and Vicky looked at alka and arjun’. Oye why were teasing my doll? He asked from both of them’ both sighed and looked at each other’ geet is giggling mutely’

Arjun-oye’ doll ke possessive bodyguard’. Come here and meet with us also’ Vicky called geet as a doll from childhood’. Because she looked like a doll in her childhood’. Vicky glare them for calling him possessive bodyguard but in real he is her possessive bodyguard’ he never allow her to went near nay boy and never let any boy to come near her’ he is really possessive about her’  Vicky  smiled & went to them and hugged arjun’  and then hugged alka’.

Arjun-where were you from the morning? We all are tired calling you continuously’.

Alka-haan.. Vicky..where were you?

Vicky-hold on guys’ I am replying..have some patience’.

Geet-hmmm’ now give us your silly reasons like as always’ she went and sit beside alka’..

Vicky-actually guys I came here after fixing a date for ram bhaiya and priya bhabhi’.

Alka- ohho’ so bhaiya and bhabhi are going on a date’.. how romantic na’..!! she starts her day dreaming’.

Geet- no ways’ bhaiya and bhabhi..apne aap date par jaaye’ impossible’.

Arjun-yeah’ I am sure both again fought with each other’ hai na vicky?

Vicky-correct arjun.. both again fought  and I was like a sandwitch between toaster’. Ufff’dono ka patch up kara kar aa raha hu’ full day isi me busy tha’ and my cell was on silent mode and left in my room so I didn’t know about your calls’. Now he sighed in a big relief’

Geet-yaar ye dono itna fight kyo karte hia’ mujhe abhi tak pata nahi chala’..

Vicky-tujhe kya mujhe bhi pata nahi chala’.  Alka interrupt them and pounced on Vicky’Vicky ek good news hai’ alka said to Vicky’ he looked at her in confusion’news’? What news ? he asked’. Alka went near geet and hold her by her shoulders’ you know what an alliance came for geet’alka said to him’. What? Vicky got a shock’ he asked’. Alliance’ when ?

Alka-arey why are so giving so much shocking expressions’? Keep them store’ abhi shock lagna baki hai mere dost’.

Vicky-aur kya shock baki hai.. ye shock kafi nahi hahi kya? He is looking at three who are giving him shock’

Alka-you know what teri doll ka rishta pakka bhi ho gaya hai’ again shock for Vicky’ first an alliance came for his doll and the news came that she is going to marry but with whom’.?

Arjun-ye nahi puchega kisse?

Vicky-haan’ kisse? Geet hide her face in her palms’ she is blushing badly’.

Alka-oye hoye’dekho to zara dulhan ko.. geet waked her’

Geet-don’t tease me’

Vicky-ek min can someone tell me what is going here? He asked impatiently’.

Arjun-I’ll tell you’she is going to marry with her dream prince’

Vicky-dream prince..matlab’ maan ‘ but how t can be possible?

Alka-everything can be possible my dear’ his dadi came by herself..this is true’ vicky got a shock of his life.. he knew she is a manic behind maan but he always thinks that it’s only like a girl mad behind any actor but never get them..so geet’s case is also like that’ she is only fantasize about maan.. it’s only madness not love but today he got a news that she is going to be mrs. Maan singh khurana’ his heart shattered into may pieces’ his face is blank’ he always tried to propose geet but always has a fear that if he lost his best friend after proposing her’ he had not so much guts to propose her’ and today she is going far away from him.. he didn’t how to react at this happy moment for all but for him this is like a storm’ which snatched his life from him.. he always be very possessive for her’ his love and care reflects in his possessiveness but all thinks that he is doing all this because he is her best friend..he wants to save her from all bad peoples’. Alka always has a feeling that he loves geet but always failed’because she knew ho much she is crazy for maan..she can’t love Vicky.. and alka also love Vicky but Vicky can’t.. he only considered alka as a best friend..nothing else..yeah he is little possessive about alka also but as a friend’. Alka never talked with geet about this topic’ geet knew that alka loves vikcy’and she always want them happy with each other’ alka looked at Vicky  who is lost somewhere..and arjun is teasing geet where get is protesting herself form his teasing’. Alka went near Vicky and shook him form his shoulder..he came out from his trance and looked at geet who is very happy.. he can do anything for his doll’he can sacrifice his love for her happiness and he will do’if geet is happy with this alliance then he is also happy’ and he can’t spoil her mood at this happy moment..he knows this moment takes a very big place for her’ her dream is going to be fulfilled and tomorrow is his birthday so he doesn’t want to spoil his friend’s mood’ he forgot his love for her and smiled at her’ he went towards his doll and hugged her’ his eyes are little moist which is not avoidable for alka’. She knew why those tears in his eyes’but she can’t do anything.. nor she confess her love for him neither she hide her love for him’ he shook her head and sat beside arjun’ geet too hugged him back’ I am very happy doll’ today you got your dream man’ you are very lucky’ everyone is not lucky like you..really I am very happy’. Geet rubbed his back’she knew tears in his eyes’ itna to jaanti hi hai apne best friend ko’.Vicky..don’t be sad yaar’ abhi thodi meri shaadi hai’ aise emotional mat karo mujhe’ dekh mai ro dungi haan’ she twisted her nose and made a crying face’.tanya came there with servants who are holding the trays of  snacks and drinks’

Tanya-why are you all making her cry? She said while giving the instructions to servants’

Geet-ha bhabhi..dekho na..iss Vicky ko..kaise babies ki tarah saddy saddy ho raha hai’ arjun hugged him by side ways’

Alka-achha chalo bahut hua drama’ now have some food yaar.. I am hungry’

Arjun-haan..tu to hai hi bhukkad’  geet giggled and alka made a face’ alka and arjun are doing to lighten up the environment’. They all have their food and decided their dresses for the party’. They want to rock tonight.. arjun and Vicky went back to their home while alka is with geet’she got her dresses and came at her places.. both will get ready together..both always did this’.  Alka wore a beautiful plain black dress till her knes’




alka’s dress

and geet wore a white and black simple elegant dress till her knees.. bare shoulders’ looking very pretty’.  a white flower in her hairs…



geet’s dress

Meanwhile maan reached to mumbai and complete all the formalities’ he straight went to the hotel and check in after completing the formalities’  it’s 10pm at night’ maan had his dinner’.maan as usual in his office attire’.



maan reached to the club where the meeting is held with mr. Sharma.. maan told him to meet at this club because this is his fav club in Mumbai and after the meeting he will not have much time to visit here.. whenever he came Mumbai, he surely visit here.. many peoples and owners knew him very well’ his meeting started with mr.sharma.. mr.sharma came there with his 2 employees’  meanwhile arjun and Vicky reached at geet’s place for picking both girls’vicky wore a white shirt with blue jeans



and arjun in his grey t-shirt with black jacket’.


both came out after their final touch up’ and they four drove to their favourite disc.. on the birthday of thei friends.. they four went in that disc and had so much’ they blasted,,,, all reached to the disc’ actually they booked the whole disc and invited their friends there’ it’s 11 pm now they reached there’ and the party starts’ they entered in disc.. and their friends already arrived there and waiting for the birthday boy’. Having drinks and dancing crazily on the dance numbers which are fav of DJ’. But is too boring for geet’. She always did something different in birthday parties and cheered all their friends’ maan’s meeting is almost finished’ geet went to the DJ and hi-fi with him.. he knew very well about geet.. both know each other’ geet whispered something in his ear’and he agreed’. She went down to her friends’ but then suddenly she disappeared from there’  all looked here and there for her but she is not there then suddenly all lights went off and music too’ all panicked what happened at once’ then a spot light on mid..where geet stood’ and she starts singing with the music’.

mujhe nahi pata main kya gaungi

ulte seedhe lafzon se banaungi

man mein jo aaye keh jaoongi

she ran and started dancing with her crazy moves’

chalo hato pare naacho dil khol ke

Vicky and alka smiled at her new way for entertaining’ Vicky who was sad at evening..now he is very happy after seeing his doll who is very happy and did so much for him on his birthday’.

let’s rock, bolo ji let’s rock

she is shaking her hands and moving her hands up to down till stomach again and again and legs are moving with rhythm of her hands’.

o’main toh bhool gayi phir kya wordings the

something something jail house rock

she stood on bar slab and moves her sexy slender legs with rhythm moving her hands like she doesn’t know about anything’. The alka also came and stood on bar slab’ she also starts singing with get and dancing’.

mujhe nahi pata main kya gaungi

ulte seedhe lafzon se banaungi

man mein jo aaye keh jaoongi

chalo hato pare, naacho dil khol ke,

let’s rock helloji let’s rock

o’main toh bhool gayi phir kya wordings the

something something jail house rock

both are dancing crazily and shaking their head.. their face covered with their curly hairs and no one can see their faces’. Meanwhile maan’s meeting finished at clients left from there that time maan got a call form dadi and dadi told him that his marriage has been finalized’ she is very happy but maan’s face fell down’ he said okay and cut the call.. he ordered a  large rum for him’.



He is sitting in his club and geet is dancing in disc but both are in one place’ this is very place where a club, hotel and disc are attached with glass partitions.. everyone can see each other but couldn’t listen because they are sound proof’ club members couldn’t disturb with the noise of disc’ a sound proof glass is partitioning the places’ maan sat on his place and frustrating’ having his drink remembering dadi’s word’ he sat there facing his back to the disc’. He doesn’t know what to do’.? He just sat there and having second drink’.. geet is vey happy because she is going to be mrs. Khurana that’s why she is dancing crazily’. Alka came near her and sang for her while dragging her with her on the bar slab’

darr kis baat ka raat jo hui

roshan zindagi taaron se hui

zindagi ke pyaare lamhon

aane waale saare palon

se main toh khul ke yoon mil jaoongi

geet understand her meaning’ and she nodded’ arjun is the one who is having his drink sitting at the corner of disc..because he doesn’t like dancing and all.. he only came here for his friends..geet sang now assuring alka’.

teri baat mein dum toh hai bada

khushiyon ka sama gum se hai bada

oh jo bhi karo aaj karo

khwaab poore aaj karo,

yahan kal kisne dekha hai ji

Vicky came and stood on stairs and starts singing’. All clapped for him’.

mujhe nahi pata main kya gaoonga

teri baaton ko hi dohraoonga

is se achcha ab kya gaoonga

tune bhi kya baatein kahi hans bol ke,

let’s rock, yo mamma let’s rock

o’main toh bhool gaya phir kya wordings the

something something jail house rock

get and alka starts together and moving their hips and back in circle motion where Vicky in between both of them and also doing the same step’ trio put thier hands on each other neck and jumping while singing’. Alka ran and dragged arjun but he refuse.. he stood at the floor and cheering them..

o jaan ruko, zara, suno, zara

o meri jaan-e, jaana,

maine maana, mera aana, bhi suhana

sama sama hai deewana


o’pehloo yeh naya bilkul bhi nahi

tumne gaur se dekha hi nahi

gungunana aata nahi

taal se milata nahi

phir bhi dil se main to jhoomungi

trio put their hands on each other shoulders and running like a train on the bar slab’first one is alka, in mid in Vicky and the last one is geet’ at the same time maan is suffering’

wah kya shaam hai, khushiyon se saji

dono haath se, taali jo baji

haan’tere sang naachoongi main

tere sang gaungi main

tere kadamon pe main chaloongi

Vicky get down and stood beside arjun’. At the same moment man turn and looked at the disc.. he can see clearly peoples in disc’ he can see geet who is dancing but not able to saw her face.. her curls are covering her face but one thing got his attention.. when she turned for doing a step’ she is facing her back to him and her curls are at one side’ a big tattoo on her shoulder’ he can clearly saw a face on her shoulder as a tattoo’.the tattoo pulled him.. he stood for seeing the tattoo clearly and his eyes widen in shock..


what he saw’ his face has been curved on a girl’s shoulder’ she turned in a jerk and again her face is covered with the curls’

mujhe nahi pata main kya gaungi

ulte seedhe lafzon se banaungi

man mein jo aaye keh jaoongi

chalo hato pare naacho dil khol ke’ lets rock!

bolo ji lets rock helloji lets rock

main toh bhool gayi phir kya wordings the’

something something jail house rock !

something something jail house rock !

lalalala jail house rock something something

something something something something

jail house rock

maan tried to look her face but not able’ she and alka stood straight and left their body weight & flat down at the direction of their stomach while vicky and arjun hold them’ both girls got down and dancing between the crowd’ maan rubbed his eyes again and again in confusion’ he saw right or wrong’ how it can be possible that his face has been curved on a girl’s shoulder’ no no it can’t be possible’ waise bhi I am drunk now’ kuch bhi ho sakta hai.. it’s 12 am now’ and all cheered for Vicky’ Vicky cut the cake and all have fun again one more hour.. maan also sat there on his place again and went in a deep thinking’.



