Fanaa Hum Mohobbat mein Teri – part-63




I don’t know how this part came up as I have typed this story after a long time, even I forgot the little storyline too…. For typing this, had to read last 2-3 parts then typed this one….. I’ll give you 2-3 parts may be, even less or so… I am not sure and then epilogue….. actually I was not going to update this story further but couldn’t stop myself and thought to why left this one in mid, , so completing this now……..before some months, I thought to give you 70-80 parts but now cutting it short……. Now please do let me know hows this? If any other secret is there which is not disclose till yet then do let me know….. I’ll work on that in next part……. Thanks a lot for loving this story….

Love ya






his hands travelled on her back, caressing her over the clothes, , the intensity of their burning desires, , maan’s hands reached on her hip pulling her more close, , they were very close to loose their sanity, , their intimate position was like oil in their burning desires, soon he left her mouth , placing his burning desiring lips on her jaw line, the wet full mouth kisses on her jaw line going down on her neck, while she arched back giving him more space,,


she clutched his hairs in her fist pushing her upper body more into him, , he brought his fingers on her coat , unbuttoning slowly-2 tracing her cleavage with his finger tips while she moaned his name ever so softly giving him more pleasure…..


Maan took her  in his arms and headed towards their fluffy yet warm bed, placing her safely there, while he hovered himself on her smooching on her neck entwining their fingers , his lips trailed down from her neck to collar bone towards the cleavage which is teasing him so badly……..testing his patience from so long, , somehow geet able to took out her fingers from his and at once her fingers reached in his hairs, massaging them, as pleasure was took over them, their erotic breath increasing more……


Maan lift her from her back and tried to remove her coat , she helped him moving her arms up, as soon as the coat fell in the far corner of the room, maan’s patience breaking down, but he didn’t want to take her advantage but the need or pleasure was unbearable for him….. he rubbed her arms up & down so intimately that she bit him on his ear lobe, while a moan escaped from his mouth…… the light was all gone from the room as the weather of outside getting worst minute by minute…..


Soon her top and his shirt joined the coat in the far corner of the room, and they were feeling each other like a mad person, , like they were hungry from so long, , it is the top most priority for them now………….they lost in each other arms moaning in pleasure and craving for more…… and the finally sleep took over them, they fell asleep hugging each other…..


next day, the rays of sun entered in their room through the chiffon curtains , direct fell on their face, , bringing them back from their dreamland, , where geet hide her face in the crook of his neck saving herself from the sunshine…… maan stirred in his sleep feeling her soft form against him, he smiled slightly in his sleep , maan’s warm fingers went behind her back feeling her soft skin sensuously with the tip of his fingers while she glued more in him hiding herself…….


He didn’t open his eyes while naughtiness was oozing out from his face like he is upto something…… geet snaked her arms behind his neck holding him in her sleep rub herself more against him, , he smiled in his half sleep, his large palm reached towards her hip, , he held her hip in his palm and pulled her  upward leveling to his face, he moved his face in the hollow of her neck, placing his full mouth kisses there while his hand was rubbing her milky white soft back so sensuously, ,


Her hand reached to his back scratching him by her nails, in a swift he turned her, laking her lay down by her down and he hovered on her back, placing his warm yet hungry lips on her back at the lining of her jeans, moving upward smooching lightly yet passionately , while she dig her fingers in the pillow trying to scratch it also like maan’s back….. she was breathing fast, she never felt like this before, this craving inside her, the need of more and more from him, ,


His fingers reached to her bra starp and he stopped at once, he looked at the strap for a second then his lips move upward trailing the length of wet kisses , he pushed her all the hairs a side which were blocking the view of her creamy skin and stopping him for moving further………


He was about to kiss her madly but the view of her back stopped him from moving further, , he was continuously staring at her neck without blink, , where she was waiting for his kisses but he was looking at her neck, , which is uncovered now, opening her secret to him, , suddenly a happiness penetrate in his heart after getting the shock and he started kissing her neck placing his large palm on her stomach caressing it softly , , her breath hitched as she felt his rough lips again on her back, she tried to turn but his hold was not letting her do so…..


