Fanaa Hum Mohobbat Mein Teri part-64







He nodded and picked his mobile from the side table, , dialed dadi’s number and he gave the phone to geet……..she chirpily snatched the phone from his hand and started talking with dadi maa and vedu where vedu was complaining on something and geet was solving that, making him understand, ,


while maan was staring at her face , how madly she is in love with him, madly, deeply, even he couldn’t locate the exact word of her madness for him…..


It was around 1 hour and still she was on phone, talking so much…. Where maan was just staring at her, like lost in her, thinking about her, how can anyone madly, deeply love with someone? Did he deserve her love? Did he really? Though he didn’t behave bad with her but the pain he gave her that is bigger than then the rude behavior……


she was half sitting on bed while half is leaning on him while his one hand wrapped around her petite waist holding her so possessively like if he loosened his hold then she will fly away somewhere far , ,


He dip his face in the hollow on her neck pushing her curls aside just over where his face tattoo was carved while his other hand travelled down on her arm rubbing it with love, , he was still in deep thought, , why her heart is so nice…… nice….


This word is so small giving the name for her loving heart, , something like ummmm……. He was trying to give a name but alas, failed… there is no word in his dictionary that he can give her…… she is beyond them…….


Geet stiffened a little when she felt something wet on her shoulder, she looked behind and found maan is hugging her from back, she at once cut the call and turned, cupping his face in her palm, looking deep in his eyes, while another tear trail down on his cheeks….. she was really shocked and worried that now why he is crying? Is he alright? She panicked at once……


maan….maan, why are you crying? Kya hua? Batao mujhe” she tried to ask him while he just shook his head and wiped his tears cursing himself that he panicked her just like that, , can’t he see her happiness? She was so happy just before some minutes ago and here he snatched that happiness again…….


maan, please tell me…. Kuch to batao, ” she asked him again wiping his cheeks completely….. where he held her hand and started kissing her hand madly “I love you, I love you a lot,….i really love you” he was just speaking on and on, , continuously saying I love you….. she doesn’t what is happening with him, , she silenced him at once by placing her lips on his continuously blabbering lips, taking them in hers , holding his face in her palms……


Where he subsided his pain and gave in her kiss, , where another tear fell down from his eyes, a tear of happiness of having her with him, a tear of having beside him in every moment of his life, a tear of joy being with her, a tear of respect which he is having for her in his heart, mind, , a tear of being her soulmate……


She back out from the kiss, looked in his eyes, , “I love you too maan…. I know that you love me…” she spoke between her pants….. she breathed in while maan closed his eyes feeling the depth of her words……  “ab mujhe batao, why were you crying?” asked geet holding his face again in her palms making him look in her eyes direct…… he was literally became emotional… “I dunno…. I really dunno why? I just felt like…so…” he spoke……and then slammed his lips on hers……


The kiss was slow, but a hungriest one, , both are hungry for each other, craving for each other, a soul searing kiss, , both were nibbling each other lips , maan’s  both arms wrapped around  her small waist tightening his hold, , while his one palm went under her hip pulling her upward, , making her seat on his thighs properly, , her hand from his face slipped and went around his neck pulling him more in to the kiss, ,


Their saliva mingled and trailed down from  their lips to their chin, while his tongue entered in her mouth trapping her tongue between his , , his one hand reached upward and found a strap on her bare back……. As soon as he tried to open the hooks, she pulled back from the kiss, , the red hue spread on her cheeks making them crimson red…. She blushed hard….. she felt really shy sitting in front of him only in her bra though she is wearing jeans but wearing only bra is little embarrassing…….


Her eyes were downcast, , he left and tighten his hold around her , both touched their forehead with each other panting furiously, their breath also mingled…… “maan” sh e mumbled in her mouth……. “ummm?” he replied her…..he was still relishing the flavor of her sweet lips………… “mujhe ghumne jana hai bahar” she spoke while still blushing,,,,,, maan smiled at her cute demand…… yeah, they are here for that only, , “haan geet, sure…. Go and get ready” he spoke but she didn’t stood from his lap…


Actually she is feeling very shy, , now she was sitting in his lap in her bra , he understood her plight….. a small smile tucked around the corner of his lips, , he grabbed his shirt and cover her properly, she looked at him at once, loving his act…. She ran in the washroom at once while maan laid back on the bed smiling, , he put his head on his arms and crossed his legs subsiding his arousal……..