Marriage rituals’



 maan tried to look her face but not able… she and alka stood straight and left their body weight & flat down at the direction of their stomach while vicky and arjun hold them… both girls got down and dancing between the crowd… maan rubbed his eyes again and again in confusion… he saw right or wrong… how it can be possible that his face has been curved on a girl’s shoulder… no no it can’t be possible… waise bhi I am drunk now… kuch bhi ho sakta hai.. it’s 12 am now… and all cheered for Vicky… Vicky cut the cake and all have fun again one more hour.. maan also sat there on his place again and went in a deep thinking…… it’s 1am now…maan is still sitting on his seat drinking and thinking that how it can be possible….? Still he can’t believe that his face is curved on a girl’s shoulder… he want to meet the girl but how? There is so many persons in disc….this is impossible to find out that girl in crowd… again he looked at the glass partition which is between disc and club…. Tried to again have a look of that girl…just then he saw a girl hugging a boy… her whole is not visible..only eyes are visible…actually geet is hugging Vicky wishing him again happy birthday and she reached to his shoulder in height wise…so only her eyes are visible… maan saw those deep almond big eyes which makes anyone insane… but maan who is already insane…. His eyes again widen seeing those eyes again in his life…how can he forget these eyes…




he still remember when he saw these eyes for the first time but couldn’t able to saw her face… he stood from his place and went towards the mirror for the confirmation… he was not able to made any sense….is this that girl who has a tattoo on her shoulder or someone else? But he saw her almond eyes before….geet never knew that maan is also here in the same building… she is so much engrossed in her friends…and crowd also there…and she has not much time for looking at others… she came here only for celebrating vicky’s birthday….. he touched the glass partition for feeling… is he dreaming… again he rubbed his eyes in confusion..just then manager came there…

manager-excuse me sir..!! maan turned towards him….

Maan-hmm….?? He managed only to say…..

Manager-actually sir..it’s time for closing the club…. Has your work been finished?

Maan-hmm…and nodded in yes… how much the bill? Manager told him the bill and maan paid it… he moved towards the exit but turned again for have a look of that girl last time…. But she was not there… he again touched the glass partition for searching her..but then he stopped the manager and asked from him what was going in the disc? Manager looked at him in confusion…. Manager thought that disc me kya hota hai.. party hi hoti hain…. But he asked to maan what sir?

Maan-I mean…is there a usual party or else?

Manager-oh.. actually sir there was a birthday party going…. Now all went from here..it’s time for closing the disc… so the party has been over…

Maan-ok… thanks..!!

Manager-my pleasure sir..!! manager gone from there and at last time maan looked inside the disc then went towards the exit…. Outside geet and her friends still there… geet’s hairs all messed up due to dancing and due to fun… so fished a clip from her clutch and tied her hairs upward on her head….




Now her bare shoulders and bare neck s quite visible…. Maan’s eyes again widen when he saw again his face on the same girl… yeah she is the same girl whom I saw in disc… he thought in his mind… before he called her she zoomed away in her car…. He again lost the chance of meeting with her… he ran his fingers in his head in frustration for not able to meet a mere girl…. But why she has a tattoo of his face on her shoulder? Why? Ho sakta hai she knows me…. He thought in his mind… haan.ye ho sakta hai…waise bhi every girl is dying to have a one look of me…. He smirk at himself… after all he is VIP…  great business tycoon…. Still a most educated bachelor… and a smoking hot MAAN SINGH KHURANA who knows very well how to made insane girls with his mere look..or his mere smile… actually girl’s became faint after seeing his firm face… (OMG..what I am writing..!! me hell blushing dreaming about MSK… ) driver came towards him with the car and opened the door for him.. he sat inside the car and went to the hotel… he is little hopeless…. He want to meet two girls.. one, who has the MKS tattoo on her shoulder and the second one is who has the same deep almond eyes which he saw years ago… he felt some kind of uneasiness….. feeling like puking….. he ran inside the washroom and puked all the things which he has some time before due to heavy drink… he had 2 glass of large rum… (gals.. I don’t much about the drinks…I don’t know which one is the strongest…so pls bare with me…)

It’s 2am now all four reached at geet’s  place… Vicky is badly in drunken state…  geet came out the car and went in her house last time wishing him happy birthday… then arjun went away from there taking alka and Vicky with him… arjun dropped alka at her place and then arjun went to his place.. he couldn’t go at vicky’s place.. ram bhaiya will be angry on him… Vicky iss state me nahi hota ki wo seedha khada ho sake so sari daant arjun ko sunni padti hai… so he went at his place and helped Vicky and lay him inside the guest room… now he sighed in relief and went in his room… Every year same thing happened,,,, first party, drinking and Vicky never went at his place on his birthday night…because he is already in sleeping state after having so much drink with his college friends…  on the other hand maan also slept after puking…  next day maan went back to delhi…what he saw when he reached at the mansion… dadi and annie are busy in marriage preparations… he became mad after seeing their happy faces.. both are very happy for him and he is not… he straight went to dadi…

Maan-dadi maa… I want to talk to you something important… dadi looked at him and became more happy…. Arey maan bte..when you came? Come and help me in choosing the cards…. Dadi took one card which she liked the most…

Dadi-bataiye ye kaisa hai? Humne aapki pasand ka choose kiya.. white with sober design….  Then annie came holding another card which one she liked the most…

Annie-no ways dadi… this is so much better.. bhai aap bataiye na ye kaisa hai? I know I know red color ka hai..but I ma sure bhabhi ko red color pasand hoga…  maan looked at annie who is very happy for getting a bhabhi…. But maan frustrated from all this… can’t both see that he is not happy then why all this drama..? maan thought in his mind…

Dadi-nahi annie bte..ye wala jayad better hai… she showed again the card…

Annie-nahi dadi..ye wala jayada better hai… dekhiye na iss par kitna sundar work hai…. She showed also her card…. Both are fighting on a small thing….

ENOUGH…!!! Maan shouted on both.. annie jumped back in fear and looked down… the card she was holding , left from her hand…. And dadi also shocked when maan shouted… he forgot that dadi is a heart patient and diabetes patient too….

Dadi-maan bte..what is all this? why are you shouting? Maan calmed himself…..

Maan-I am sorry dadi maa…. But I want to talk to you something important… he looked at annie… annie go to your room… maan treats annie as a small kid.. he never involve her in his decisions…  annie lives her life freely but late night parties with friends, meeting with strangers and all that are banned for her… annie went from there with halfheartedly…. She is so happy with the marriage preparations… first time this big occasion came in her life… yeah she attended business parties and all that but marriage… she never attend anyone’s marriage from her childhood till now.. this is first time.. she is so much excited, a some kind of zeal inside her… this is sure that she will love her bhabhi the most… both are like a same nature…. Both are chatterbox..chirpy, bubbly… ekk min me kisi ko bhi apna banana wali… after that maan turned towards dadi..

Maan-dadi.. pls stop all this…..

Dadi-kya? Hum kuch samjhe nahi maan bte? She asked in confusion…maan took a deep breath..

Maan-dadi.. I want this marriage on a low scale… I don’t want a large scale marriage… keep it simple… no much guests..  no business associates, no media, no relatives… I want t simple….. only family gathering…. Sirf hum 3 aur ladki ke gharwale… bas… dadi got a shock….

Dadi-lekin maan… hum aisa nahi kar sakte… unki bhi bahut si khuwaaish hongi na… har ladki ka sapna hota hai ki uski shaadi dhoom dham  se ho.. aur wok o chhpte parivaar se nahi hai… she is a daughter of a business tycoon…. Aur wo bhi chahte honge apne sapne poore karne jo unhone apni beti ke liye dekhe honge… aap aisa nahi kar sakte maan…. Bilkul nahi….

Maan-jo bhi dadi maa… agar ye nahi hua to mai shaadi nahi karunga….

Dadi-par maan….??

Maan-this is last decision dadi maa…. Aur haan dadi maa.. mujhe aapse kuch aur bhi kehna hai?

Dadi-kahiye..aur kya bacha hai ab… he knew she is taunting him but there is no effect on him of his dadi’s taunt….he will do whatever he want… according to his will… no one can force MAAN SINGH KHURANA… maan se uski marzi ke khilaaf koi kuch nahi karwa sakta….

Maan-after the marriage..vedanta will live with us…. Now dadi got a second shock…

Dadi-what? Humne aapki har baat maani hai par ye nahi… phehle wo sameera aura b uska beta Vedanta bhi,,,, hum hargiz raazi nahi hone iss baat ke liye….

Maan-agar aap chahti hai ki mai shaadi karu to aapko meri baat maanni hi hogi….nahi to mujhe ek min nahi lagegi ye rishta todne me…. Ab faisla aapka….

Dadi-faisle ke liye aapne chhoda hi kya hai maan…. Hoga to wahi jo aap chahenge….lekin maan hum aapse ek baat jarur kehna chahenge ki aap bahut badi galti kar rahe hai sameera ke pichhey bhaag kar… uski asli jagah mental hospital me hai….

Maan-dadi maa… mujhe iss bare me koi baat nahi karni hai…. Aapko meri baat manzoor hai ya nahi?

Dadi-aur hamare paas rasta hi kya aapki baat to manni hi padegi hame….  Maan got what he want.. he went from there in outhouse for meet his sameera…. Dadi fell back on the couch after losing all hopes…annie heard all this and ran to dadi….

Annie-dadi-ye maan bhai aisa kyo kar rahe hai? Kya unhe hamari aur bhabhi ki khushiyo ki koi fikr nahi…? She knew what the answer but she wants to listen…

Dadi-annie bte aap sab jaanti hai..unhe fikr hai to bas sameera ki aur unke bte ki… ab sameera ke sath uska beta bhi yaha rahega… ab mai handas ko kya kahungi? Jab wo puchenge ki maan low profile wedding kyo chahte hai?

Annie-dadi..i am very worried for bhabhi…. Hope unke aane ke baad sab theek ho jaye… hope bhabhi ka jadoo bhai par bhi chal jaaye… wo itni achhi hai..maan bhai unse dur nahi reh sakte…. I am sure…

Dadi-pata nahi bte…kya hoga.. I am so worried what will happen geet get to know the truth.. hum apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahi kar payenge….

Anni-dadi aap… unhe sach kyo nahi bata deti….

Dadi-I know you will think I am becoming selfish but hum ye nahi kar sakte..geet jaisi ladi ko hum nahi kho sakte….hum jaante hai unke aane ke baad sab theek ho jaygea……


Ab kya hoga?  Neha doesn’t know…..





Next day dadi called to handa villa and talked to mr. mohinder handa….

Dadi-mr. handa…I wanted to talk to you something very important….


Mr.handa-ji kahiye mrs. Khurana…


Dadi-actually mr. handa, maan wants this marriage very simple… he is very conservative… he don’t want any media, not from business world …


Mr.handa-but mrs. Khurana?


Dadi-hum jaante hai ki you want a grand wedding but hum bhi kya kar sakte hai…. Maan wants it simple… only family and friends….

mohinder handa became confuse… he does’t know what to do now or what not? He can’t take decision by all alone. He has to talk to with at least tez and Tanya and geet too.. at last the wedding is hers… her decision is also needed here… she is going start a new life, so this is very important to her what she wants with this marriage? She wants it grand wedding or she will be happy with maan’s decision… he couldn’t take decision without asking her….

Mr.handa-aaa….mrs.khurana..actually I want to discuss it with my family then I will let you know what is our decision…. Is that okay?


