Hello friends…. I am here again….. I wanted to write this OS from so long and today I wrote it….. please tell me hows it? Me little bit scared because first time I have written something like this…… please support me with your love…..




She is sitting in a corner of her room like a lifeless body, she is crying like anything but tears are not coming out from her eyes, tears has been dried from so long,

 she is sobbing with hiccups and tears are no where to come out from her eyes, like there is no tears in her eyes , her eyes are not crying, her heart is crying like anything, her heart is crying with the tears of blood, her heart is crying for her love, her heart is crying for her life, her heart is crying for that person who is the reason of her breath,

her heart is crying for her soul mate,

her heart is crying for her HUMSAFAR,

her heart is crying for her JEEVAN SATHI,

he heart is crying for her HUSBAND, 

her heart is crying for her MAAN…..

She sat there like a lifeless body dresses in a white chudidarr suit…. No make up.. swollen eyes, pale face like there is no blood in her body, like there is no breath in her body, like she forgot how to breath, like there is no reason to be alive, but how can she alive without her life,

without her love,

without her soul mate,

 without her humsafar,

without her jeevan sathi,

without her husband,

without her MAAN…..

She sat there folding her legs near her chest, hugging herself in a safely manner, hugging her knees, hiding her face in her knees, thinking about her maan, about her life which  took a dreadful turn. About her fate, about her destiny which ditched her hard, which snatch her life from her, her dreamful fate, her dreadful destiny….. her destiny danced in a manner which makes her life upside down, like someone stabbed her heart….  Like someone snatched her life brutally from her, she sat there like a lifeless body…

Hum ruth jaye to manane ka wada kiya tha,


Dur jaye to bulane ka wada kiya tha,


Aaj palko par aansu bhar diye usne ,


Jisne zindagi bhar hasane ka wada kiya tha….

She sat there clutching a bottle in her hand, she tighten her grip on the bottle more and more, fearing for something but happy that she is going to her maan, she is going to meet him….  she stared the bottle for some time and took some pills from the bottle and gulped in one go, she is coughing badly but she gulped the some poison pills in one go which reacts after 2-3 hours…..  

she fell down on the floor coughing badly, hardly able to take a breath, she clutched her throat and trying to take a breath but no she is coughing badly….. her eyes droopy  , she is drowning in to deep sleep, in a slumber sleep forever but a sweet smile on her lips, she is happy she is going to meet her maan….. she is going where she belongs, in his arms….  The mantras starts ringing in her ears which priest chanted before 3 days ago….. when they get married…. When geet became mrs maan singh khurana, when 2 souls met and became one , when teo families became 1, when two heart became one, when maan held his geet’s hand in front of whole world, when maan claimed her as his wife, when maan claimed her as his soul mate, as his HUMSAFAR, as his  JEEVAN SATHI, as his WIFE….


Mangalam bhagwaan Vishnu, mangalama garuda dhawaja,


Mangalam kundari kaksha, manglaye tano hari..

Priest was chanting mantras for the marriage….. and the couple was doing according as priest said to them to do…  priest was chanting mantras and asked the couple to add ghee in the fire…  bride held the groom’s hand while groom was adding ghee in the fire as priest tell them…. Priest called the bride’s parents for kanyadaan and they did their kanya dan to this man who is going to be life partner of their daughter….  Priest told them to stood up and took 7 pheras round this sacred fire….

Around this holy fire for taking 7 promises for their life long, they stood up and groom held his would be wife’s hand and took first 4 pheras around this holy fire holding her hand in his and then bride took last 3 pheras with his groom…. The 7 pheras completed and they again sat down in the mandap and priest told groom to fill bride’s maang with sindoor and tied this manglasutra around her neck…. groom did as priest told him to do…. After all the rituals the bride is now groom’s…. now she is his wife, his life partner, in his all pain, happiness…. She will be by his side always as they promised to each other…. They took blessings from elders and went to his house taking his bride with him….. ..

It was the best time for both of them…. They became maaneet from maan and geet…. They will be together now….. both knew each other from so long…. Love each other from so long….. today they tied in a bond called as marriage…..  maan took her with his in KHURANA MANSION…. Both entered in KM… now she addressed as MRS. GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA…. Both performed all the rituals and happily headed towards their room as today is their first wedding night…. Both are going to be one…. Both are going to made love, both are going to gave theirself to each other, she was sitting on his king size bed, she was sitting in the mid of bed, she was sitting covering her face with the veil, she was waiting for her maan when he claim as his, when he mark as his…..

 she was shivering with the thought of going to be one tonight, her thought going wild as seconds were passing….. maan entered in their room and glanced at his wife, at his geet who was sitting in the mid of bed waiting for him, he became conscious with his own thought and headed towards her….. both were blushing like anything, as the time passed by, maan went towards her… he sat near her on bed and took a deep breath, she curled her toes but bit her lip in anticipation…..

she clutched her fingers more and her heart beats raised…. He looked here and there, doesn’t know how to start…. Slowly-2 he lift his hands and went to uncovered her face from the veil but his cell buzzed and he stopped in mid….. he took the his call and stunned hearing the news….. the secret information of his new project has been leaked and he has to go to office now….. without any second thought he looked at geet and told her about this and went away….


