Fanaa Hum Mohobbat Mein Teri part-65






Both were watching the serene view and inhaling the fresh air which is really soothing their mind and body……  maan clutched her fingers in his holding them lovingly , assuring himself that they are together now , no misunderstanding can make them apart…. He loves her…….


It was around a while both were sitting together, calm and compose…. No movements, just holding hands and watching the serene view in front of their eyes…. The beauty nature has…. A gush of chilled wind passed from their face and at once he felt her silky hairs covered his face, he closed his eyes at once, deep inhaling the fragrance of shampooed hairs,  she carries a different scent in her body, in her every part….. whenever he inhaled her fragrance, that thrilled him…..


Geet tried to move away her hairs from his face but he held her hand and dipped his head in the hollow of her neck inhaling directly from there….. she closed her eyes feeling ticklish by his warm breath that is fanning direct on her bare skin of her neck…… she clutched his shoulder in her fist and tried to be calm but the movements of his hand lost the last string she was holding, and she responded back to him , kissing below his chin, moving her lips on his jaw line holding his face in her palms……


Before her lips reached to his lips and met with his, he scooped her in his arms and headed towards their car, hoping her in , took the driver seat and he drove off towards the ….. while cottage driving, she tried to give him wet kisses on his cheeks, caressing his thigh by her palm, both couldn’t control anymore…… maan drove so fast as much as he could….. he doesn’t want her to be longing for him….. as much as she wants to feast him, as much he wants…..


The drive of 15 mins seems like ages for them… she was cursing herself that she shouldn’t have stopped him at the first place, , now bear the craving……  he stopped his car in the parking and come out, she hurriedly open the door and stepped  outside….. he wants to scoop her in his arms but it doesn’t look nice at this place….. people will give them weird looks, and he doesn’t want that……


Locking the car door, both held each other hand dragged each other…….actually none knew that who was dragging who? As soon as they stopped in front of their cottage door……, both hugged each other so tight, like they were craving from ages, for touch of their love, , it’s hardly 2 hours, both got out from the bed and now, this much craving for each other……


maan, please don’t wait for the night” she spoke kissing madly around his neck, where he was so much enjoying the feel oh her petals on his skin…. Somehow he managed to open the door otherwise they’ll land up outside of the cottage itself…. As soon as he shut the door, he found her fingers on his coat buttons and his fingers on hers, unbuttoning each other coats, , their coats fell down at their feet, maan scooped her in his arms now and headed towards their room……


Both entered in the room and maan shut the door by his feet, , maan land her on the bed, she went on her knees at once and held him by his nape, started kissing him like a maniac….. he removed his shoes by his feet itself and landed on her taking her beneath him….. her fingers curled in his hairs pulling him more, she doesn’t know from where she became so violent towards him….


The need of having him with her…..  he was nibbling her lower lip while his hand was roaming on her side, her stomach…., , she tried to open unbutton his shirt but failed…. Seeing her futile attempts, he back out from the kiss, , and went on his knew but she was still under him between his legs…… he unbuttoned his shirt quickly and tossed his shirt far away from his reach, did the same with his vest….. he was looking deep in her eyes and felt immense love……


He unbuckled his belt and then fingers moved to the button…..  here he was striping himself, there she was lying there all dressed…. He didn’t like it at all but undressing her, there is different fun…. He hovered on her , giving wet kisses on her neck, moving upward to her jaw line while his hand working to undress her, , slowly unbuttoning her shirt where she pulling him more close by his neck, ,


She curled up her legs direct rubbing his manhood…..  he closed his eyes feeling that he’ll explode right now….. and finally he captured her lips , taking her both lips in his, nibbling so passionately , he groaned when she bit his lip and then in a revenge, he bit her back on her lip opening her mouth further taking an entry in her mouth, entangling his tongue with hers, touching the deep secrets of hers, tasting the sweet nectar……


Meanwhile her shirt was completely open giving the full view of her milky creamy skin, where his eyes tuck on her breasts, covered with a thin material holding them properly, , his eyes clouded with passion more….. her eyes were shut feeling his bare skin now touching with hers, , after a few nanoseconds, she was jolted when she felt his large palm covering his breast , she didn’t knew when her bra went away from her body …….


He left her lips, and come down trailing the kisses on her collarbone, coming down at her cleavage, inhaling her fragrance, his two fingers captured her pink bud in between and tweaked them…..rubbing them, pinching them…… her eyes went in her head when she felt his warm mouth covered her curve, taking that in his mouth, kissing it, nibbling it while his other hand kneading her other breast……. She arched back giving him more access scratching his back by her nails, the pleasure he was giving her, it was unbearable for her, so new, they way he is feasting her body, is far from her imagination…..


She used to think, whenever they’ll get intimate, he’ll do this  and that first but nothing happened of that sort, he is doing according to his will, giving her more pleasure when he bit the tip of her breast making her scream…… “aah-ha-maan…” she moaned in pain….. he stopped and looked at her face…..




Managed to type this much only….. typed today in 1 hour when I got time….. still I am asking, if there is something I forgot to reveal then pls do let me know…okies…..and will try to give you long epilogue that is next,,okay…..


37 thoughts on “Fanaa Hum Mohobbat Mein Teri part-65

    • 7o parts…. it’s really getting so difficult for me to write this one… because i forgot tit bits of this story…. but will try….

  1. Mind blowing update dear….
    Hot & passionate….
    Loved it so muchhhh….
    Ohhhhh my favourite story ending…..
    Sooooo sad….
    But try update some more parts…..
    If u can dear….
    Desperately waiting for next chapter….
    Update soon plsssssss

  2. Sooo touching update dear….
    Very emotional….
    Loved it very much….
    Poor Maan hurt soooo muchhhhh…
    Good that Geet feel little bad for today’s outburst….
    Hope Geet recover soon & reciprocate Maan Love….
    Desperately waiting for next chapter….
    Update soon dear…❤🌺❤🌺

  3. Lovely part
    Maaneet do despo…….
    Neha during the attack in the mall she gets hurt…..n she gets misscarriage i think not abortion

  4. awsum passionate hot update 😀
    ufff maaneet sooo desperate to be feel each other lol 😀
    continue soon 🙂
    aww plzzz dnt end it soo soon 😦

  5. Hi dear,

    awww…such a passionate and hot update dear, they both so desperate to be together and feel that love time and again

    hey its not abortion , but miscarriage during the mall incident.

  6. omg…….dey r sooooooo desperate…….

    superb n beautiful n romantic update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also…

    waiting fr d nxt prt eagerly…

    continue soon plz…

  7. their passion seems to increase day by day….
    lovely update….
    yaar waise u have already covered everything and agar aisa koi chota mota unended loop reh bhi gay aho to pata nahin…..

  8. i loved it sooooo much….it was sooo passionate….
    Does Maan know that geet is d same mermaid girl…???
    I think maan never visited mumbai….plzzz make dat tooo
    I want Maan to knw hw mad c is….i want him to c her room….
    Plzzz dear dnt end it sooo soon…
    N yeah hw cme geet came to knw abt d baby…??

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