Dadi-ji mr.handa.. it is perfectly okay for me.. you take your time with it and then let me know… then they hung up the phone…..


then mr. handa talk to tez, Tanya and geet… first get and tez irritates with this problem.. they wanted a grand wedding… of course any girl will want a grand wedding and here geet is dreaming about maan from past so many years… but then she thought that she wants maan..  and she is going to be marry with maan what anything else she wants beside maan… she is going to get what she desired the most… then  she said okay to her dad then tez also agreed because her happiness all he wants and she wants it simple then let it be…. Then mr.handa called delhi….

Mr.handa-ok mrs.khurana… we want only our child’s happiness and anything else doesn’t matter to us…

Dadi-thank you so much mr.handa…..


Mr.handa-it’s ok… I can understand… you don’t worry… it will be a simple marriage…. 


Dadi sighed in relief…she thought in her mind that handa people are very good in nature and geet also and here her grand son is stubborn… who put the conditions in his every talk…. She shook her head and continue the conversation with mr.handa…..

Dadi-mr.handa, hame aapse ek aur baat karni thi…


Mr.handa-ji kahiye na….!!


Dadi-hum chahte the ki shaadi delhi me ho to bahut achha hoga… aap arrangements ki fikr mat kijiyega… hum sab arrange kara denge…


Mr.handa-mrs.khurana, it’ll be great… we don’t mind… aur waise bhi 3 din me shaadi hai…


Dadi-ji mr.handa.. 3 din me shaadi hai to isliye sab preparations start kar di hai.. aapko tension lene ki jarurat nahi hai… aap bas delhi aa jana…


Mr.handa-jaisa aap theek samjhe … hum ke function khatam karke waha aa jayenge before 1 day…. Is it ok?


Dadi-ji theek hai….


Both bid bye and hung up the phone…. Dadi is very happy now but very worried and sad too what Happen if her would be bahu get to know about sameera? She will never forgive me…  later in the day dadi and annie did shopping and arranged everything….  Later in the day maan came back from the office and direct went to out house for checking what is sameera is doing? What he saw that she is playing a toy and trying to feed it and keep telling to the toy that eat something otherwise your mama is also not going to have something if you won’t eat anything…. Also saying that mama missed you a lot..


she is thinking the toy as her son… feeding that toy, playing with that toy… after feeding him, she kept telling the toy that feed her mama too… maan couldn’t see it.. his eyes became moist but he has to be strong for sameera, for vedanta, and for himself…  he can’t be weak… he went towards her and sameera saw him coming towards her… she screamed his name in so much happiness that she got her son back.. her son will live with her now onwards….

Sam-maan..!! see my son.. Vedanta is here.. with her mama… and kissed the toy…


maan smiled at her and caressed the toy… she also smiled when maan caressed the toy….


See maan… my baby is not feeding me… I feed him by my hands and you know I am telling him feed me too… you tell him na… he is not listening to me…. Please na maan..!!


Maan-sam… sam listen to me… she fluttered her eyes and looked at him…you know sam your son Vedanta will be happy if you eat your food by yourself…  waise bhi sab mama apne hatho se khana khate hai na….. sameera nodded like a obedient child and start eating her food by herself…


maan sighed that now onwards she will eat her food by herself… she starts sleeping naturally….. what he wants more….!! By the time sameera finished her food and she is in all mess up… maan cleaned her face with the hanky and gave her medicines…. Then maan let her in her room and tucked her under the spread…. Sameera told the story to the toy and while telling the story she also went sleep…. Maan went to khurana mansion but no one was there.. he knew no one will wait for him…. He freshen up and took his dinner and went to sleep….


He made up his mind that what he will tell to that girl who will come here after wedding….. he can’t accept this relationship… never ever..!! he will tell her clearly what he wants from this relationship… if she will want to live here then he will move out in out house… he won’t live here with her.. if he live here with her then he will feel guilty everytime when he will saw her… it’ll be better if he move out to out house… she will not also feel suffocated here… and if she will want divorce from him then he will be ok… everything depends on her… what she will want he will accept it silently but will not continue this relationship…. While thinking about the marriage he slept…..

Next day in Khurana Mansion, dadi did some puja before the wedding and arranging everything for the wedding….. On the other hand  in mumbai geet did shopping with Tanya and alka…. All had a loads of fun with each other.. they shopped everything and had their lunch in mall…. This is only moments she is spending with her bhabhi and her friend…. She wants to captured everything in her heart, in her eyes..all the memories.. all the sweet moments she spent with her family and friends… and then she felt butterflies in her stomach thinking about maan…. Oh man..!! she blushed hard thinking about that she is going to be his….

Next day the mehndi function held up… geet brought a very elegant dress for the mehndi function in green color with the beautiful design on it..when she wore it she is looking just like a green angel… her friends and bhabhi teased her with the name of maan and she went all red….


She sat in the middle in the hall surrounded by the ladies and friends… one girl is applying mehndi design on her hand and wrote maan’s name in her hand middle somewhere in the design… and she blushed and her cheeks became beet root red , the thought ticking her sense that in their wedding night maan will search his name in her hand… the thought itself has an unknown effect on her body..what happen when this will happen in real which she is thinking now… oh god she is half dead now just because of thought… she will surely dead on her suhaag raat….


Then Tanya came near her made a mehndi design on her hand and alka did also… alka is teasing her with the name of suhaag raat and telling her that after the suhaag raat, tell her what happen between you two… and geet is all red and blush came on her pink lips and her lips are trembling , abhi se feeling his touch on her lips… with the thought she is wet between her legs.. if she went far away in her thought surely she will faint at the very moment…


she divert her mind to the girls who are dancing… alka came and pulled her to the dance floor…. DJ played some mehndi dance song and both start dancing on the song elegantly….


Geet moved her slim waist round and up & down while resting hr hand on the waist and another hand on her head… sometimes played with her ankles and did naughty with alka… then Tanya dance on a song which makes geet cry… both nand and bhabhi cried their heart out… both are really attached with each other… both are consoling to each other, alka also came and joined both in crying session… when both saw that alka also started crying, both laughed through their tears and lighten up the environment….

The function went well and everyone retired to their respective places…  later at the night Tanya kept telling her that don’t do this in her would be sasuraal… do this, always keep things like this.. always respect to others.. always wear Indian dresses not these short dresses, these western dresses… Tanya is packing her bag and packed all her Indian clothes and new clothes which she brought specially.. like sarees and suits etc etc…  geet is learning cooking Tanya from a long time and now she is a perfect cook…  while gents prepared all things which they needed in delhi.. they booked the hotels and flight tickets…


Vicky and arjun also set with the preparations… they knew it will be not a grand wedding but at least her friends can join her wedding….  Tanya made her sleep in her lap while caressing her head so lovingly and she slept so soon… she wanted to sleep in her bhabhi’s lap so Tanya agreed… afterwards Tanya went in her room and kept telling to tej that she is gonna be miss the charm of this house while packing the clothes and other stuffs…. Tej knew she is emotional… he too has tears in his eyes but he consoled himself and tried to console his wife.. she felt bad making him cry.. so Tanya tried to change the topic and starts showing her dresses to tej and keep asking to him how she will look in this lehnga? And in this saree? He smiled a little and joined her in packing… both did their little bit romance and slept…

On the other hand her dad, mr.handa sitting on the chair in his room kept staring at his wife’s  picture… she knew that how much her daughter wanted a perfect dream man in her life…if she is alive then she will be very happy after seeing her daughter that she is going to get marry with a perfect dream man of hers.. he is missing his wife very much at this time and he knew his daughter is also missing her much but he knew Tanya took the place of her mother in his daughter’s life….


Tanya came in their life like a shinning star an still that star didn’t twinkling like before…still the star is shinning like before…  Tanya is like a strong wall for his house… their life get a balance when Tanya came in this house specially tez and geet…







On the other hand her dad, mr.handa sitting on the chair in his room kept staring at his wife’s  picture… she knew that how much her daughter wanted a perfect dream man in her life…if she is alive then she will be very happy after seeing her daughter that she is going to get marry with a perfect dream man of hers.. he is missing his wife very much at this time and he knew his daughter is also missing her mama much but he knew Tanya took the place of her mother in his daughter’s life…. Tanya came in their life like a shinning star an still that star didn’t twinkling like before…still the star is shinning like before…  Tanya is like a strong wall for his house… their life get a balance when Tanya came in this house specially tez and geet…

He slept on his chair while thinking all this… next morning came with the new ray of hope in khurana mansion… dadi is hoping that after getting the bahu, maan will came on a right path… and leave sameera and came back in their life… but she knew how her grand son is…!! If he made his mind then he doesn’t take a move…. After some time dadi told to maan that there is rasam of haldi so he has to be at home… maan throws has tantrums  giving his dhamkis and putting conditions and all but this time dadi also didn’t took any move from her talk… finally maan agreed for  the haldi rasam and wore a white kurta and paijama and sat in between the hall… no relatives are there.. only his dadi and his sister.. if they called nay relative then maan will cancel the marriage so they have to keep this marriage so simple… maan had washed all the dreams of everyone..  first dadi applied haldi on his body and annie too… he sat there with his firm face, not uttering any word from his mouth… just staring at somewhere don’t know where….after completing the rasam he went back to his room and got a shower….

On the other hand in handa villa.. Tanya made her ready in a yellow suit , and also wore herself in yellow saree… alka also came there in her yellow attire… all are looking beautiful…. Ladies made her sit between the hall and surrounded her… Tanya starts applying haldi on her face, neck, arms and feet… and said something in her ear that makes her red… after then alka came applied haldi and teased her..

Alka-geet, I heard that haldi lagan ke baad dulhan ki skin par aur bhi jayada glow aa jata hai…


she went near her ear and whispered thataur shaadi ki raat husband will treasure the skin of bride…  it sends goosebumps in her stomach and she shied, blush came on her face… her cheeks went tomato cherry red with the thought… girls teased her more and more…. Then rasam went well…and  ladies give her a bath with milk and rose petals….her skin got a more glow after applying haldi on her skin and then getting a milky bath…. After then Tanya led her in her room and made her understand everything which she knows… geet learnt a lot from Tanya… and she promised to her bhabhi that she will not let her down never… only one thing she wanted that she wants to talk to maan before the marriage, wants to meet him for once… she kept thinking that why didn’t he came here for seeing her?  after all he is getting marry with her… so he has the right to saw her like she has the right… then she thought may be he saw her picture which dadi took with her…she is very happy now but she doesn’t know what fate is bringing for her… jin khushiyo ki wo baat kar rahi hai wo to bas kuch hi pal ke liye hai… shaadi ke baad to sab bikhar jayega… par abhi to wo apne sapno ki duniya me jee rahi hai…

Later all get ready and arrived for delhi… they boarded the flight and after some hours and they reached to delhi airport…. They did all the formalities and then check in the hotel…  after then dadi and annie went in the hotel for greeted them.. they reached there in the hotel and greeted them with all respect.. annie went to her bhabhi and talk with her for some time… both are liking each other company… Tanya sighed in relief that geet will not all alone after marriage.. annie will be there with her.. after all both are chatterbox… annie saw geet’s mehndi and she liked it very much.. the color of mehndi is very dark…

Annie-wow..bhabhi… aapki mehndi ka rang to kitna gehra aaya hai… you know it is said that kiski mehndi ka rang gehra hota hai uska husband usey bahut pyaar karta hai.. it means bhai bhi aapse…


though she knew it is not like that.. her brother loves sameera but she is sure that after getting marry with geet, her brother will change…  geet is red hearing her talks… she teased a lot by annie, alka and Tanya…and then she starts searching maan’s name in her hand between the mehndi design…. Later they bid bye to each other and they went back to khurana mansion… handa family had their dinner in hotel and went to sleep…. Geet is dreaming about maan whole night…the thought is tickling her senses by itself then what happen when both are alone in a room at their wedding night…. She is sweating and wet with the thought…

On the other hand maan is spending his time with sameera making her eat and making her sleep… she kept talking about her son and about her husband , when her husband will come… though she saw her husband dying in front of her eyes… she became insane that time.. she lost her senses when the accident happened…  maan doesn’t who did this? If he came to know that who did this then he will spare at that person..  maan caressed her head then gave her medicines and made her sleep…. She slept peacefully after throwing tantrums then maan retired to his room preparing himself for tomorrow… tomorrow is his marriage and he is going to be married.. he prepared himself that how he is going to tell her what he wants from this marriage.. how will he tell her that he agreed for this marriage because of dadi maa… he is hoping that dadi maa told her everything before the marriage so that he will be able to tell her everything…  then he went in sleep while thinking all this…

Next day came bringing the happiness in khurana mansion and in handa family too….  Everyone is panic because today is geet is going to married… Vicky and arjun came today together in their private jet and reached to hotel.. they also check-in in the same hotel..all became happy after seeing them… later arjun dropped all girls to beauty parlor for getting ready and then went to man’s salon with Vicky… they has their own charm though they knew no one will be there except family members but still hoping that koi ladki mil hi jaye.. jo unhe suit karein… in khurana mansion everyone get ready  but maan get ready at the last moment.. he went to office and after calling him so many times by dadi he come back to home…  dadi is pissed off with his behavior…  she is feeling guilty because she didn’t tell anything to geet.. she is really guilty…. Then everyone get ready and priest is also came..now waiting for handa’s…. all girls with get also ready and everyone arrived and headed towards khurana mansion….