Like he heard her mind talk and he turned at once, gazing deeply in her eyes finding something, like asking something, , answers of questions and don’t know when he got the answers and he kissed on her forehead, , a kiss of respect, a kiss of love, a kiss of affection, she felt blessed when he kissed on her forehead, ,


She knew that he is little emotional right now but why he is? She placed her hand on his cheek rubbing slightly by her thumb while he pushed his face more in to her palm closing his eyes feeling her love for him….. he felt blessed being with her…… he kissed her palm and she smiled at his gesture……  he hugged her tight murmuring I Love You to her , , there is no bound of happiness for her when she heard his soft voice saying her I love you…..


She told him nothing , just hugged him tightly snaking her arms around his bare back…..  after some minutes, he broke the hug and gazed at her face, removing the tendrils from her face, , looking at her with love………caressing her cheek ever so softly by his finger tips, feeling her cute nose, , he bend little and pecked at her cute red nose… “it’s you geet…… it’s only you!” finally he spoke something…… her petals curved in a smile but little confuse why he is saying like that?


She raised her brows in confusion asking him to clear it……. “you know what, once I met a girl…. No…I mean I saw a girl who carved the tattoo of my face on her neck….” He gazed in her wet hazels, she knew that finally he saw his tattoo on her back…… she nodded gesturing him to move ahead………..”I was stunned knowing that it was my face , means how can anyone make my face tattoo, , before that I met with that girl, she went away with her friends, I tried to search but didn’t get any clue…….”


He sighed , both sat on the bed resting their back against the bed post while geet hugged him entangling her arms around his waist, resting her face on his chest while maan cover themselves with the thick quilt saving from the cold……  she closed her eyes hearing him further……..


“why geet?” he paused for a second gulping the pain which he is feeling now, imagining the pain , from she went through just only for carving his face on her neck…… “why this madness geet?” asked maan cupping her face between his palms, , she looked in his deep chocolate eyes melting in him like a chocolate syrup….. she smiled placing her hand over him which was on her cheek……


“that madness called love” , these four words from her mouth gave him immense happiness but still pain is there in the deep, somewhere in the corner of his heart, he pulled her more close to him hugging her more, , even a needle can’t pass between their bodies, they were glued to each other like this……. Maan tugged her carnally more into him, , tenderly feeling soft skin of her arms by his large palm…..


“maan!” she softly called him, , he rubbed her arm replying her back….. “ummm” , , his eyes were closed still imagining the pain , , she looked at his face knowing that he is sad now because of her but there is no fault of mine, she thought in her mind……..”mujhe vedu se baat karni hai” she spoke making baby face making pattern on his chest with her fingers, , he at once held her fingers in his hand, bringing them towards his mouth and kissed ever so softly , , she was still looking at him with hopeful eyes……


He nodded and picked his mobile from the side table, , dialed dadi’s number and he gave the phone to geet……..she chirpily snatched the phone from his hand and started talking with dadi maa and vedu where vedu was complaining on something and geet was solving that, making him understand, , while maan was staring at her face , how madly she is in love with him, madly, deeply, even he couldn’t locate the exact word of her madness for him…..


27 thoughts on “Fanaa Hum Mohobbat mein Teri – part-63

    LVD IT

  2. after such a long time finaly i gndt d ud of fhmmt
    ud is fab dr
    maan cnfsed hs felings to geet
    maaneet moments wer to gud dr
    ud soon nd wil u ud this on if also

  3. Mind blowing update dear ….. Loved it …. Maaneet moment r fabulous …. Desperately waiting for next chapter ….mcontinue soon plssssssss ❤🌺❤🌺❤

  4. atlast maan saw d tatoo……….m waiting to knw maan’s reactio on dis……………

    superb n beautiful update…

    loved it very much…

    thank u very much fr d lovely update…

    waiting eagerly fr d nxt prt…

    continue soon plz…

  5. u updated this after such a long time….Maan Geet moments were magical….Maan came to know that Geet is the girl who has carved his face as tatoo in her back….beautiful update….

  6. You know i was craving for FHMMT… thank god you updated…
    so finally they became one… maan saw the tattoo on geets back 🙂 ,, Aww maan got emotional,,, really geet is full maady for her maan :)…
    nice update…. waiting for more 😀

  7. hayeeeeeeee awsuuuuummmmmmmmm update 🙂 thankuuuuuu soooo much for updating FHMMT ❤ finally maan saw the tattoo 😀 aww he is feeling sad thinking abt the pain geet must hv felt…aww jst loved maaneet moments plzzzzz do continue soon will be waitin eagerlyyyyyyy 🙂

  8. so lovely part…thnx for updating after long time…loved how geet carved his face on back….loved maan confessed his feelings…loved maaneet moments

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