Geet tried  to stop him but he didn’t….. she felt like maan is going very far from her, like he never came back to her, like he never returned to her….. like someone snatched her life….. after some hours she shattered down hearing the news and then, ladies starts removing her jewelry from her body, wiping the vermilion from her forehead which was the sign of her marriage, snatched the manglasutra from her neck which was the sign of her marriage, ladies removed everything from her body which proved as she was married girl….

and now she was dressed in white suit, no make up, her face drenched with tears,  sitting in front of his died body, she was shaking his body very badly like he will get up and cocooned her in his arms, like he will get up and called her geet, like he will get up and kissed her forehead, like he will get up and scold her for continuously crying, like he will get up and pulled her in his embrace, like he will get up and punished the very person who made her cry, like he will get up she her crying with the lip-lock as he usually did with her……

but no….. he was no where to get up , he was no where to did these things with her, he was no where to embrace her…. He went away leaving her alone behind in this cruel world,


Her eyes opened and found herself laying in a dark room….. dark is everywhere….. she rubbed her eyes but nothing is seen… she was not able to see anything….. she tried to stood up abut fell down on the floor….. she has fear on her face…. Sweat on her forehead…. Just then she heard the loud sound of opening the huge gates of this room like she is a prisoner in some kind of jail and darkness is everywhere and the door opened…… she looked at the little bit rays which is coming out from the slightly open door….  Doors are starting open by itself….  She saw slowly-2 doors are opening with a loud noise,,,,, she covered her ears, she is not able to bear this loud sound…..

Doors are fully opened and the room is covered with sun rays…. She saw light and her eyes shut by itself due to sudden light…..after some minutes she opened her eyes and found the white thick fog everywhere…. She is not in room anymore… she saw herself covering with the thick fog and now she is some garden where she saw dew drops on the leaves….

The drops are fresh…. She saw butterflies and a smile crept on her lips seeing those colorful butterflies….. birds are singing songs in their melodious voice,….. fog are growing more and more….. she found everywhere fog of herself… she can’t see anything due to this thick fog….  She saw some foot steps like someone is approaching her…. She roam round & round in a search of person but the person is no where to be seen….

Jaanam, dekh lo, mit gayi dooriyaan

She heard a familiar voice, a familiar voice fell in her ears…..

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan..

She saw a man on horse approaching her, coming towards her…. In his bridegroom attire….  He came and came, very close… she saw his face, her eyes widen seeing her life, her maan….

MAAANNN…..!!! she screamed ….. he smiled at her and again sing the song….

(Jaanam, dekh lo, mit gayi dooriyaan


Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan) -2

He stepped down from the horse and approached her….

Kaisi, sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan


Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

Held her hand she froze at that moment feeling her maan again in this life…..  he held her hand and kissed her hand…. She closed her eyes feeling him but then feeling emptiness….. she opened her eyes at once and found herself alone in some garden covered with the thick layer of fog…..

Tum chhupa na sakogi main woh raaz hoon

She ran in the search of her maan, running and running like a maniac between the trees,

couldn’t see anything due to thick layer of fog….. but she is hearing his voice, his melody voice which she used to hear when she found herself alone, when she became upset then maan used to manofy her with his melody voice…..

Tum bhoola na sakogi woh andaaz hoon

She stopped at the moment when she saw her maan again in front of her….. he has the same love, same passion in his eyes…. He was seeing her with his all love, he has same love in his heart for her…..

Goonjta hoon jo dil mein toh hairaan ho kyun

She blinked her lashes couple of times and again found herself alone in the garden….


I wandered from one pavement to other


I wore out my life and toil on the cobblestones


In the heart of stones-piles of gold and silver, mountain high,


Around them- an abundance of trees and flowers,


But still she is hearing his voice which has the same love, same care, same concern…..