They reached khurana mansion after 40 minutes drive and saw thebeautiful white mansion… it is very beautiful… Tanya covered geet’s face with the veil and headed inside the mansion…the mansion is very beautiful … dadi and annie and maan also greeted them with so much respect…. Everyone in handa family met with maan for the first time.. they shook their hands with him one by one and maan also… maan saw geet , her face is covering with veil but he is not interested in seeing her face at all.. he will get married and completed his duty…then priest called dulha and dulhan in the mandap and then both sat together,,, priest chanted some mantras before the garland ceremony … he did it then priest said to bride and groom to stand up and exchange the garlands…  both stood up and exchanged the garlands… maan has his firm face not showing any interest in the wedding just doing what priest said to him…that’s all….then again both sat down and priest chanted the mantras again…then priest called annie for tied the knot in dulha and dulhan’s dupatta…..


annie did it and then priest again said them to stood up for the 7 pheras… both stood up and starts waking around the fire…in first 4 pheras maan is walking first and geet is following him and then in last 3 pheras geet waked first and maan followed her.. after then both again sat down there and priest said to maan that tied this manglasutra around her neck,,,  he nodded and took the manglasutra in his hand.. while priest chanted the mantras… maan tied the manglasutra around her neck…. His fingers touched her neck and she felt his cold fingers on her bare skin….his cold fingers  sending shivers down in her spines…. She felt her body is almost jolted with his slight touch of his fingers…what happen when he… her thoughts are going wild..she snapped her thoughts when priest again said to maan that filled bride’s maang with the sindoor, taking sindoor in the ring… he nodded….


Tanya came forward and uncovered her face from the veil…. She bent down her head but maan is not interested in seeing her face.. he didn’t look at her face not once…his whole concentration on her maang which he is going fill with the sindoor…  he only can see her white skin nothing more… he took sindoor in the ring and filled her maan with it… her heart beats raised when he filled her maang.. now she became his in her eyes birth…  maan and geet are became one for the next 7 birth… tanya again covered her face with the veil and both stood up and took blessing first from the priest and then from the dadi and then took blessings from geet’s father….  Geet hugged everyone and cried her heart out because she is leaving them..and going to start a new life with her husband….







maan and geet are became one for the next 7 birth… tanya again covered her face with the veil and both stood up and took blessing first from the priest and then from the dadi and then took blessings from geet’s father….  Geet hugged everyone and cried her heart out because she is leaving them..and going to start a new life with her husband….

Everyone left from there and went to the hotel… dadi, annie, geet and maan were left there in KM… annie and dadi took geet with them and went to the mandir… maan went away from there , he couldn’t stand there, he couldn’t bare the sight any more…  he went in outhouse for checking sameera…  dadi told her that lit the diya(candle) in mandir and shot a small prayer… 3 ladies sat there and geet lit the diya as dadi said to her… and she sang a very beautiful song which she learnt from her mother… her sweet voice echoed everywhere in the whole mansion.. even the servants also came there and bind there hands in front of god… dadi and annie became very happy.. their heart filled with happiness after getting a  bahu like her… but dadi is really feeling very bad and sad too… she is really very worried for her when she get to know the truth what will happen? This sweet girl deserved the best things like she is the best girl… annie is also very happy after getting a bhabhi like her… annie really likes her no no she starts loving her as her own sister…

Geet is also very happy… she married with maan.. her dream man… her life… and annie is a very sweet girl.. she talked with annie numerous time in this week and she is really very sweet… she also blabbered like her.. she smiled thinking about how much she talked and here annie too.. now she got a company with whom she can talk….and dadi , she is also very sweet… and maan… she blushed while doing prayer… she left her thought in mid and concentrate on the prayer… the prayer went well and she took blessings from dadi.. dadi kissed on her forehead and gave her a present because she did her first aarti in khurana mansion, in her sausuraal…. She gave her a very pretty bangle and the rubies in pink & maroon color , white  diamonds were on there… it’s really a special bangle… it’s maan’s mother’s bangle… and dadi gave it to her bahu who is really like maan’s mother..  very sweet and beautiful… and she is so nave also as maan’s mother…

After that annie went in her teasing mode but dadi made her understand that don’t do any masti with maan… she said okay to her but she can do with her bhabhi… her face twinkled in joy and annie led geet in maan’s room… which is decorated ravishingly by annie…  it was a huge room like a hall… her face was covered with veil so that she couldn’t saw it properly but she saw the king size bed in the mid of the room… covered with red rose petals…white & black satin bedsheet on it…with matching pillows and duvet… circular in shape but still in king size… the bed rim was decorated with lavender and orchids and candles were all over in the room… the thought by itself tickling her… she felt her legs are shaking and she clutched the side of her lehanga…. Annie teased her and tickled her…. She is teasing her continuously with the name of maan…. Whenever maan’s name fell in her ear she felt goose bumps in her stomach… annie made her sit mid in the bed and she sat beside her…  annie wants to made her comfortable so that she left the topic of maan and starts her blabbering about herself and about her friends… she told her everything…

Annie-you know bhabhi… I want to enjoy my life fully but you know maan bhai.. he didn’t allow me late night parties… he never allowed me to go anywhere with those chipku bodyguards… I really hate them… geet smiled at her thinking about her life before the marriage.. how her dad also doesn’t allow her late night parties and those bodyguards… uff… she knows only how she managed them …..

Geet- annie, he really loves you that’s why he did all this… annie looked at her how come she knew about this?

Annie-aapko kaise pate chala bhabhi?

Geet-because my life was also the same as yours.. those bodyguards.. and I was not also allowed to late night parties but my brother & friends buttered a lot my dad and he agreed…. You know jo humse pyaar karte hai unhe darr hota hai hame kho dene ka isliye hum par restrictions lagate hai… kabhi bhi unhe bandishein mat samajhna… everyone has their own way to express theirslef, their love….

Annie-wow bhabhi… thanks a lot ..!! you are the best you know… and she hugged her…

Geet-why this thanks?

Annie- because I always thought that bhai restrict me all the time and he doesn’t love me much but you proved me wrong…. Thanks a lot…. Both smiled at each other and again annie start teasing her because now she is going and maan will come here…. Near you… she became red with the thought and annie laughed at her plight…. She covered her face again with veil and went away… she curled her toes feeling burning sensation in her body…  her beats pacing rapidly in anticipation…. She is so much nervous… first time maan will see her….  What he will say? What will he do? What she will say or do? So many question running in her mind… she bit her lip , calming herself.. everything will be fine… she never talked with maan… what will he ask to her? What she will reply to him? She has so many talks which she wanted to do with him… about herself.. she wanted to know about him… oh god the time is not moving a little bit… just then she heard the click the knob of door… and the door slightly opened…

she can  see someone is there… she can see the shadow of a person.. may be maan is there… she clutched her fingers tightly… she can see from her veil that someone entered in the room… maan entered in the room… and then closed the door & locked it too… his heart beats rapidly seeing his wife sitting in the mid on the bed covering her face with the veil… he can see only her toes and hands which are uncovered… the milky white skin.. he has not any plan to do anything with her but he lost himself in her white skin… slowly-2 he move towards the bed and stood beside the bed… she knew he is here just beside the bed… she bit her lip again…. Maan has lost what he wanted to talk with her… he sat on the bed beside her feet…. He moved his hand and touched her uncovered toes… she felt shivers… her breath caught in her  throat….

She knew where they are heading…. Maan uncovered her face with his shivering hands.. he doesn’t know why he is shivering…. When he saw her angelic face he forgot everything…he forgot he is here to tell her that he don’t want this marriage but he  just lost in her beauty… he is socking her beauty from his naked eyes… he never saw any beautiful girl like her….  She raised her lashes and saw his husband’s face…  her upper body move rapidly up & down… maan move slight close to her and cupped her face in his palms… she closed her eyes… he lost himself in her white skin and he pressed his lips on hers… her breath caught in her lungs and she forgot to take the breath… automatically her hands on her shoulder and clutched his neck.. his hands moved on her waist and he feel the bare skin of her waist… the soft milky white skin like a buttery soft… he was nibbling her lips and she was also nibbling his lips… he pressed his body on hers and both laid down on the bed… he was on hers… he left her lips and moved to her neck… he sucked her collarbone and bite there…. She clutched his hairs in pain but pleasure also she was feeling…. His one hand was on her waist and another hand was rubbing her arm… slowly-2 he take off her all jewels and take off her duppata too.. she was giving herself to him… she love him to the core… she is his now… his wife… his life partner, his soul mate…. He looked at her for a moment for thinking what he is doing right or wrong? He doesn’t know… she moaned his name and this made him crazy…

he opened her hairs and dipped his head in her hairs feeling her scent…. Her fragrance which is making him insane… she rolled down and she laid by her stomach on the bed… he move towards her and smiled… he opened the knot of her blouse and she blushed furiously…. Slowly-2 he opened the hook of her blouse and her back became bare only the strap of her bra was there… he caress her back with his cold fingers sending chills down in her body…  he removed her blouse from her shoulder and kissed there… same he did with her another shoulder…. He removed his sherwani in a fraction of a second and his vest too… he was bare from his upper body… she turned on bed and saw his broad firm chest.. she is gaping at his body… he removed her blouse and now she is bare in her bra only in front of him… he removed her bra also and he was looking at her curves.. he hold them in his hand for feeling them… she fell her head backward continuously moaning his name in pain and pleasure….

His hands placed by his lips… he took her curves in his mouth and sucked them them…. His another hand kneaded the pink buds, she felt pain because his kneading continuously but feeling pleasure also because he is nibbling her nipples…  he moved to another curve and did the same with it… she dig her nails in his back… he moved to her navel and kissed there.. nibbled her skin with his hungry lips… he opened the knot of her lehanga… he stood up and unbuckled his belt , opened his pants in no time… he again laid on her and slid her lehanga down on her thighs with his hands while he was kissing her on her lips… he removed her lehanga totally from her legs… he saw her slender sexy legs…. Only one cloth was there… his hands move towards it and slid down on her thighs… he slid his boxers too and he set himself between her legs and entered inside her without any delay,,, he captured her lips .. she was crying and moaning in his mouth while she is scratching his back with her nails and fingers… he was rocking gently while his hand roaming on her bare body…


Why you saved my life maan? Yeh din dekhne ke liye mai zinda kyu bach gayi? Kyo bachaya aapne mujhe? Isse to achha mai usi din mar jaati…. Kam se kam aaj aap apni zindagi me khush to rehte…!!! and she cried with hiccups covering her mouth with her palm….

Fanaa Hum Mohobbat mein Teri~part 1-5

Part 1



The environment is heated by their non stop argument….this is their daily routine.. daily they argue on one topic and landed …with a cold war between dadi and maan…. Annie is the one who is silent observer.. who listens their argument silently…..