After some time she came from bathroom wearing her bathrobe , her long wet hairs teasing her cheeks while he again felt his arousal again….he gulped looking at the wet form , he stood up at once and pulled her into him holding her properly in his arms dipping his head in the crook of her neck inhaling her wet aroma of hers which is really seducing him,, “maan, hum late ho jayenge…. ” she spoke making cute baby face…. Ohh dam he really melted seeing her this face, , “raat mein pakka” she spoke again while he smile like a mother give candy to any child like that geet is bribing him…….


Now how can he deny that cute demand……. He nodded and grabbed his towel, headed towards the bathroom…… in that mean time, geet got ready and maan also got ready….. “achha first have breakfast na...” spoke maan…….. “umm okay…. lekin bahar, kisi dhaabe par” she cutely told me……..


both headed towards their destination………. Both reached to the high valley and sat there on the one small rock , looking ahead a vast river, , the water is coming from between the rocks and falling down, mingled in the river…..


Both were watching the serene view and inhaling the fresh air which is really soothing their mind and body……  maan clutched her fingers in his holding them lovingly , assuring himself that they are together now , no misunderstanding can make them apart…. He love her……



I know it was short , i managed today this much only, so posted here…. now i’ll update after 12 or 13 june…. cause i am going to stay at my di’s place, , thanks a lot for likes and comments…. silent readers, pls come out and comment here on blog…. pls… as within 1-2 parts, it’ll end…..

love ya




36 thoughts on “Fanaa Hum Mohobbat Mein Teri part-64

  1. awww my fanna
    so sweet update
    my maanu n cry baby hayee ye kab se
    bt ishq insaan se kya kya nhi karvata lol
    uff how much my maanu will control rofl
    waiting 4 more
    lvd it so much

  2. Simply awesome update dear….
    Loved it sooo muchhhh…..
    Awwww Maan crying…..
    Eagerly waiting for next chapter….
    Continue soon plsssss

  3. awsuuuummmmmm update dr 🙂 ❤ jst love it ❤ ❤ awww soooo lovelyyyy maaneet moments ❤ ❤ continue soon 😀

  4. Thank u soo much for completing this ff. I was waiting n waiting. Last 2 updates it was filled wit maaneet n their romance. Wow!! Thats lovely i njoyed a lot. Geet is truely crazy she draw maan’s face then they didnt have any connectn also & maan ne toh kabhi uska face vi nehi dekha tha Oh gosh n this madness called LOVE. Oho geet has tons of stuff to blabber ‘1 hour’ non stop talking over phone n majnu maan was drooling her 😉 . He became so emotional 😥 😥
    hayee after passing whole night now geet is feeling shy “blush blush” sometimes she becomes so bold n sometyms so blushy blushy. “RAAT KO PAKKA” OMG

  5. maan is feeling guilty fr wht he did with geet whn she loved him unconditionally………kuch bhi nehi kahi usne aur maan k har baat maan li hai……….abb maan ko geet k pyar k ehsaas hue hai…………better late dan never…………loved it jab geet ne kahen ”raat ko pakka”……….
    awesome n beautiful n romantic update…………
    loved it very much………………
    thank u very much fr d lovely update n fr d pm also……..
    waiting fr d nxt prt eagerly……….
    continue soon plz…..

  6. dat was amazing dear
    thanx fr d pm
    n ya i wanted to tell u one more thing …i was already busy wid my newly found job …n nw due to some personal reasons, i had to take up a part time job too, …so i cant find time to comment everyday…i may just do that once a week…r sometimes i may not be able to do dat too …i dont want to disppoint u that though i recieve a pm but i didnt like r comment it…so i’m informing dat to u nw itself…
    itz nt dat i’m leaving IF …but i’ll be busy…n will comment only wen i can find sufficient time…so, if u find it difficult to pm me …den i wont force u to pm me…
    hope u understand…

    • it’s ok dear…. don’t be so worried…
      will be waiting for ur comment whenever u’ll find time, do it okay….
      and no difficulty for pm…okay….

  7. Wonderful update 🙂
    aww maan crying… I know he must be looking adorable :*
    Now everything is fine… But its Ending ;( ;(
    plzz ek long epilogue dekna iska 😉

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