Main tumhaare hi dil ki toh awaaz hoon

She again ran in the search of her maan calling his name again and again, and again found him in front of her…. He came near her and held her hand again.. she stared in his eyes seeing the same concern…. He smiled at her and she also smiled seeing his maan smiling…. He raised her hand and put it on her heart saying to her I live in your heart… don’t search me here and there… I am here in your heart……

Sun sako, toh suno, dhadkanon ki zabaan

He left her hand and she looked at him… his hand went to on her cheeks and he traced her cheeks with his fingers ever so sensuously sending shivers down in her spines….. she starts breathing heavily….. he presses her hand on her heart more and sang for her……

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

She found herself alone again..


the leant pavement knew nothing-


On it petrified the path of a foolish life…


she again ran and found maan on the horse going somewhere…. She ran behind him calling his name again and again…. He turned and smiled at her….. calling her come to me my love……

Kaisi, sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan


Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

She ran behind him and found herself in their room…. Birds and butterflies in her room also…. No one is there except of her….  Sun rays coming in her room through the window… the chill wind is blowing , clouds are there with the sun….

Blow, winds of God, awake and blow


The mists of earth away:


Shine out, O Light divine, and show


How wide and far we stray.

suddenly she saw maan again coming from the thick layer of fog….


Immortal love, forever full,


Forever flowing free,


Forever shared, forever whole,


A never ebbing sea!




Main hi main ab tumhaare khayaalon mein hoon

He came near her and remove her duppatta from her neck…

she looked at him with so much love….. he traced her jaw line, to her neck to collarbone with his  cold fingers sending chills down in her body…. Her body jolted and her heart throbbing against her chest…..

Main jawaabon mein hoon, main sawaalon mein hoon

She looked at him with her questioning eyes, asking to him why he left her alone but she found him near her…. She asked the question and found answer from herself…..  he smiled at her thought and kissed her cheeks…. She closed her eyes found his lips wandering on her neck to her cleavage…..

Our outward lips confess the name


All other names above;


Love only knoweth whence it came,


And comprehendth love.


Main tumhaare har ek khwaab mein hoon basa

He went behind her and unzipped her kurti, caressing her milky white creamy skin with his palm, showering kisses on the nape of her neck… nuzzling his nose on her back…. Creating havoc in her body…

The healing of His seamless dress


Is by our beds of pain;


We touch Him in life’s throng and press,


And we are whole again.

He did her sleeves down from her shoulders and pacing his hot mouth on her shoulders… she leaned back on him giving him more access on her shoulders… he was placing more wet and sensuous kisses there… the kurti fell down on her feet and she stepped out from the kurti looking straight in his eyes…. He pulled the strings of her pajamas and it fell down on her feet also….  He took her bridal lehanga and start made wear the lehanga…..  he made her ready same like she was looking in her marriage, a breathtaking bride,,,…..

she opened her eyes and found herself at the edge of a mountain….  She looked here and there for maan but he is no where to be seen…. She called him again MAAN…..

We may not climb the heavenly steeps


To bring the Lord Christ down;


In vain we search the lowest deeps,


For Him no depths can drown.


Main tumhaari nazar ke ujaalon mein hoon

Again she heard his voice which is telling her, see him through her love, through her trust, through her heart after then she can see him….

Dekhti, ho mujhe, dekhti ho jahaan

She again searched him and again found him stepping back ward calling her come near to me…. Giving his hand to her…. She starts walking towards him….. giving her hand for stopping him saying to him please stop for me… I want to come with you , please wait for me….


But warm, sweet, tender, even yet,


A present help is He;


And faith still has its Olivet,


And love its Galilee.


Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

She heard his voice again and found herself in between the clouds, she is walking o the clouds , walking aead near her maan who is calling her continuously , giving his hand to her….

Jaanam, dekh lo, mit gayi dooriyaan


Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

She finally saw him standing the end of the stairs…. Which are going in upward direction from the clouds…. She saw golden stair it was…. She looked at maan who is standing upward and calling her come to me geet…. She nodded and starts climbing the golden stairs….. she found herself covered with clouds and she & her maan is there…. Both are standing at the golden stairs…..

Kaisi sarhadein, kaisi majbooriyaan


Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

He gave his hand to her and finally she clutched his tightly in hers not to leave his hand now…. He tighten his grip on her hand and both smiled at each other…. She saw the rainbow which appeared in the sky…. She was dressed in her bride attire looking very beautiful in her red color lehnaga and maan was dressed in his bridegroom attire, in a golden & red color sherwani, looking hottest hunk…..

Main yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan hoon, yahaan

He pulled her near him and headed towards a door which is waiting for them…. They entered inside the door and the door closed for them forever,,,, she hugged her maan and maan hugged his geet…..

Geet-I love you maan…!

Maan-I love you too geet..!

And now her body was laying in their room without any soul…. Without any breath…. A breathless body, the soul left this body and went near to her soul mate…. Leaving this mortal body behind…..


Through Him the first fond prayers are said


Our lips of childhood frame,


The last low whispers of our dead


Are burdened with His Name.




O Lord and Master of us all,


Whate’er our name or sign,


We own Thy sway, we hear Thy call,


We test our lives by Thine.


The letter fails, the systems fall,


And every symbol wanes;


The Spirit over brooding all,


Eternal Love remains.

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