Dadi-sameera sameera aur sameera… I hate this sameera… I don’t want this girl in your life… Maan-dadi pls… I love her…she needs me…!! Dadi-she needs you.. no maan she is ruining your life… Maan:i don’t care… he said in frustrating voice… Dadi-you don’t care but I am… you have to move on with someone in your life.. Maan-oh please.. not again.. don’t start this topic again..…now again this topic which is irritating him more… Dadi-when it finished so I am starting this again…. But dadi is correct on her place…. Maan-why can’t you leave this topic? Dadi-and why can’t you leave her?. Annie-bhai please.. calm down.. pls listen to dadi for once… she is telling him with some hopes but she knew how stubborn his brother… he never listen to anyone… Maan-annie you too… even you are not understanding my situation… Annie-nahi.. bhai it’s not like that.. I was just… but maan cut her…. Maan-goto your room now…. Annie-but bhai..?

Maan-didn’t you listen me? He was in very angry tone…annie get back to her room immediately with long face… he was very furious…

Dadi-maan, what is this? How can talk to her like this? Now she became more angry.. first he is fighting with her and then he scold annie…

Maan-I didn’t mean that.. sorry…

Dadi-sorry for what maan?

Maan-dadi please stop it… I am going to office.. maan left from there  leaving behind dadi furious….


Maan sat in his office. tensed. …not sure what was really bothering him….one side his love and one side his dadi… both needed him but how can he make both happy? He is very disturbed… not sure what to do… ? he closed his eyes for few minutes, took some deep breath for calming his mind from so many tension…  then suddenly his secretary walks in.

Pinky-sir it’s the Dr! she said in her shivering voice because she knew maan sir is in his angry mode.. but when he is calm.. he always in anger…

Maan: is she alright? Maan asked in panic… he was very worried for her…

Pinky-she went out of control again…. Maan left immediately from the office…..Maan drove there first as he could…. Worried sick…..he is in panic….Maan ran in to the mental hospital…

Dr: I am sorry sir. She went out of control again…he looked down…

Maan: you can leave her with me….

Dr: you are the only one who she listens…

Maan: thanks dr…. Maan slowly walks in… He could see her hand. Covered with blood….like she hurt herself… Her hair was a mess….struggling with nurses…  Mumbling something in her mouth not sure what?… Maan looked at her painful eyes….

Maan: leave from here.. he said to nurses.. they left from there alone both in room….

Maan-look at me… it’s me maan….She slowly walked out of the dark… she was in totally mess….where is my son? Is he still in hospital? Where is he? Is rahul looking after him properly? he can’t sleep at night without me. Is he sleeping well? Maan… Is he sleeping well? Does he go in bed on time? she asked question non stop… without any pause…..Maan walks towards her slowly… Brings her to his embrace. Maan was trying his best to control his tears… but some alone tears came are on his eye lids…

Maan: he is alright sam…. he is alright. Rahul is doing a great job. You don’t worry. I am there to look after him as well….. Sameera smiled… then why he doesn’t come and see me? It’s his birthday today. You know how much he loves his birthday cake….. you know maan he likes chocolate cake… I always fed him chocolate cake… how much he loves when I fed him… Maan nodes sadly…… maan is rahul sending him school? She paused for a little then again said no no, maan tell to rahul don’t send him in school.. now he is very small…. How can he manage all alone… I should be  there na for him.. she cutely talking to maan about his son…  maan is silently listening her talks…

Sam: I want to go home…. She repeated few time… I want to go home….i want to go home… Then suddenly she started to demand… Then scream…..

Maan: sam look at me… Please sam… Just look at me….  Her eyes was moist. She was crying so much that her eyes seems to give up on her…. She was very tired…  Maan couldn’t bare it any longer… he is breaking from inside seeing his sam like this… who has not her sense not anymore…. He couldn’t…. He couldn’t see her in this state. NOT any more. ….Not after everything happened with her… what fault of hers she is bearing all this….  He takes her with him….. he went to the doctor and tell him his decision…..

Dr: per sir…? He knew maan can do anything for her…

Maan: I want a private doctor and 4 nurse round my mansion immediately…. I will treat her my self…

Dr: per it will be risky!

Maan: I don’t care… she is going with me….

Dr: sir please try to understand…. She can’t survive there….

Maan: enough,,  Dr and 4 nurses…. He ordered to the doctor…. Dr couldn’t say much as this whole mental hospital run by his company…. Some another hospitals also run by his charity….maan went to sam…. She is still telling him that she want to go home… she want to see her son, her husband….maan hugs her for calming her……. Maan takes her in to the outhouse….  Nurses gives her a shower… All ready and fresh…then They take her out…..She was still mumbling something…. Something about her son…. But that was not audible… Maan wasn’t sure what she was mumbling? What she was trying to say but yes she want to say him something…. Dr was about to give her some sleeping pill… But maan stops them…..

Maan: she needs to learn to sleep naturally….

Dr: but sir… She won’t!

Maan: I don’t care. She needs to learn to sleep naturally… by herself….

Dr: this will take you forever….. Last time she was wake for three days…..

Maan-I’don’t care… this is for her sake.. she have to learn sleep by herself….


Maan: leave!.... Maan and sam was in room alone….. She wore a White long dress. Still talking about her son and husband….

Maan: sam… Sam….? Sam looks back at him… She was quit. Not loud like she was in asylum…. She is calm now….

Maan: you are at home now…. Sam became happy and stood up searching her son here and there in the room….

Sam: where is my son?? Searching below the bed, behind curtains…. Ohh yes maan.. he is playing hide and seek with me… vedanta… where are you? Come see mama is here for you….

Maan: he is fine. he will be here in few weeks time. They are specially coming to visit you…

Sam: but I want to see him now…. She is throwing tantrums now….

Maan: he wants you to do a favor… he asked her is a soft voice… with some hopes.. hope that she will agree with his excuse….

Sam: favor??? She started to sit on the floor acting like a 6 years old…. Maan looked away… couldn’t bare the sight of his sam….. She have gone mad. Insane. … behaving like a child now… ohh god what happened to his sam… he looked away not able to watch the sight….He couldn’t bare to look at her… But he needs to… he needs to look after her…. He needs to look at her for her better future…. For her sake…

Maan: he wants you to sleep tonight….  Sleep peacefully….. Sam nodes smilingly at him but still wants to meet his son….…. Maan had some weird effect on her… He knew well how to make her listen… he knew everything about her after all he loves her so much… he can do anything for her…. She never refused anything that is said by maan… Nothing and maan couldn’t ignore her. He loved her too much. He was forced to put her in mental asylum by Dadi. He had enough. He couldn’t do this anymore. Day after day her health started to become worse….. Maan possibly could not let that happen. He have taken decision… It’s him who will look after her from now on…..maan is caressing her hair with so much love making her sleep…..Sam falls sleep in few minutes…… Dadima furious…. Maan slowly walks out closing the door behind….

Dadima: what is this? Humne aapse kaha tha hamein ye ladki aapke sath nahi chahiye fir bhi aap isey yaha le aaye…..

Maan: Dadima please…

Dadima: no! I won’t tolerate this….. She is mad and needs to be in mental asylum. You are not the dr who can treat her…..


argument continues





Maan: she only listens to me! she needs me’.


Dadima: I don’t care maan’.she have to go from here’


Maan: but I do. I love her. i can’t see her like this’


Dadima: don’t forget she was married and has one child. She decided to leave you’.


Maan: she loved him’but I also love her’. I can’t leave her in this situation’.


Dadima: I had enough. I don’t care anymore’.mrs. chopra suggest one girl for you’.


Maan: I am not marrying anyone’.. He turns round in frustration. he couldn’t marry anyone. he will not marry anyone’ he can’t ruin anyone’s life’. He just couldn’t’

Dadima: you have to’.. I am not letting her ruin your life’. Dadi is firm on her decision now’ now she won’t leave maan’ he have to agree for the marriage’.

Maan: I don’t care Dadima’.. She is my life. She is everything to me’ I can’t live without her’.


Dadima: why don’t you understand’ She could never be better’..


Maan: Dadima’I know who is better for me or who is not.. I am not a child anymore’

Try to look through her eyes’straight in her eyes’.

She was about to lose her child’ . Her husband was dead in-front of her eyes’ right in front of her’ She was so so’

.Maan stopped straight way. Tears started to roll down his eyes. He couldn’t bare this pain anymore’. No more words are coming out from his mouth.. he was in so much pain.. no one can understand him.. no one can understand his situation’ he is very disturbed mentally’

Maan: I can’t leave her. She needs me’.


Dadima: I don’t care what you are planning’ But I wont ruin your life like this. I won’t. Never. You will marry within a month. Her name is G’.

 before dadi told him her name maan cut her

Maan: I am not marrying her’ I am not interested’. I don’t want to ruin her life’.


Dadi stood there looking at his grandson. Thoughtless’.. After knowing every fact about her life’ how could he still love her unconditionally’. She has a child.. she was married and now she is widow’ how can he love her so much’ she is trying to digest the fact but couldn’t.. she can’t see her grandson like this..

Dadi: you will not ruin her life’. You will move on with her’

Maan: I am not marrying anyone Dadi. No one’. he shouts in anger and pain. 

 ‘no one understood him. no one. how could anyone think like this specially after knowing what went through him and sameera.?Maan was about to walk in’dadi came towards him and  Dadi blocks his way’

Dadi: if you don’t marry Geet you have to walk over my dead body in to this room’.

Maan: DADIMA! maan was furious now. .. he shouted in pain’ how can she do this to me? She is blackmailing me’ my own dadi’  he thought’.

Dadi: I am waiting for your answer’.

maan: what type of behavior is this? maan retorted’..

Dadima: I am waiting for your answer maan’. And I am very serious maan’ don’t take it as a joke’.

Maan: Dadima!

  Maan knew well how stubborn his Dadima is and top of it she is a heart patient and diabetic patient too’ He can’t risk it’. She is surviving on medicines’.

Maan: ok’ maan closed his eyes with that answer’.. with so much pain’..if he can’t lose his dadi maa’.


Dadima smiled and walked way to prepare everything’.Maan walked in’ Looking at Sameera sleeping peacefully’..  He sat down next to her and started to brush her hair lovingly’. Tears rolled down his eyes’.


He looked way to hide them’ but couldn’t’ tears rolled down’ why this happening with him? Only him.. why this is happening with his sameera? What was her fault’? nothing’ he rested his head on the bed rim and went in his deep thought’. How can he brink back his sameera.. ?like she was in college’.


A chirpy, sharp minded girl’ and today the sight of hers is unbearable’. How she became like this’. Dadi went in annie’s room for giving her the good news’. Today  dadi is at cloud nine.. her wish is going to fulfill’. His stubborn grandson has been agreed for the marriage’.


Next morning’.

Handa Villa’.

A girl came calling geet’.. geet’ geet where are you?

Tanya(toasty) came there from the kitchen hearing her voice’arey alka,

Alka-hey bhabhs’. Good morning’.

Tanya gave alka her angry look that means don’t call her bhabhs.. call me bhabhi’  alka understood her look that what it means’.

Alka-okay.. sorry sorry’ next time se bhabi’. Good morning bhabhi’.

Tanya-that’s better’ good morning’. Itni subah-2 yaha?

Alka-bhabhi’ ye mera ghar hai.. mai yaha kabhi bhi aa sakti hu’.

Tanya smiled at her’.

Tanya-ha ha’ but aaj kuch special..?

alka got excite’ she hold her by her shoulder and made her round’. Both are laughing madly’. Arey alka’what’s the matter?

Alka-bhabhi kal Vicky ka b’day hai.. I am so excited’.

Tanya-ya.. I know.. kal Vicky hai b’day hai’. But kuch khaas‘.. she is in teasing mood’.

Alka-bhabhi’  why are you teasing me’. ?Tanya giggled knowing the truth’.. achha ye sab chhodiye’ where is geet?

Tanya smiled at her’ alka knew her smile means’. Don’t tell me’. Alka said’. Tanya nodded’. Iska matlab ye hai ki maharani sahiba abhi tak so rahi hai? Tej said’.

Alka-bhaiya.. s

he went hug him.. tej also hug her back’  I knew that maharani is sleeping’ alka replied 

Tej-achha’ tum dono kya baatein kar rahi thi’?. He suspect on them’.

Alka’s eyes widen in fear’ what she will tell him now’. Then tanya replied to him’.

Nothing’ girl’s talk’ don’t interfere between us’ understood’.

Alka sighed in relief’. And tej gave her a suspect look but can’t do much’. As she strictly said don’t interfere in girl’s matter’.

Tej-waise, why are you so happy? Tej divert the topic’

Alka-bhaiya.. kal Vicky ka b’day hai.. pate nahi iss geet ne preparation ki ya nahi? I am so worried’

Tej-I am sure.. usne preparation kar li hongi’.

Alka-bhaiya’ aap hamesha usi ki side lete hai.. kabhi to meri bhi side liya kijiye.. she pouted cutely’

Tanya thought in her mind.. lo ho gaya dono ka drama shuru’

Tej-aisa nahi hai’ mai teri side bhi to leta hu… you forgot’ 

 he is trying to escape from alka 

Alka-haawww’ you lier’ she hit him on his shoulder.. aapne kab meri side li?

Tanya-tum dono jhagda karo.. mai chali kitchen me‘.she knew that inn dono ke bich iska mixture banne wala hai’  Alka stopped her.. no bhabhi.. wait’ you can’t go like that’ Tanya sat there’ achha to bhaiya tell me when you took my side?

Tej-arey kal li thi na’ maine tera and geet ka matter solve kiya tha’ wo white dress wala’.

Alka-aapne meri nahi geet ki side li thi’ she went to Tanya and sat beside her and start buttering her’ bhabhi.. please give me that white dress’ I want to wear that tomorrow’

Tanya shook her head and said no’ now tej leaned back to couch and watching their drama’.

Alka-bhabhi please’. You don’t like these type of dresses’ aap kya karogi uss dress ka?

Tanya-no’ wo dress mere tej ne mujhe di hai’. She smiled at tej’.

Alka-haan.. mujhse and geet se lekar’ 

Tanya-wo dress tej ne mujhe itne pyaar se di hai..

we bought that dress and credit goes to bhaiya’ not fair’. Alka said’.

Tanya-arey mai nahi de sakti’. Mere tej ne di hai’.

Alka-haan’ don’t fly so hight bhabhi’.we bought that dress and bhaiya gave you’ aap kya karoge uss dress ka’… please give me na..

Tanya-no.. if I give you then geet will fight with me’ and I knew geet very well’. so it will be better if that dress in my wardrobe’.. mera wardrobe bhi thoda achha lagega na’.

Alka-that’s not fair bhabhi’.

Tanya-jo bhi ho’. Alka made a baby face’

Alka-bhabhi please’.. she is hoping last time’..

Tanya- no means no.. my hubby gave me with so much love’

Tej-sachi  wifey’ tej hug tanya by side ways’..

Tanya-muchi hubby’.. and a eye lock between them’..

Alka-ahem ahem’.

Both came from their dream land’.. please both of you postpone your romance till night’. 

 Both embarrased’. ab jab tak geet nahi uthegi to hame breakfast nahi milega kya? Tej asked diverting the topic’..me and dad getting late for the office…

Alka-chalo geet ko uthate hai’ trio get excite and move towards geet’s room’. She is sleeping on her round shape bed.. white bedsheet’  rose flowers wallpaper on walls and white colour on background on walls’

(pls imagine this bed in circular shape)



sleeping at edge of the bed’



trio is laughing mutely because they know what they are going to do’. After that it’ll like that someone spread the laughing gas on them’ trio sat on the bed beside her’ side by side they 3 sat and move towards geet’s ear and scream in her ear’. MAAAN’ geet slide down immediately from the bed on the floor’

precap vicky’s b’day

Alka-chalo geet ko uthate hai… trio get excite and move towards geet’s room…. She is sleeping on her round shape bed.. white bed sheet…  rose flowers wallpaper on walls and white colour on background on walls… sleeping at edge of the bed… trio is laughing mutely because they know what they are going to do…. After that it’ll like that someone spread the laughing gas on them… trio sat on the bed beside her… side by side they 3 sat and move towards geet’s ear and scream in her ear…. M A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A N… geet slide down immediately from the bed on the floor….trio fell back on the bed holding their stomach from such a funny scene.. daily they did this to geet.. sometime alka, sometime tanya or sometime tej even her dad too but 1 time in a year and that day is a full of masti for whole family because mr, handa did prank on his daughter…… but there is one person who save s her and that is arjun.. her first best friend and like a brother also… but sometimes he also did this with her.. because they all knew that how much geet sleep… she woke up around 9, 10, 11 am in the morning and only this is first & last option for waking her up…. Only this way left… tanya daily came to wake her up but daily she said bhabhi only 5 mins more.. only 5 mins… at-last they have to use this way otherwsie she is not going to get up…. She slide down from the bed on floor just beside of bed but a smile on her face hearing maan’s name…. trio are laughing furiously on geet’s condition.. it’s like a daily comedy circus for them…  she slowly-2 rub her eyes and some laughing sound fell in her ear… her ears started behaving like a dog’s ear.. sharp ears… that made her realized that again her family did prank on her…. Her eyes widen open and she glared on them that make them shut… while Tanya and alka put their fingers on their lips but tej is no where to stop.. he is laughing still holding his stomach like someone spread laughing gas on him but on the other side someone spread anger gas on geet…. She took the cushion from the bed and move towards tej but tej is laughing closing his eyes…. She stood beside him and started beating him while Tanya & alka burst in to laugh… looks like a mother beating her child but here a sister is beating her big brother… that sounds different but in handa villa this is common… pillow fight is normal in brother and sister…

Tej-geet, what are you doing?  pls stop it na… now geet will not stop this.. how can tej utter a word now after laughing on her… that makes her furious but a serious types anger.. her anger is like hawa ka jhoka.. jo kab aaya aur kab gaya pate hi nahi chalta… still Tanya & alka sat there putting their finger on their lips but giggling mutely on tej’s condition…

Geet-no I’ll not stop beating you.. you laugh on me… how can u bro? tej ran from the bed in whole room and geet is behind him running talking cushion along with her beating him but tej is too fast for her.. he ran downstairs and geet behind him , alka & Tanya also behind them…

Geet-maan ke naam se uthana to theek hai but you all laugh on me.. now I’ll not spare you… she said pointing a finger to him… she is running in whole villa in her white satin short and a pink loose hanging sleeveless top.. hairs are messed up,, bare foot and cushion in her hand… I am just like a kid written on her top.. yeah she is like a kid but sometimes otherwise she is too mature after the death of her mom…  her father is sitting in hall reading the newspaper and he  saw all this.. tej ran towards him and hid behind him… she stop on her way and glared at him…

Tej-meri maa… chhod de…. these both are also laughing at you.. you didn’t said anything to them.. why specially me? Now this line divert her mind to her bhabhi & her best friend… who stood at the corner watching their drama….she turned to them and both gulped hard seeing her glaring eyes…. She loves that she get up after hearing maan’s name but that doesn’t mean that someone laugh at her.. chahe koi bhi ko.. even her family also… but sometimes she forgives them and happily got ready without creating any fuss…. Geet knowingly behave like a kid because she wants to see all happy… yet she is too mature than her age… understands the situations, circumstances… loves her friends and family and maan too…  her family and friends knew that how much she is crazy about maan… if someone tell anything rubbish about maan in-front of her then she gave a straight punch on the face of that person… her room is full of maan’s pics… she has renovated her room specially for maan.. one wall is plain and she has arranged maan’s pics on it…  uthte,baithte, sote , jaagte huye,, everytime she saw his pics lovingly…  drawers are filled with maan’s articles, his interview pics etc etc.. it’s been 4 years she is been like this… tanya, her bhabhi is like a mother for her.. when geet needed a mother’s love that time tanya is there for her.. she pampered her a lot and help her to came out in guilt… guilt for that mistake she did unknowingly … that was the worst part of her life… may be  destiny and fate wants this from her life.. she is regretting after that night… she did her best but she was unable…  whenever she saw that night in her dream she shivered badly… her whole body starts shaking… but who knows god is bringing more worst part in her life and she doesn’t know about this.. she is lost in her world… in her friends… in her family… and top of that in maan’s dreams…  destiny and fate, these two things … we can never fought with them…  our destiny and fate decide the things which are in our future…  our happiness and our sorrows are in hands of destiny and fate… destiny and fate plays a vital role in our life… we can never change it, never fight with it….

Mr. handa-geet beta now stop this… aaj ke liye kafi hai… baki ka kal continue karna….  she nodded cutely at her dad…. And hugged her bro sweetly and he too hugged her back.. he is holding his ears and geet is laughing at him.. even alka too laughing at him…  can we get some breakfast Tanya? Mr. handa said..


Mr. mohinder handa… a great and powerful businessman… loving and caring by his nature.. loved his family a lot… pamper his daughter a lot… yet he is a strict businessman…. Never tolerate mistakes from employees… he is strict but has a soft heart also towards the employees… always he pay attention towards the needs of employees… after the death of his wife, he became very lonely but geet, tej and Tanya never made him felt like alone in this world.. all loves him a lot…




Tanya-yes papa… bas abhi laayi…

Mr. handa-please make it fast.. we are getting late to office… 

Tanya-yes papa.. give me 5 mins… she said this and left to kitchen while geet & alka talking to tej about the vicky’s party and mr handa is reading newspaper…  geet is not allowed to late night parties but this is vicky’s birthday… and every year they had a great fun on this day but they get lots of restrictions on this day and they are scolded very much by their elders on the birthday of Vicky… geet & alka cribbing and making faces to tej but tej is ignoring them because he knew that if he gave permission to them then he is the one who will caught by his dad but there is no escape for him… he will not allowed to go with them.. if he goes with them then they will not do fun because of tej but there is one person who can handle these two but on vicky’s birthday he will be in geet’s team…

Geet-bro please,,, give permission na…. she whispers…making a very cute and innocent face… tej looked at her face and went in deep thought…

Alka-bhaiya please… for me… you know na why I am asking this to you…. Looked at him with so much hopes….

Tej-ok ok let me talk to dad…. Both sighed in little relief because tej took a one step ahead… he scratched his head and lift himself from his seat and went towards to his dad… both girls crossed their fingers in hopes and looked at their brother and dad from their corner of their eyes…

Tanya-papa, breakfast is ready.. come and have it… all come and sat down on the dining table.. while geet is going to take the apple but Tanya hit her hand…

Geet-ouch bhabhi…  I am just eating apple…. While rubbing her hand….

Tanya-go and brush your teeth first then have it… tej and alka giggled mutely at geet condition.. she can’t have anything before brushing her teeth… Tanya never let her take anything before brushing teeth… this is the rule for her but daily she broke it and then gave up… actually she did this daily knowingly because she can listen little bit daant from her bhabhi who scold her like a mother… this is saying that if life is full of sweetness then life became little boring.. so little spice should be there…  a relation should be full of sweet & spice…  geet left from there to her room…. On the other hand in khurana mansion…

On the breakfast table…. Maan , dadi and annie are there and taking their breakfast silently….then dadi spoke to maan..

Dadi-maan.. today I am going to take your marriage proposal… maan stop eating immediately and looked at dadi with anger but composed himself and replied in his cold tome..

Maan-do whatever you want.. I am not interested… he left his food in mid and left to outhouse bringing breakfast for sameera…..

Annie-dadi, where bro is taking this food? She doesn’t know anything about sameera till yet that sameera in outhouse…

Dadi-annie bte.. actually that food  is for sameera… annies choked her food and coughed… what dadi? What is sameera doing in out house? She couldn’t believe it that sameera is there… how ?

Dadi-haan annie… kal hi wo yaha aayi hai.. she said in a very sad tone because maan didn’t listen anything of hers.. but she is happy that maan is agreed for the marriage…

Annie-but dadi, didn’t you stop bro?

Dadi-I tried my best bte but you know your brother.. how stubborn he is…!!  He didn’t listen anything of me… but I am happy that he will get married to my choice…

Annie-ok dadi.. I’ll go with you when you’ll go to meet HANDA’s… I want to meet my would be bhabhi…

Dadi-annie-abhi kuch baat nahi huyi hai.. first let me know about their views then I’ll tell you.. ok..

Annie-ok dadi… I ma going to college.. she kissed dadi’s cheek and left to her college…

Handa villa

Geet came down after take a bath… all are surprised that today she came after taking a bath… but alka, tej & Tanya knew that why all this.. she wants to buttering her dad for taking the permission for the party and that too late night… she signaled to her bro that start the conversation to dad… tej nodded and he was about to start to say dad when a voice came behind…

Kisi ko baat karne ki jarurat nahi hai.. mai hoon na… geet became happy because she knew who is this and now everything will be fine… she ran in her full speed and hugged him..

Geet-umm umm ummm….. that person said what..??

All burst in laugh because toast in her mouth and she is trying to say something….  She made a baby face.. all are laughing at her…

Mr. handa-geet first.. finish your toast then speak something.. we are unable to understand alien’s language… all are giggling at her and she gulped the toast immediately and said.. what do you mean dad that I am an alien? How can you think like this about me dad? She said this showing her fake anger and that person took her side… all know ye to hona hi tha…




Marriage proposal and vicky’s birthday


Mr. handa geet first.. finish your toast then speak something.. we are unable to understand alien’s language… all are giggling at her and she gulped the toast immediately and said.. what do you mean dad that I am an alien? How can you think like this about me dad? She said this showing her fake anger, resting her hands on her hips pouting her lips…..  and that person took her side… all know ye to hona hi tha…

All laughed at her plight…. She ran and hug arjun by side ways…




he too hugged her back… all are looking at both of them… their relation is beyond of their thoughts…in a minute both fought with each other and in another minute both hug to each other… both can’t live without pulling each other’s leg…. And same relation with alka but arjun cares about geet more than alka & vicky…

Tej-ahem ahem… tej cleared his throat…. All looked at him…what he is upto….


Arjun.. hum bhi hai yaha… agar get se milna ho gaya ho to humse milne me koi harz nahi hai….. arjun smiled at hive him….

Atjun-don’t worry tej… abhi geet se proper to mil lu…. Geet showed him her cute dimples…  good morning uncle…

Mr. handa-good morning arjun….come arjun.. have breakfast….  Arjun nodded…. And all went to dinning table…. Geet signaled to arjun… and he assured her… he will take permission to uncle… tej and Tanya and alka looking at them.. tej sighed in relief… now arjun will take the permission….

Mr. handa-arjun.. hows is business going on? Uff geet looked at her dad…. Again business talks… yeah she also business but now other things are most important except of business.. she made a irritated face….

Arjun-uncle, business is going good… some new projects are lined up.. and a big project is coming.. and you know geet before arjun tell her about the new project she  pinched to arjun….  Ouch… arjun jumped back… geet and alka giggled mutely at arjun.. and arjun rubbing his arm…..

Mr. handa-kya hua arjun? Arjun made an angry face to geet but behave normally to her dad…  nothing uncle… lagta hai some mosquito bite me… and passed an angry glare to geet who is giggling at his excuse but after then she frowned.. how can he call her mosquito….  She twisted her nose and looked at other side….


Arjun thought that now what happened to he? Ab maine kya kiya? He slowly whispers in her ears…if you will made these faces then I’ll not take permission to uncle…. And gave her his most killing smile…. But it is not affected at geet…. . her eyes popped open at his shart….


She gave him a look means.. okay okay..i’ll not made these faces but ask to  dad about the party…. Arjun sighed… he cleared his throat…. All looked at their plates and having their breakfast silently…. There is so much calmness…. Mr. Handa looked at arjun…. Arjun you want to say something? Her dad asked….


Arjun became little conscious….. he smiled a little and little worried too because mr. handa doesn’t like late night parties and that too in disc…

Arjun-hmm… actually uncle… who.. kal na Vicky ka b’day hai to….

Mr. handa-hmmm… I know that…while having his breakfast…  geet & alka looking at them from the corner of their eyes….

Arjun-actually uncle.. woh we wanted to celebrate his b’day at tonight at sharp 12 am….

Mr. handa-to isme new kya hai.. every year you  all did this then why are you becoming so formal…. Geet gulped her food immediately… tej is having fun and Tanya hit tej’s leg with her feet for having fun….

Arjun-nahi uncle.. permission lena bhi to jaruri hai na… he showed his sincerity to her dad… but he knew that her dad knows him too well….

Mr.handa-geet.. learn something from arjun…. Geet gave a nervous smile to her dad while glaring at arjun which makes him worried.. now he gone.. ab class pakki hai arjun ki… but before that permission is most important….

Arjun-uncle… kya hum sab Vicky ka b’day celebrate kar sakte hai… he paused a little and speak in meek voice…. Aaj raat disc me…. And closed his eyes little while geet & alka looked down immediately…. Tanya rolled her eyes.. why they all afraid from dad.. he is so sweet…. Her dad passed a angry glare to all then replied….

Mr. handa-lekin jaldi wapas aajana…. All became confused… all didn’t understand what he said… her dad laughed at all.. their faces are horrible…. Arey mera matlab hai you can celebrate his birthday but jaldi wapas aa jana…. Geet jumped in excitement , leaving her food behind and ran to her dad.. gave him a bone crushing hug…. Thank u thank u so much dad… she kissed him on his cheek…. He patted her back lovingly….

Arjun-bas bas get.. ek hug idhar bhi banta hai.. after all permission to mane li hai na…. she showed her cute dimples to him…. Awww my buddy…. She gave him a tight hug…. Alka also gave him gave.. now trio is hugging to each other…

Mr. handa-chalo chalo.. bahut  hua drama… geet goto  your college now and tej come with me to office…

Tej-yes dad… wait a min.. i have to pick my laptop.. just cone in few minutes….


Mr.handa-okay…come back in 5 mins…. Tej shook his head.. he want to do little romance with his beautiful wife but his dad is very possessive about business…. He headed towards his room ,took his laptop..

Geet-bye dad.. bye bro… have a good day… tej hugged her back and said you too….

Mr.handa-geet you and alka… both of you.. bahut huyi masti now do some study….

Geet-okay dad…. Alka said.. okay uncle…. Her dad and tej went to office ..

Arjun-geet…I am also going to office.. meet you at evening..and alka… evening me yahi par milna.. sab sath chalenge….

Alka-okay arjun.. I’ll be ready….now you go aur haan office me jayada kho mat jana.. bhul mat jana raat ko party hai….

Arjun-how can I forget that… after all hamare charm ki birthday party hai…now you both go to your college…. Mujhe koi laparwaahi nahi chahiye.. specially in your studies….

Geet-arjun.. please.. don’t behave like my dad… last night I was studying around 1 am…

Arjun-okay okay.. I don’t want any explanation.. go to college…. He said that and left to his office….and geet and alka went to college….


After one hour….

Mr. handa got a call on his cell….

Mr. handa-hello….

Dadi-hello… can I speak to mr. mohinder handa?

Mr. handa-yes.. speaking….

Dadi-mrs. Savutri khurana here from delhi….

Mr.handa-hello mrs. Khurana…. Hows you? He knows about khuranas because of business… once he met with her in a business party….also knew that maan is grandson of her.. but never met with him…

Dadi-I am good mr. handa…aur aap?

Mr.handa-I am also good… kahiye kaise phone kiya?

Dadi-actually mr. handa-hum aapse milna chahte the….

Mr.handa-is everything  fine?

Dadi-ha ha.. sab theek hai… kya hum aaj mil sakte hai…?

Mr. Handa-ha ha of course…

Dadi-to theek hai… hum dopahar tak Mumbai aa jayenge….

Mr.handa-okay mrs. Khurana… waise kuch important?

Dadi-ji… milkar batate hai….

Mr.handa-ji theek hai… hum intezaar karenge… aapko address to pate hai na?

Dady-ji ..ji bilkul… hum dopahar 3 bje tak pahunch jayenge…

Mr.handa-ji theek hai.. hum wait karenge…

Dadi-ek request thi aapse..

Mr.handa-ji kahiye…

Dadi-kya hum aapki beti geet se mil sakte hai…

Mr.handa-ji bilkul.. I’ll call her from college before you came…

Dadi-thank you…..and the call ended….

Dadi became very happy… she again called in air lines and booked an emergency ticket for two..(pls don’t tell me ki emergency tickets book hoti hai ya nahi because I don’t know about it…it’s my imagination only)  the flight is after 1 hour…she called to annie and told her about this.. annie became very excited about this… and she came early from the college…here mr. handa called to tej and told him everything…and then called to tanya…she became very happy that maan’s dadi is coming Is their home… he added in his talk to tanya that called geet early before noon because she wants to meet with her…  tanya called to geet..

Tanya-hello geet…!!!

Geet-hey bhabhi…. Why you called me at this time?

Tanya-geet…take a breath and let me talk first

Geet-okay bhabhi.. tell me what’s the matter?

Tanya-ok..listen me.. come home immediately….

Geet-but why bhabhi? Mera bahut imp lecture hai….

Tanya-geet…no more questions…. Ghar aa ja fir bataungi….

Geet-okay..bhabhi..coming but anything serious?

Tanya-nahi.. ghar aaja fir bataungi…. She said ok and after  1 hour she came home….

Geet asked to Tanya that why she called her home so early….

Tanya-geet..go and get ready..chal I’ll help you….

Geet- but why bhabhi….? Who is coming? Tanya went towards her and dragged her in her room while she is asking to her bhabhi continuously that who is coming? Tanya made her sit on the bed and whispers in her ear that maan ki dadi is coming….. her eyes widen open and her jaws dropped open… she stood up immediately and asked WHAT..!! but why?

Tanya-stupid… you should be happy that maan’s dadi is coming and ulta you are giving me shocking expressions….

Geet-but bhabhi… why she is coming to our home?

Tanya-I don’t know.. papa called me and told me that call you early at home.. she will be here till noon…

Geet-okay fine bhabhi..but what will I wear?

Tanya-I’ll help you…. Tanya opened her wardrobe and after lots of searching.. she found a very pretty baby pink colour suit with chudidaar…. See this.. it will be perfect on you.. and you will look a like princess in this dress….

Geet – okay bhabhi… I’ll wear it… she took the dress and went in washroom… Tanya went downstairs for doing the preparations….


Dadi called to maan and told him that she is going to Mumbai in handas for his marriage proposal…

Maan-dadi… I am not interested…. You know why I have agreed for this marriage.. so please don’t involve me in this whole matter….

Dadi-but maan?

Maan-I have cleared all things before so why are you telling me all this… do whatever you want.. I’ll marry with her…. He said all this in one go and cut the call…


dadi sighed and called to annie from her room.. she came downstairs running fastly because she is very excited to meet her would be bhabhi… she is so much thrilled.. she so much wanted a bhabhi with whom she will share her all secrets, her happiness, her sadness…. Everything which she doesn’t able to share with her brother… she really wanted a bhabhi who will be like her..chirpy, fun loving, bubbly, sweet nature and who can handle maan… she never liked sameera.. she was so happy when sameera get married to rahul but somewhere she felt bad for maan….but there was no fault of sameera also because maan never voice his love for her… so how she supposed to know that maan loves her but sam loves to rahul and rahul also loved to sameera.. both got married… maan shattered but never voice out because both are his best friends….


He always has feelings for sameera but never voice out but maan’s family knew that maan loves sameera.. but maan’s family didn’t like sameera because of her bitter nature… because of high society stuff…. Because of high standard….she never talked to those peoples who are poor.. who are nothing in front of her… she is very rich.. but there is no fault of her’s… her parents died in her early age and she was brought by her uncle who is care taker of her and her property too… she slowly-2 became a spoilt brat because lack of love… but she found love in rahul’s care…after she became 21, all property went on her name and she get married to rahul.. her uncle was so much greedy… never loved her.. but he died in a car accident after her marriage….


Maan’s family never liked her because of her rude behavior towards others….but maan loves her.. she never misbehaved with him.. she found a friend in him… and maan also a found a friend in him.. he was stunned with her personality and body language for the very first day in the college of post graduation…. Slowly both became  good friends then rahul entered in their group and trio became best friends.. sameera & rahul fallen in love with each other but maan left behind.. both never realized that maan also love sameera….

Annie and dadi left from delhi to Mumbai…. After 2 hours Mr.handa & tej also came at home…all checked the last time preparations and sighed in relief but all are tensed in one question that why she wants to meet with them and also with geet… and here dadi and annie came at their place….

Mr.handa, tej and Tanya greeted them with so much respect…. All made themselves comfortable on couch….

Mr.handa-kahiye mrs. Khuarana.. kaise aana hua?


Dadi-mr.handa, ji hum yaha apne pote maan ka rishta aapki beti geet  ke liye laye hai… all became stunned hearing that maan ka rishta geet ke liye… while annie is checking their house which is well decorated and very big too like their mansion… after all handas are also very rich peoples like khuranas…

Mr.handa-ji… maan ke rishta geet ke liye… aapne geet  ko dekha hai…. I mean achanak se…he is too shocked reacting on this matter at once.. 


Dadi smiled at him… she knew he will be shoked after hearing this…

Dadi-hamein pate hai ki aapko shock laga hai ye sunkar aur humse geet  ki photo dekhi hai… mrs. Chopra suggest me geet  for maan…. Isliye hum yaha par aaye hai…. Her dad sighed in little relief…

Mr.handa-ohh that’s okay…. Tanya.. geet ko bula lao… Tanya nodded and went upstairs for calling geet … she is waiting in her room anticipated…. Butterflies are dancing in her stomach that why she is coming to meet with us and why she wanted to meet with me… she is very nervous too.. biting her nails… Tanya came and saw her nervous state…

Tanya-don’t be so nervous my dear….

Geet-bhabhi..why she is here? Tell me please…he asked her in one go knotting the edge of her dupatta….

Tanya-relax dear…now your dream is going to be fulfilled…. She chuckled thinking that geet’s dream is going to be fulfilled.. she will get marry to maan.. her dream prince.. with her maan….

Geet-which dream bhabhi? What do you talking about? I am not getting anything… please tell me.. aur kaun aaya hai unke sath?


Tanya…. Geet geet..relax ho ja… maan ki dadi aur maan ki sister yaha aayi hai.. aur pata hai kyo? She made a curious face and asked why? Kyonki wo maan ka rishta lekar aayo hai tere liye.. Tanya said… geet got a shock of her life… she wanted this so much that she will be mrs.maan singh khurana and today this is going to be fulfill….  she blinked her lashes couple of times and cleared her ear with her fingers… she couldn’t believe that maan ka rishta uske liye aaya hai… haye she is almost dead thinking about this….

Tanya-ye expressions baad me dena.. pehle nichey chal.. they are waiting for you then unhe wapas delhi bhi jana hai…. She nodded nervously and went with her bhabhi downstairs…



Again same vicky’s b’day party

and maan going to mumbai



Her body is almost jolted with the thought that the maan’s alliance came for her… she is shcoked, shivered, feeling anxiety , feeling thrill , excitement, nervousness…. Every emotion a girl feel when any alliance came for her and here…her dream man’s alliance came for her.. she is at cloud9.. doesn’t know how to react… she wore a beautiful pink color suit with chudidaar.. looking an angel…. Straight hairs giving her more elegant look….




tanya took her with her downstairs…. She is looking down all the while not able to meet the gaze with anyone.. because she feared that if anyone will see the excitement in her eyes then what will that person think about her… her heart is throbbing again her chest rapidly… she froze for a moment if anyone will listen her rapid beats… ohh god she is so much conscious….  Dadi smiled widely after seeing geet…would be bahu of khurana khandaan… annie scanned her top to bottom and stunned seeing her beauty.. she is life a fairy for her..who came from the sky… she thought she is queen of beauty…. She is so much impressed her would be bhabhi… and thinks that her brother is very lucky who is going to marry with such a beautiful girl….beautiful is a small word, she thought… something bigger word should be compliment her…

Mr. handa-mrs. Khurana.. she is my daughter geet….and geet ye hai maan ki dadi…

her thought broke out when dadi told geet to sit between her and annie.. she did the as dadi said to her.. she greeted dadi with namastey and dadi caressed her head with so much love… but she does’t know what to tell this girl who is sitting beside her she doesn’t know her name… but before she could speak something to her annie starts… she is same like geet…a chatter box but she only chatted with her friends and dadai.. maan is not so much interested in her talks… he is very reserved man… only speak word to word… yeah sometime spend his time with his sister..somewhere annie also feared with her brother because of his rules and regulation…but never express it…

annie-hi bhabhi.. oops.. sorry my  would be bhabhi…  I am annie.. I mean anvesha.. but you can call me annie… annie for my close ones and now you are going to include in them so you are allowed to call me annie…  she is going to chatter continuous.. tej looked at her… and though geet ko uske jaisi hi ek aur mil gayi.. dono ki khoob jamegi… but his thought broke out when dad stopped annie…

dadi-bas annie bete.. inhe bhi to kuch bolne ka mauka dijiye… annie looked at dadi and then looked at all of them then she realized she talked too much…

annie-oops.. sorry.. who kya hai na mai thoda jayada bolti hu… she said this making a sorry face… and sorry for troubling them then tanya replied…

tanya-it’s okay anvesha.. geet bhi itna hi bolti hai…don’t worry…

annie-really… par lagta to nahi hai.. she said while looking at geet who didn’t utter a word still….

Ddai-annie bete.. app mauka dengi to hi wo kuch bolegi na… dadi said smiling at her grand dughter who is just a chatter box… she doesn’t care where she is..!!

Annie- hii.. I am anvesha.. now this is a formal introduction… annie smiled widely raising her hand in front of geet…Geet shook her with annie and repled.. hi.. I am geet…

Annie-wow bhabhi.. aapki voice kitni sweet hai… geet blinked her lashes again hearing the word… she blushed… and replied thank you..!!

Dadi-mr. handa.. hamein geet bahut pasand hai.. hamein aur kuch nahi janna…  aapka kya khyaal hai? She aksed to her dad… actually they are very confused suddenly maan ka rishta geet ke liye.. aise achanak se… and they liked geet in first meeting.. but they are very happy for her… only they know how much she is crazy behind him… and today maan’s alliance came fo their duaghter who is juct maanmanic…

Mr.handa-hamein kya problem ho sakti hai… maan ka kafi naam suna hia humne… isse achhi baat kyo hogi hamare liye ki hamari bei ki shaadi maan se ho…  geet is blsuhing looking down .. her heart starts beaing rapidly.. ohh god.. everyone agreed for her marroage with maan.. but maan didn’t came.. doesn’t  he want to meet his would be wife? Why he didn’t came here? She can’t this from anyone… she is helpless…

Dadi-ek baar geet se bhi puch lete hai wo kya chahti hai…? Dadi turned towards her and asked to geet…

Is she happy from this alliance? Before she replied to dadi.tanya interrupt her and said… ek min.. I’ll ask to her.. she will never answer here… dadi smiled knowing a girl’s condition when she is going to marry… she smiled and nodded in yes…Tanya took geet with her inside the room and asked to her if she is happy with it? Se knew the answer but still puchna to banta hai na…  she nodded in yes.. she is agree with this alliance… Tanya became very happy and hugged her at once….  Geet asked to Tanya..bhabhi sab theek to hoga na.. I am little scared…. She is feeling conscious..  Tanya rubbed her back hugging her and making her feel better… everything will be fine.. just trust in yourself.. she nodded in yes and then Tanya and geet outside after some time.. and Tanya replied that she is agree with it.. dadi has no bounds of happiness.. at last she found a perfect girl for his stubborn grand son… she stood up immediately and kissed her forehead… and hugged her… get bend down and took blessings from dadi… dadi blessed her so much then annie came and hugged her.. and teased her calling her bhabhi… everyone hugged to each other feeling very happy… then Tanya brought some sweets for them and they have some sweets.. annie fed her bhabhi… oops she is just practicing calling her bhabhi… nothing else…  then dadi gave two bangles which she brought for her…and made her wear them….. after some time all bid by t each other…

Delhi khurana textiles…  maan is in his cabin talking to his clients.. after some time adi came there ..he knocked the door….

Adi-may I come in ssir…..? adi feared with his temper because now a days his temper is high…

Maan-come in adi..!!

Adi-thank you sir..!!

Maan-what happened adi? Is anything urgent? I have told you that don’t disturb me….

Adi-sssorry sir.. actually sir.. mr.sharma, our mumbai’s client called that he wants to meet you today itself.. he has some new projects and he wants to do with our company… so he asked that if can you meet with him today…? Maan thought for a while then replied at adi that he will meet with hi.. after all he is very client.. both company are dealing with each other from so many years so he can’t denied him… and this time he is talking about a new big project which will be very good for their company..

Maan-adi.. do one thing.. arrange my private jet…in an hour.. I’ll arrive in an hour for Mumbai… understand..

Adi-okay sir.. I’ll arrange it and will inform to mr. Sharma that you are coming to Mumbai…

Maan-hmm….  Adi went from there…. After some minutes maan called to dadi that he is going to Mumbai…

Dadi-okay maan bte.. hum hi yaha se nikal chuke hai.. airport par hai.. aapse baad me baat karte hai..

Maan-okay… he totally forgot that why dadi went to Mumbai… and he went to mansion for meeting with sam… he straight went in outhouse where sam is… he saw that sam is thrwing tantrums for her son… nurses are trying to calm down and telling her that eat something but she is thrwoing things on them.. maan saw that and tell to nurses that leave them alone.. nurses did so…. Sam saw him and ran to maan..

Sam-maan…. She clutch his collar and asked to him …. Where is my son maan? See those bad girls are not teling me anything… her eyes became cloudy with tears…. Maan couldn’t bare the isght but he has to…. Maan tried to calm her down..

Maan-sam… sam lookt at me…!! She looked at him…. Maan hold her by her shoulders and made her sit on the bed…. First eat something…. Maan said…. She denied..

Maan-sam… vedanta will be here…. Won’t you eat for him? She immediately took the plate in her hand….. and start eating in her childish way… maan smiled at least she ate something… she immediately finished her food and again asked about her son to maan….

Maan-first take these medicines….! She made a  face listening the name of medicnes but immediately have it because of her son…. Maan gave her sleeping pilss this time because he is going to mumbai and he’ll not here for taking care of her.. so it’s really important for her… after some minutes her eyes giving up and she went in deep sleep…. Maan sighed and packed his bag for mumbai…. after half an hour maan arrived for Mumbai..

handa villa… Mumbai

geet called to alka and arjun and told them about the whole incident.. vicky’s number is going engaged so she is not able to inform him about this.. after some time alka and arjun reached at her place straight in her room…

alka-oye hoye… kya baat hai.. madam is blushing. She teased her…

geet-aisi koi baat nahi hai… she tried to protest

alka-achha ji to kaisi baat hai… wow geet… you are going to marry with you dream man.. I am so happy for you….both hugged to each other then arjun cleared his throat… both looked at him.. he has some another plans to tease her..before he could speak something alka  asked to her..

alka-geet..i heard that he is too charming , so hot and good looking…. Geet looked at her…she knew how much breathtaking he is..!!

arjun-haan.. I also heard that.. but he is very short tempered….even I saw his anger…geet became curious..where he met with maan….?

Alka-really..arjun… you knew about his temper but how?

Arjun-arey I saw him shouting on his employees.. his employees were shivering when maan was shouting on them…

Alka-but still how? I mean did you met with him? Geet looked at him for an answer…she is very curious for knowing when arjun met with maan….

Arjun casually replied… yeah I met with him….

Where?  both girls asked together.. arjun looked at them for a moment the replied… have some patience girls.. I am replying…. Actually when I went delhi with my dad.. our company was doing a project with his construction company so that time I met with him.. god swear.. for a moment I also froze when I saw his red eyes…  oops geet is hell scared now… she made a baby face hearing his talks about maan the both alka and arjun starts laughing at her… this made her angry… .. she took her pillow starts fighting with them running…. around her bed she screamed where is my savior… please come and save me from these 2 devils…. She called him and one voice came form the entrance of her room.. at your service ma’m… she ran and hugged him…



will they meet?